Finding Bree Tanner Chapter 27 Teaser

Only 2 chapters left after this one. Enjoy the teaser.

It was overwhelming how quickly the next few weeks passed by. I worked in the morning at my father’s firm, getting together documents and client information for the sale. In the afternoon’s, I hightailed it to Port Angeles to help the girls work on the store that we had officially leased. I would keep track of all of the receipts for everything that Rosalie or Bella had bought, and we even had a small desk and laptop set up in the back to do our accounting on. The girls were remarkably organized and Rosalie’s attitude only came out once in a while if there was something that was running late or someone was giving her the run around. It was great to see how fast things were coming together. The girls were confident that we could manage an October opening date and I was beginning to see the light; things would be alright.

Once we would finish in the store for the day, Bella and I would climb the stairs to the apartment and we would work on painting the apartment and getting it all ready to move in. We had negotiated a deal with the owner to get two months free if we painted the space and did small renovations ourselves. On the weekends, we slowly began to move our things in and sure enough, it was beginning to look like a real home.

The only downfall was that our bed was in Forks and when we finally got home each night, it was usually to find Rose and Emmett doing something extremely nasty somewhere in the house, like the laundry room or kitchen counter. I won’t even mention what we found a week earlier under the dining room table.

Pic Tease for Chapter 7 of Coming On Easy