American Boy Chapter 39 - Teaser

Holy Moly... Can you believe this is the last official chapter? There's an epilogue and an outtake of their wedding to follow, but hopefully tomorrow I will be posting the last chapter. Oh, how they have come so far. Enjoy the Teaser:

“Do you remember this one?” I asked of Edward as I was pulled from my daydream about our past. It was still so amazing to me how far we had come together. We were standing in front of ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh again and I looked down at Hayden who was now fast asleep, his little arms wrapped around the stuffed toy of Leonardo Da Vinci we had gotten him from the gift shop.

“Yeah, I remember it and I still don’t like it,” laughed Edward as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me against him. Every time we were together like this, I felt like a puzzle piece that was matched with its perfect piece. I looked up at him with a wide grin on my face and kissed him sweetly. “Are you trying to mystify me into liking it cause it won’t happen. It looks like a mess.”

“I won’t try to make you like it baby,” I said genuinely as I entwined my fingers in his and rested my head against his shoulder; reveling in the moment of solitude we had been granted. “It is beautiful though, even though your untrained eye doesn’t see it. Let’s go check out some of the other masterpieces before the little troublemaker wakes up.”

The Resolution Chapter 21 - Teaser

“What the hell do you know?” I asked him angrily as he raised his hands and shook his head in the negative fiercely. Jasper looked downright scared as he put his arms down to his side and began to speak.

“Listen man …” he began to say as Alice and Bella strolled out of the main building of the school and wandered over to join us. Alice wrapped her arm tightly around Jasper’s waist as he finally found the courage to finish speaking. “Contrary to what you think, I know nothing.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Emmett called out as he walked up behind Jasper and smacked him upside the back of the head. “I still have no idea how you will manage to graduate this year, Ricky Bobby.”

“Thanks for the support douchebag,” responded Jasper, the frustration clear in his voice. The two boys continued arguing over nothing, with Alice and Rosalie joining in to support their men, which was a bit asinine in my opinion. “I’ll have you know I did excellent on my SAT’s. I have a 660 in critical reading, 640 Math and 700 in writing.”

“What the fuck?” stated Emmett, his mouth opened wide in shock. “Those are better than my scores… and Rosie’s too man.”

“Yeah, well just because I can’t afford to go to a good school, doesn’t mean I’m a fucking idiot Emmett,” declared Jasper as he pulled his friend into a headlock and began rubbing his fist furiously against Emmett’s scalp, making him fight as hard as he could against Jasper’s machinations. “Come on Emmett, say I’m smart asshole.”There was a bunch of grunts and groans coming from Emmett, but not once did he admit that Jazz was smarter than him.

American Boy Chapter 38 - Teaser

We had barely left the city and were travelling northeast on 15 when Charlie began fidgeting nervously in the seat beside me. “Is my driving making you anxious Charlie?” I questioned as she shook his head in the negative.

“Nope, I’m good.”

“Are you sure?” I asked again, sensing that something was up with him and he was just not being forthright with me.

“Yeah… but I was kinda wondering something,” he said calmly as I looked at him quickly before turning my eyes back to the road. God forbid I was caught not paying attention by my police chief father in law. “Are you and Bella going to have more kids?”

“Dad,” Bella shouted loudly from the back seat, scaring Hayden so much he started to cry. Bella was quick to soothe him and he fell back into a peaceful sleep as I shook my head slowly, unsure of how to answer him.

“Eventually Charlie. We are in no hurry you know, since we just got the house are getting established in our careers and what not,” I stated emphatically as I heard him concur from beside me.

“We just think you shouldn’t wait too long,” he replied as I heard Bella gasp from the backseat.

“Are you seriously sitting there encouraging me to have sex with my husband, so that you can have more grandchildren?” she asked as I heard him groan a little and then open the window a bit, as though it was suddenly stuffy in the car. “Well, you mentioned it Dad.”

Esme's Erotic Ecstasy Contest - Winners!

I can't believe the contest is over. It seemed like only yesterday that kikikinz and I spent all sorts of time over in Twitter and GChat trying to decide if we should do it. Thanks to everyone who voted and entered. Here are the winners:

First Place: Acts of Endless Forgiveness by Elise Shaw
Story Link:
Story Summary:Canon, set during Twilight. In the aftermath of James' attack at the ballet studio, Carlisle returns home to Esme, each of them sorely missing the other after three weeks apart.

Second Place: Taking Chances by the-glory-days
Story Link:
Story Summary: After finalizing her divorce, Esme finds herself trying to drink her pain away at a hotel bar, and she finds herself being entranced and seduced by the young bartender.

Third Place: The Masquerade by Zeewriter
Story Link:
Story Summary: He's waited for her and she never knew. One Halloween night changes everything.

Kikikinz and I want to thank everyone for their entries into the contest. We recieved much more interest than we ever thought possible and for that we are eternally grateful. Thanks for everyone single one of our friends in the fandom who pimped us out on their blogs, retweeted us on Twitter and referenced out little contest in their A/N. You guys made two contest newbies feel like a million bucks! We <3 you guys hard!!

Fandom Gives Back Auction

Phew... I'm kinda glad the easy part is over. So, I ended up being bought by six awesome ladies today: Nelln, Risbee, SassyK, KikiEnigma, KerryHale513 and my girl MaggieMay14, and to say I am completely shocked by the support they have given me would be an understatement.

So, in the near future, expect to see 6 different one-shots or outtakes from my many stories. They helped me raise $150 for Alex's Lemonade, and I ended up spending $125 myself, so now I'm broke.

I love you girls and even thouggh MY contest is over, run to Fandom Gives Back and bid on another fabulous author, or get a banner made, a cookbook or one of of hundreds of other items! You can even just make a donation of $5 if that is all you can afford. Anything is better than nothing!

Thanks so much for all of your love and thanks to the ladies running the show: ninapolitan, tby789 and lolashoes!

American Boy Chapter 36 - Teaser

Well, we're quickly nearing the end and for all of you that have asked, no there will not be a third installment. Sorry! I am planning to wrap the story up in such a way that there will be no need for one. Anywhoo, without further adieu... here ya go:

“Honey, I’m home,” I called out jokingly as I walked through the front door, pulling off my coat and shoes off and leaving them by the door. I hung my coat up and as I walked towards the kitchen, I could hear the soft gurgling sounds of my son; he sounded happy. “Did I miss anything exciting today?” I asked as I kissed Bella’s temple and turned my attention towards Hayden, who was smiling from ear to ear.

“Well the day started out rough because the little man here decided he wanted to go shopping for a motorcycle. I quickly squashed that idea and then he got angry at me because I wouldn’t let him watch porn on Pay Per View. He then threw a tantrum and threw a block across the room when I told he had to have breast milk for lunch and not a Big Mac like he wanted,” she joked as I rolled my eyes and made a few silly faced at Hayden, who was sitting contentedly in his bouncer while Bella stirred something in a pot that smelled delicious.

I reached forward and grabbed the spoon in her hand, lifting it to my mouth and groaning happily as I tasted the spaghetti sauce she was cooking. “That tastes excellent babe,” I said honestly as Bella just nodded her head in response. “Oh… my mother called me today.”

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 12 - Teaser

Okay, so you know how in Chapter 11 we let you guys know that our upcoming chapters might be delayed because of flightlessbird11's schoolwork? Well, since that is the case, we decided to offer up a teaser to appease the masses. Enjoy:

“I asked for blue cheese. Why is there no blue in this cheese?” she shouted as I came up behind her and rested my hand on her shoulder, startling her. “Oh Edward, thank god. Can you please tell this incompetent boob what blue cheese is.”

“It’s the one of the far left, down at the bottom. That looks like Swiss,” I explained as Alice gave a curt nod to the new girl behind the counter who broke out into tears.

“Thanks, I owe you one. Bella left this grocery list yesterday and I didn’t get anything. Then when I saw she hadn’t even come home last night, I rushed out of the store on my lunch hour to get this shit,” said Alice with a slight groan. I blushed involuntarily from her comment and when she turned back towards the cheese counter, she whipped her head around quickly to look at me again. “She was with you. SHE WAS WITH YOU!”

“Keep your voice down Alice,” I said as I lifted my hand to her mouth to silence her, but she bit my finger instead. “Jesus fuck. Are you off your meds? You fucking bit me.”

Naughty Heels 80's Music Anonymous One-Shot Contest

So... my gal Risbee got this great idea to enter her second contest, her first being the Esme contest that I am running with kikikinz. However, Risbee was full of time constraints and had some snippits of scenes in her head, but not the full story, so I stepped in and next thing you know, I am entering my second contest and we are getting 2nd FRICKING PLACE! behind Ninapolitan of all people. We are both still in complete shock ad we found out three hours ago!
Well, now that the contest is over and word is out of the bag that we wrote 'London Calling', Risbee and I would like to let everyone know that we are planning to expand our original one shot into a full story!
So, if you haven't had the chance to read it yet, feel free to head on over to either of our profiles on and check it out. Make sure you put us on author alert, so you know when our first chapters hit!
Thanks to everyone who voted for us, Sparagus for her fuckawesome beta job and Brandi, for crying like a bitch with a skinned knee because we placed second, and for basically introducting me to Avery aka Risbee!

coldplaywhore & Flightlessbird11 Week

Have you checked out P.I.C's Fan Fic Corner this week? If not, you are missing out on coldplaywhore and Flightlessbird11 week! There will be teasers from all of our active stories, an interview with me and FLB11 and lots of other fun shit planned, so head on over to their site and make sure you leave a comment to let them know you stopped by! FLB11 & I love Tilly & Nikki something fierce, so I am sure you will enjoy the entire week as much as we will!

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Esme's Erotic Ecstasy Contest - Voting Open

Kikikinz and I thought this contest would be funny as hell to run, but who knew we would get 26 entries? Not us. We thought we'd be happy with 5 and joked about needing judges if we went over 10, but here we are and the voting is now open.

Click on this link... yes, this one to be taken over to the kikiwhore profile page on and you can find the voting area right at the top of the page. You can vote for two of your favorite stories, and if you haven't read them all yet, they are great. So I implore you to read and review! Okay, that's it. Go enjoy your Monday morning, after you vote of course.