Room 15 Epilogue Teaser

Okay, so this is in the final beta stages and will probably be up later this week, but I had to share a snippit.

"You know what's weird?" I asked as we paced anxiously inside the bridal room at Forks First Lutheran Church. "Why do they call this place the First Lutheran Church when it's the only one in Forks? Shouldn't they just call it Forks Lutheran Church or The Only Lutheran Church in Forks?" The taffeta of my dress crinkled loudly in the quiet room as I moved around. I was anxious, but that was to be expected, right?

This day was a long time coming and in the year since Edward had left the University of Washington to pursue his music career, we both had come a long way in finding a perfect balance in our lives. His music was thriving and he had finally finished the piece that had haunted him for months, which he called Bella's Lullaby. It was a beautiful piece that made my body almost sing for him each time I heard it.

I was flattered that he had named the song after me, but when he told me that he had started composing it after we first had sex in the library, I had to blush. Then I had to fuck him on our dining room table; it was only fitting. Plus, he told me late at night and we didn't exactly have time to get back to the scene of the crime to relive it all over again.

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Room 15 Chapter 27 Teaser

Another quick update... potential to post this weekend! Enjoy!

“Bella, why aren’t you here with us?” he asked, slurring his words somewhat. Gavin had been a superb supervisor, even better than I could have imagined, but he never could hold his alcohol. We had spent a few nights after major projects at bars in the city to unwind along with the rest of the crew, but Gavin was always drunk after two mojitos and his partner, Alec, would inevitably have to come and pick him up. Once, Gavin answered my phone when Edward had called, and it had taken a few hours and some phone sex for me to convince Edward that Gavin was gay and much more interested in him than he was me. “Randall just told me you won’t be coming to our last hurrah and I am sooo disappointed.”

“Gavin, my flight back to Seattle leaves in a few hours. I changed it to the red-eye and I’m a little excited to get back.” I paced the small apartment, checking to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind before I threw myself down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I couldn’t believe the summer was already over.

“Oh have to get back to the delicious, Edward.”

“You do realize you never sound gay unless you are drunk, right?”

“Shut it.”

“Is Alec on his way to come pick you up? Even if I did make an appearance, your lightweight ass would probably be on the way home with him.”

“Bella, I always enjoyed your blunt attitude, you know that. Don’t tell anyone, but you were my favorite intern.” I couldn’t help the blush that creeped over my cheeks as Gavin admitted that to me. “If I was straight or if you had a penis, we could have made quite the couple.”