New Story Teaser

Yes, there's a new story coming, which is tentatively titled Sea Change. In fact, there's two. I'm that insane. Enjoy!

“The guys always left big tips, with their phone numbers of course, but I never did anything with any of them. If it wasn’t for those tips I would have been homeless weeks ago.”

“Oh Bella, how bad is it this time?” Kate knew my history better than anyone. We were sort of kindred spirits. Her parents had divorced when she was younger and her dad was now on his fourth wife, while her mother was barely managing through life. It was just a reversal of roles and it had happened more recently for me. Sure, divorce was a lot more commonplace these days, but it didn’t make it any better. “Call your mom, you know she will send you some money.”

“I just don’t want to deal with her. I can’t listen to her berate me for losing my job and then begin insisting I move to Chicago with her. Do you know how hard it is to listen to her be all excited and shit about her life, when she threw away the life she had with my dad. It was like they were never happy, and just tolerated each other until I moved out, ya know?”

“I get it, hon,” Kate said supportively as we both reached in the tub for some ice cream and it grew silent between us. Suddenly, Kate grabbed the campus newspaper off the table and tossed it at me. “There’s always the job listings in there.”

“No one needs tutoring in poetry, Kate,” I replied as I pushed the paper away and she proceeded to grab at it again and flip to the classifieds.

“Okay, well you can’t be a tutor and I know you don’t want to work in the cafeteria
so your options are limited,” Kate said before she took another spoonful of ice cream and then began flailing about, pointing at the paper. “Here’s a good one. ‘Art Student requires nude model for up to five weeks for class assignment. $25 an hour, paid weekly. Contact E Cullen at 206-789-2354.’ Bella, you should totally call this guy.”

Finding Bree Tanner Chapter 24 Teaser

I know, I've been slack on posting teasers, but hopefully that will change now :) Enjoy! This should update next week.

What in the hell was Bella thinking just blurting our news out like that? What happened to us facing one issue at a time? I thought we were going to be here doing our little intervention for Charlie, but now I was really concerned about whether or not we would be able to have kids since the Chief looked like he was ready to yank my junk from me and shove it down my throat.

I looked at Bella in confusion as Charlie suddenly began to stand and Renee gripped his shoulder, trying to make him sit down. Okay, I was definitely worried for my well being now. I had seen all those bad movies where the guy was chased by the threatening father and you couldn’t get any more scary that the Chief. He had a gun and he was clearly unstable. As far as I was concerned, my chances at living were about 50/50 at that point.

“Don’t make even more of a scene, Charlie,” she urged.

“What in the fuck are you doing with your life, Bella?” Charlie shouted at her as I noticed a manager and our waitress whispering in the back. Shit, we were causing a huge scene and this was not going to go well. I wondered if I could get some mozzarella sticks to go? They were always really good here at the Lodge.

Coming On Easy Chapter 5 Teaser

"Okay, so are we all ready to go?" Charlotte called out from the living room on Saturday night as I finished pulling on my sneakers and then headed downstairs. Bella was about to do the same, so we both looked around and took a moment to lock lips before we started the night which we were sure would be torture.

After all, spending all night together outside in the dark and being unable to touch was torture to me and with the recent increase in activity, and sexual frustration, between Bella and I, I knew she would feel the same way.

When we pulled apart, I let Bella go first and I took a nice long look at her ass in her capri's and couldn't help but notice just the outline of her thong beneath it. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to go rub one out, so I was stuck. At least I was until Kate appeared at the bottom of the stairs and suddenly I wasn't so hard anymore.

"Will you two hurry it up? I want to get this evening over as quickly as possible." Kate stormed away and Bella looked over her shoulder and gave me a sympathetic look.

"A few hours and we will be back here and alone," I whispered to her as she nodded her head and we made our way into the living room where Charlotte was standing in a pair of jeans and a tight fitting t-shirt with a picture of Slimer from Ghost Busters on it. I looked at Bella and gave her a 'What the fuck?' kind of glare, but she just smiled sweetly at me.

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Coming On Easy Chapter 4 Teaser

Just so you know, this chapter will post on Saturday, with a short outtake on Sunday morning. Enjoy!

My room was dark because I kept the curtains drawn and it was freezing cold just the way I liked it because of the overhead fans. It felt incredible on my sun-kissed skin and I couldn't wait to get under my sheets and take a quick nap. Between the sun and the constant running around we had been doing, I was really looking forward to a nice quiet late afternoon of nothingness.

I had started to think about my art a little bit, wanting to take a little break after having such a rough semester that was filled with dozens of assignments and challenging exhibits. I really I wanted some time to jot some ideas and images down in my notebook to explore later, but Kate had insisted on a united front and, while I was hardly stressed, my time was scarce.

Even the few minutes I had scored alone with Edward the other night had come at a price. A soaking wet, ice-filled, kiss blocking price. I put my hands up to my lips as if I was trying to guess what Edward's lips felt like, what they tasted like.

I wanted to nibble on them.

Hell, I wanted to nibble on him.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it. Frequently. I had this whole summer to do whatever I wanted…and that whatever was him.

He smelled like sunscreen and sweat and, even all these hours later, I could still remember it. If he smelled that good, I was positive his lips tasted even better. And we were so close, until the dousing, after which we both jumped up and Edward started tearing up the stairs after Garrett like his ass was on fire.