Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 25 - Teaser

“Oh. My. God. What did you say?” she asked, and I could hear the anticipation in her voice. I walked into the grocery store and grabbed a basket, immediately seeking out what I needed to make breakfast.

“The truth,” I said simply, maybe just to get a rise out of her.

“Which would be…” she said, dragging out the last word, and I could almost see her twisting her head in a way that said ‘quit holding out on me.’

“I love him, too,” I said simply. I pulled the phone away from my ear again, prepared this time for the shrieking. I grabbed a carton of eggs and headed over to the meats for the bacon as I waited for Alice to calm down. I put the phone back to my ear when I could hear her voice at a normal level.

“I’m so freaking happy for you, Bella! And I’m sorry Rose and I didn’t tell you, but Edward really wanted to be the one to do it, and we thought you should hear it from him anyway,” she said quickly.

“I know, Al, and it’s okay. I’m glad I heard it from him, and I don’t really care how we got to this point. I’m just so glad that we did.”

Alice and I talked more about the previous night, while I meandered the store. I picked up some orange juice for Edward and I, and then paid using one of the self-checkout stations. Those stupid things always go wrong, and I had to ask for help, which ended up talking ten minutes longer than it should have.

“I swear, Alice, I could have been back by now. I bet you he just woke up, too,” I said in frustration.

“Calm down, Bella,” she laughed. “Your cooter will get some soon.”

The Resolution Chapter 35 - Teaser

**Now you can't say I never gave ya anything. I'm heading to Niagara Falls tomorrow, the next chapter is with the beta and I hope to post next week, but I had to give you all a little teaser before I left. Enjoy**

I left the house at ten in the morning and headed to Main Street, and grabbed a bunch of gerbera daisies at the flower shop in the heart of downtown. I was thankful that Nessie wasn’t working, so that a scene didn’t have to be made, because I was still livid at that stupid girl. I grabbed some bagels and cream cheese from the store two doors down and drove over to Bella’s intent on surprising her before she had to leave for her test at noon.

When I arrived, the front door was unlocked, but there appeared to be no one home. I let myself in and Scrappy jumped up excitedly on me, so I rested the flowers and bagels on the counter. He led me to the back door and it was clear he needed to get some business done, so I guided him down the stairs and tied him to his rather massive leash in the backyard to let him roam free for a bit while I went in to find Bella.

Of course, as I climbed the stairs I began to get anxious that something was wrong. I had an ominous feeling in my bones, but boy was I fucking wrong. The moment I hit the top step, Bella walked out of the bathroom, her towel dried hair hanging loosely down her bare shoulders and she was holding up the towel around her body very carefully, but when she saw me, she let out a loud shriek and dropped the towel absentmindedly.

“Oh My God,” she shouted out as she just stood there frozen and my eyes ran the length of her body appraisingly. Fuck, she looked good. Her body was slightly tanned, very tone and oh so appealing. The ring in her belly button looked fantastic too, and I had to admit, it had featured in some of my dreams lately.

**On a seperate note, this week I became completely enthralled with the story 'The Weight of Words' by georgeygirl. If you are not reading this story, I implore you to get on it. It's a little bit like UoEM, but with a more down to earth quality. Sure it takes place on the University of Toronto campus, but Edward is a TA, Bella is a student and well... that's all I'm gonna say. Go read it.

Sundrenched World Chapter 5 - Teaser

“Why don’t you have any pictures of your family?” I asked curiously as Edward walked up behind me with a beer in his hand as I was checking out a picture of him with a group of friends from high school. Edward was wearing a baseball uniform and I had to restrain a laugh because he didn’t seem to me like the kind of guy who enjoyed sports… or group activities.

“My family and I don’t really get along so well. We’re just very different and they wanted me to be someone I wasn’t,” he said simply with a hint of annoyance. I felt his free hand slip around my waist and dip below the waistband of my jeans as he pressed his hard cock against my lower back.

“Like someone who played baseball?” I questioned breathlessly, trying to ignore what he was doing to my body and staying focused. I picked up the frame and ran my finger reverently over the small image of Edward, who looked so happy in the photo it was surprising. “To be honest you don’t seem like the kind of guy who umm… “

“Participates?” he asked with a laugh as I nodded my head slowly in response. “I was a lot of things in high school. I was captain of the baseball team, junior class president and even tutored a few kids my senior year. None of it ever felt like something I should be doing with my life. My mother was the one who insisted on my playing baseball and though it was fun for a while, it lost its appeal the older I got.”

I was shocked by how frank Edward was being with me, but I really didn’t want it to stop. I wanted to know everything about him that he was willing to share with me. So I urged him to continue and was floored at how open he was.

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Maybe I'm Falling For You Teaser

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The Resolution Chapter 34 - Teaser

The very next moment a bell sounded over the front door of the diner and we all lifted our heads up from our menus to find Emmett and Rosalie walking in. Rose still acted like she owned the place and I briefly wondered if this was some fa├žade she had built up solely for Forks. She couldn’t be so fill of herself in California could she?

I stayed seated, unsure of what to do, and I felt Bella’s hand gently grip my thigh in reassurance. I glanced over at her and stared deeply, resolving myself to face the terror head on because I was doing it for her.

“Holy shit,” Emmett exclaimed in surprise as he walked around the table and clapped me firmly on the back. “Good to see you man. I’m shocked to see you here. Rosie told me about your mom, sorry man.” I stood up and gave him one of those half hug guy things and thanked him.

“It’s okay man. She’s actually glad it happened because it brought me home for the summer and possibly longer,” I stated as I looked down at Bella briefly to find her smiling brightly at me. I turned my head slightly and saw Rosalie walk beside Emmett, her arm wrapping around his waist tightly. “It’s wonderful to see you again Rosalie.”

“Can the shit Cullen. Why didn’t any of you tell me he was going to be here?” Rosalie snapped as she looked between Alice and Bella quickly, alternating between the two, as her eyes narrowed in frustration.

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Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 23 - Teaser

Bella was just walking back from the bathroom when I cornered her, hoping to talk a little more privately about our situation, but Alice had different ideas. “Bella… how the hell did you get dog hair on your jeans?” she slurred drunkenly as both Bella and my eyes grew wide. Bella hadn’t mentioned she walked the dogs, but I knew she did because I saw her and I knew damn well that Penny walked them. Bella looked up at me and I decided it was best to play dumb.

“You don’t have a dog, do you?”

“Uh… not really. I um… I dog walk every now and then for some extra cash and fresh air. I do it around Washington Square Park, since most of my customers live in the area. Its fun I guess, and helped me to buy art supplies when I was a bit more of a starving artist,” she replied awkwardly as her hands moved swiftly over the denim of her jeans and she tried to remove all traces of the dogs.

“Pugs shed?” I questioned dumbly as I rolled my eyes at my slip up. I wasn’t supposed to know what kind of dogs Bella walked, because she just fucking told me thirty seconds ago.

“How did you know I walked a pug?”

“Umm… I’ve seen like fifty different pugs in our neighborhood. I was going with a process of elimination,” I said off the top of my head as Bella nodded slowly and I breathed a sigh of relief. This was not going at all like I planned.

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The Resolution Chapter 33 - PIC Tease

So this is my first picture tease for this story. I felt remorseful that it's been a while (well for me anyways) since the last chapter was posted, so I thought I would be nice to you lovely readers. there is of course a teaser down a few posts for this chapter as well. Enjoy the pic. Curious to know your thoughts on what is going down!

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The Resolution Chapter 33 - Teaser

As the daylight faded to night, I lay down on the couch with my cast draped across my stomach and it reminded me of lying outside on the hard, cool ground with Edward the night before. Scrappy lay down at my side and lifted his head up every time he heard a loud noise on the TV or a car drive down the street. The more I thought about the night before, the more I began to wonder about some of the other things Edward had done over the past few weeks. Last night we had slept under the stars and he had planted me a garden as well. My mind processed the information quickly and I almost slipped and fell again as I jumped off the couch and ran upstairs to my bedroom, pulling my journal out of my bedside table.

Sure enough, there was number 10 on my list, ‘Plant a Garden’ and number 15 was ‘Sleep Under the Stars.’ Every time I got a new journal, I would write my list on the very first page so that I could refer to it often and try and mark off as many things as I could. With Charlie & Leah’s support over the past few years I had managed to see the Grand Canyon and go white water rafting, after Charlie took all five of us on vacation to Colorado and Arizona for a week and a half. I marked off number 10 and 15 and then reached for my cell phone, immediately dialing Alice.

"What did you do?” I asked anxiously after she answered the phone and seemed way too bubbly.