Room 15 Chapter 8 - Teaser

“Okay, so we had the history and the summary done before we met last,” I said with a dramatic pause. After all, the last time we had gotten together, we hadn’t done any work and I kind of wanted to remind her of what had happened in that room the previous week. “On the weekend, since someone wouldn’t return my calls, I also worked on the introduction, which I think is pretty much done.”

Bella stopped and looked at me with a tiny smile gracing her face. “That’s really great, Edward. I’m surprised you got so much done. I worked on the prognosis on the weekend.”

“Well, I was home all weekend, so I had time to kill. Can I read what you’ve written?”

“How about I email it to you and you follow up with your introduction and we can each review what we wrote.”

“Good idea, I suppose.” I didn’t want to leave it so that we never worked together again, which was exactly like it seemed like she wanted. It was pointless to do our work separately and then mesh it all together and hope it works. “I still think we should get together on Thursday to go through it all. We’re almost done, once we have treatments and whatnot finished. So, how about we review and then meet Thursday again?”

“Umm… Thursday should work, but I need you to remember that we are working solely on this project and not anything else.”

“What else would I want to work on?” Other than you not hating me like crazy of course, and wanting to date me.

“You know very well what you would want to discuss, or not discuss. I already told you last week that there will never be a repeat of what happened in that room. It’s for studying only, not…”

“Not intense fucking against a wall or desk?” Bella blushed seven shades of red before pushing my laptop away and narrowing her eyes at me.

“Yeah… that. No more of that.”

Room 15 Chapter 7 - Teaser

“What’s got your knickers in a knot, sunshine?” asked Alice as she walked in the front door and saw me pacing through the living room, anxious as a cat in heat. I was trying not to let my conscience overwhelm me because I regretted everything about the day… from the sex to the about to be deceitful sort of date with Emmett. I shouldn’t have bothered to get out of bed that morning. Life would have been so much easier if I hadn’t.

“Nothing… it’s… no… you know, it’s the pressure from the internship.”

“You’re rambling incoherently, Bella. Have you suffered some sort of head trauma recently?”

“I am not rambling. There has been no head trauma because I haven’t been in a car with you,” I snapped defensively as Alice, who didn’t give a shit about my insult to her driving, side stepped around me, watching my every move like a hawk. For some reason, I felt like her prey and I was suddenly very concerned, both for my health and for my obvious secret.

“You are also defensive. Your hair isn’t the same as it was in the morning and oh my god… your shirt is on inside out. You got fucked!!”

“No… no… no. I didn’t Alice, I swear. Really my shirt is on inside out?” I began pulling out my top and sure enough, as my hand reached around the back of my neck, there was the tag, on the outside of my shirt.

“Was it Emmett, you were supposed to meet with him today right?” Alice grasped my arm tightly and pulled me down onto the couch, sweeping my bags into the corner so that she could grill me in comfort. I could already tell by the twinkle in her eye that she was confident in her powers of deduction and there was no way I was getting out of her clutches without telling her something. I would just have to lie.

“I got a new vibrator.”

Room 15 Chapter 6 - Teaser

Still on schedule for Friday!

“Seriously? I kiss you, and it was an excellent fucking kiss, if I might say so myself, and you want to get back to work?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want,” she replied as she turned in her seat and stared at her screen as though she was reading something, but I could tell she wasn’t focusing. “Now let’s discuss alternative treatments.”

“No,” I said as I stood from my chair and began pacing anxiously around the room. “Let’s discuss the fact that you obviously want me, but you refuse to do anything about it. Is it because I’m your competition for the internship? Perhaps you are envious of the fact that my father is a world renowned surgeon who could open any door for me in my career if I asked him to?” Bella stood up from her seat and stalked towards me, she looked deceptively calm, but I could tell she was anything but.

“The last thing in the world I am is envious of you Edward,” she said as she began poking me in the chest, her tiny fingers like daggers along with her vicious words. “You are nothing but a self-involved, pig headed, arrogant asshole who thinks he is god’s gift to women and medicine. However, you are none of those things. You hide behind your pompous and callous exterior, not showing anyone the scared little boy you really are. You don’t think you will live up to the expectations of your parents or their peers, so the only thing I feel is bad for you.”

I couldn’t help it. No matter how true her words were and how much they hurt me, I couldn’t stop myself as I wrapped my arms around her small waist, pulling her up to my mouth as our lips crashed together, all our anger coming out as passion.

CIBC Run for the Cure

So, in early October I'm participating in a 5k run / walk for Breast Cancer in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Some of my lovely readers have already expressed an interest in donating in support of me, so I figured, why not post something on my blog so that you guys have more information.

If you click on the above link, you will be directed to my own personal fundraising page. I'm not listed as CPW, obviously, since I'm doing this as part of a team through my work.

Bear in mind, if you are not a Canadian resident, I am pretty sure the tax reciept will not count. So if you do this, don't expect to be able to write me off on your taxes. LOL.

I'm hoping to raise $200, but anything above and beyond that would be awesome. I think if I somehow get to over $500, I will post some sort of outtake or one shot as a thank you for all your generosity, with a vote to take place on this blog as to the content of the outtake.

Any questions? Yeah, there's a comment thing below and I will gladly answer them!

Room 15 Chapter 5 Teaser

So this is all new stuff in this chapter, so that's exciting right? A little more UST and a new complication. Gotta love it! Still planning to post on Friday.

However, just as we were leaving for the day, he swatted my ass as I walked out in front of him and acted like it was nothing. The pretentious jerk was back.

“Don’t touch me,” I snarled at him as he smiled crookedly at me and I felt the urge to smack the grin off his face.

“What? I’m just trying to make sure the ass feels as good as it looks. I was right though, it’s delectable.”

“You are unstable. Seriously, have you been checked out for bi-polar disorder? Two minutes ago you were being completely civil to me and now you are being a dickhead.”

“I guess I just have a gift.”

“Oh my god, you are exasperating,” I sighed as Edward leaned in towards my ear and licked the shell with a moan which sounded like it came from deep inside him. I quickly pushed him away and stormed out of the room, not looking back out of fear of what I would do next.

“Wait up a second, Swan,” he called as I descended the stairs as quickly as I could, desperate to find the front door of the library and subsequently freedom. Rather than face continued harassment from him, I stilled at the bottom of the stairs on the second floor of the library and decided to just listen. After all,
there was no harm in listening, right?. “So… Alice & Jasper invited me to join them tomorrow night. I said yes, but I didn’t want to step on any toes seeing as this was supposed to be your night out.”

“Seriously? Are you asking if I’m okay with you coming out with us?”

Room 15 Chapter 4 - Teaser

Still on track for a Friday update. Wish me luck!

“Fuck,” I cursed in frustration as I walked into the apartment and found Jasper and Alice literally fucking with their clothes on while perched on our couch. “Oh Jesus, can’t you guys get a room or something?”

“I have a room down the hall,” Jasper remarked with a grin as Alice began straightening out her top so that her bra was no longer showing. I just scoffed at her attempt and winked lazily as she narrowed her eyes at me, though I didn’t really care. Alice could hate me, I didn’t mind. I had my own problems these days. “However, you just don’t understand how hard it is to keep your hands off the girl you are smitten with after not seeing her for twenty four hours.”

“Dude, I have fucked girls against the fucking door because I couldn’t keep my hands off them. You however, made it to the couch. What does that say about you?”

“That I respect Alice,” Jasper countered as Alice smirked and I just rolled my eyes in exasperation and went into the kitchen to get a beer. As soon as I opened it and had taken a long pull, Jasper was standing before me, looking at me intently. “What’s wrong?”

“How do you know something is wrong?”

“Cause you are brooding. You never brood unless there is a girl nearby that you think gets off on that shit. Alice is not that girl, so spill.”

“I met a girl,” I said as a smug smile involuntarily crossed my face. I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t as Jasper caught on quickly and couldn’t help laughing at me. “Before you say anything, she’s in my class and I had no fucking idea. I have no clue how I missed her before today. She’s combative and sarcastic. She’s a fucking hot but potentially unbearable. I have no idea what to do.”