Sundrenched World Chapter 9 - Teaser

Let's give you a two-fer today. How about a teaser and a song? Enjoy!

“Sorry about that folks,” she said softly, clearly agitated at the entire situation. Her eyes remained trained on mine though as she repositioned the guitar on her lap and strummed a few simple chords. “Why don’t we just pretend it never happened?” The audience seemed fine with the situation, after all the song was almost over, but I knew she was speaking to me and not them with her final words.

The interruption lasted less than sixty seconds, but my heart fell in my chest and I was tempted to run from the club and never look back. However, I felt Emmett’s hand on my shoulder, squeezing tightly and I gained some sort of odd strength from it. He truly was an excellent friend in retrospect.

“That’s her isn’t it?” Emmett questioned as Bella segued into some song I didn’t know, most likely something she had written. It was melancholy and dark, very unlike the Bella I knew from years gone by who sang of love, hope and promise. This was all about heartache, loneliness and depression. Listening to her literally felt like my heart was coming out of my chest, and her hands were clutching it while it slowly stopped beating. I couldn’t speak, so I simply nodded my head at Emmett and he squeezed me a bit harder. “I kinda figured based on the way your face looked so hopeful at first and then fell to the floor.”

“She hates me.”

Sundrenched World Chapter 8 - Teaser

So, I'm almost done the latest chapter of SW and I was searching for depressing songs and came across this little ditty. It completely reminds me of how Bella feels about Edward four years down the road.

Go Listen: Dialate by Ani DiFranco

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 30 - Teaser

“Well, this year is different Bells. Didn’t you notice that things were different around here?” Renee replied as she motioned with her hand to my parents and Bella simply nodded in reply. “That’s because this year I am thankful for my new friend Esme and her lovely husband Carlisle, who I must say is quite the looker. That mixture of salt & pepper with your blonde hair really works for you, Carlisle,” Renee finished as she then clinked glasses with my mother.

“I agree, Renee,” my mother announced as I choked on my food and Bella took a huge gulp of the wine in front of her to deal with the awkwardness. “I’m thankful for my adoring husband, my wonderful son and his eventual bride.”

“Mom,” I shouted out in frustration as Esme put her drink down and held her hands up in surrender. “Okay, here’s the deal. You guys need to stop with all this wedding and baby talk, I’m looking at you mothers,” I said emphatically as my eyes moved between Esme & Renee, and Bella gripped my hand supportively. “I know you love the idea of us being together forever, and we like it too, but we don’t need any pressure, alright?”

“Yeah, what he said,” Bella said with a laugh as Phil looked up from his plate with a mouthful of food.

“Who-th having a baa-by?”

The Resolution Epilogue - Photo Teaser

** I'm hopefully posting the epilogue tomorrow**

The Resolution Epilogue - Photo Teaser


So it's come to my attention lately that some of you lovely ladies have been nominating me and my collaborators for some awards. Since this is my blog, where better place to pimp myself and encourage you folks to vote / nominate me than here?

Maybe I'm Falling For You - my collaboration with Flightlessbird11 was nominated for Best Emmett in the Giggle Snort Awards.

A Beautiful Mess - my collaboration with Risbee was nominated for Best Bella in the Giggle Snort Awards

The powers that be at this awards site have requested more nominations in these categories to get us to the final round, so please nominate us or someone else you consider worthy.

On another note, I was recently nominated for Best Author in the All Human Twilight Awards : Voting doesn't start till the end of May, but thank you so much to whomever nominated me. You rock! :)

The Resolution Epilogue Photo Teaser

So, for the next few days, until the epi is posted, I will be tossing up random picture teasers for my lovely readers. So here's number one. Think of it what you will :)

I finally bowed to the peer pressure!!

Okay, so there was no peer pressure, just a few folks telling me I should jump on this crazy thing called Facebook. For the record, I was facebooking like 4 years ago but only for personal reasons.

Well now I have one for fanfic. You can find me at coldplaywhore fanfiction. You can also find my girl Risbee at Risbee fanfic if you want to follow her too. Don't expect us to do any tricks or anything. Potential teasers, chit chat etc will ensue. Do not send me links for farmville, mafia wars or any of those effing games, since wouldn't you prefer me writing fan fic to plowing a garden or some shit like that?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Now rush over there. You can see a picture of my dog LOL.