Room 15 Chapter 3 - Teaser

I'm still on target for a Friday update, so enjoy the teaser:

The smirk on Edward’s face infuriated me to my breaking point and before I knew it was huffing silently and turning away from him, practically sprinting down the corridor and out the door into the sunny yet moderately chilly Seattle afternoon air. I hated when the warm sun would shine down the day, but the temperate of the air was still bleak. It was like we were given a small ray of hope, only to have it taken away immediately. Mother Nature was mocking us.

Suddenly, I heard Edward’s alluring and smooth voice behind me, which reminded me that Dr. Banner was mocking me too by pairing me up with such a callous halfwit.

“Wait up there, Swan. I really wish I could leave you alone, but we need to make arrangements for this project because I won’t have your emotional instability bring down my grade. I’ve got an internship to be handed to me,” he shouted out as I froze in place. Please god, tell me I am not up against him for the internship at Harborview.

“Emotional instability? What the fuck are you on?” I shouted back in anger as he caught up to me and stepped in front, blocking my way. He was fucking infuriating. “I think that between the two of us, you are the more erratic one.”

“Listen, you don’t like me and I think I could barely tolerate you, unless your mouth was wrapped around my dick…”

“Oh my god just shut up with the innuendo. Stop thinking about my ass, my mouth and every other part of my body you are so interested in.”

“I can’t stop my brain, Bella. I just let it lead the way and it happens to think you have spectacular breasts… what are those, like a C cup?”

Room 15 Chapter 2 - Teaser

“You never gave me your phone number, Edward. At least you had mine and after fucking me all night you could have done the decent thing and called.” Rebecca had been a lovely little distraction I had met one night at an off campus bar where I had been celebrating Jasper’s birthday with a few of our friends and some co-workers of his from Microsoft.

Rebecca was a sophomore and immediately caught my attention that night. Unfortunately, the more time I spent with her, the less she was able to hold my attention. Sure, she was pretty with her long red hair, big tits and dirty mouth, but if she wasn’t talking about sex, then nothing she said was of interest to me. I didn’t give a rat’s ass about her sorority, her friends or her education major. All I cared about that night was getting her naked and making her beg for me. That was how the night ended, so I didn’t complain. I didn’t think she would complain either considering the number of orgasms she got courtesy of my fingers, mouth and cock.

“Edward… I’m up here,” Rebecca said acerbically as she snapped her fingers and my eyes moved up from her delectable cleavage. “I was trying to say that I really hoped you would have called me sooner. I never see you around campus. I’m not mad though, I understand.”

“Yeah well, the life of a medical student is one fraught with stress, constant studying and no time for romantic entanglements, sadly.” I was trying to let her down easily, but I couldn’t help but notice that Rebecca didn’t seem deterred at all. “No time for anything really.”

Rebecca suddenly got up from her seat and came over to sit on the arm of the chair I was occupying. She leaned in, giving me an even better view of her breasts before her mouth found my ear and she began whispering seductively into it. “We both know you don’t want a relationship, Edward, and I’m not asking for one. I just want you to fuck me again and I have a friend who may want to join in the fun.”

Room 15 Chapter 1 - Teaser

Yup, you read that right... Room 15 is finally in the close to posting stages. Can you believe Chapter 2 is with the beta and 3 is being written as you read this? I know, it's about time right? Sorry, I had trouble coming up with a plot for this fucker, and I needed something to go on, otherwise who the hell would want to read this shit?
Anyways, onto the fun shit... the teaser:

“Are you going to get all over me about getting laid again?”

“Well, someone needs to get all over you. However, I have Jasper and I clearly don’t swing that way, unless you count that one time freshman year where I kissed Rosalie. She enjoyed it way more than I did and I may have been a wee bit high at the time, so I don’t really count that as a lesbian experience,” Alice rambled on aimlessly as I rolled my eyes.

“I’m focused on my studies, Alice. I’ve told you repeatedly that I don’t need a boy to make me happy.”

“No, you need man, Bella. Boys don’t know what they are doing and men… well, they are a whole different ballgame. You need one who knows more than insert tab A into slot B. Someone more like Jazz.” I may have shoved my finger down my throat at yet another mention of her new boyfriend, Jasper. They hadn’t been together too long but every time I saw them they were either joined at the lip or the hip and it was getting to be a bit much. To his benefit, Jasper seemed like a very sweet guy who was just in over his head where my friend Alice was concerned.

“Will you come out with me and Rosalie on the weekend? Just one night of drunken debauchery. I’ll have Jasper bring some friends so you can have a one night stand and fuck the stress of med school out of your system.”

“I don’t need to get laid.”

“Is Bob doing that good of a job for you?”

“Who the hell is Bob?”