The Resolution Chapter 23 - Teaser

I know, I just posted Chapter 22 this morning, but I've been on a roll, finally breaking through the block I've been suffering through for the past month or so. Anywhoo, enjoy the teaser:

“You are a much stronger woman than I am,” Esme said quietly as I squeezed her hand back in return, letting her know I supported her. “He’s going to try and come to see you soon.”

“No, he’s not Esme. I’m not foolish enough to believe that. It’s been over a week, I’m tired of people making excuses for him. To be honest, even if he did show up here on his knees groveling, I’m not sure I would want to talk to him. I know he’s your son, but I’m finding it very hard to be understanding when I am sitting here in a hospital bed unsure if I will be alive next week,” I stated emphatically as Esme nodded her head slowly. We had always had this rather honest friendship, even when I was younger and she visited me almost as much as my dad or my best friends had. Esme was like the mother I always wanted when I was sick the first time around, and even though I wanted her in the same capacity now, I knew she had a loyalty to her son.

“Just know he is suffering too Bella. He’s never been in love before and to find out right after you have confessed your love that the person who you want more than anything in the world is sick… well to put it mildly, he is falling apart,” she stated honestly as I nodded my head, urging her to continue. I was taking a sick sort of pleasure in knowing that Edward was suffering just as much as I was. “He’s a shell of his former self Bella. Even before he started dating you he still functioned normally, but these days… he’s not as strong as you Bella.”

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American Boy - Epilogue Teaser

I was hoping to have this chapter up already, but RL demands over the past few days have prevented me from writing. I am hoping to get the epi to my beta tonight, so wish me luck! Enjoy the teaser!

“Wait bud, that’s for your Daddy, we’ll give it to him in a minute,” I said as I grabbed the thin box from Hayden’s hands and rested it in my lap before I opened the small box and gasped at the diamond earrings that laid within it. “These are beautiful Edward.”

“Not as beautiful as my wife,” he replied genuinely as he leaned forward and kissed me sweetly, with Hayden trying to steal the box from my lap. “What’s this?”

“This is your gift. I didn’t spend nearly as much on it as you did on mine though,” I said remorsefully as I handed it to him and Hayden crawled into my lap. I wrapped my arms around Hayden and watched intently as Edward tore open the wrapping paper of the small narrow box and then pulled off the top to find a t-shirt folded up neatly within it.

“A shirt… thanks baby,” he said quietly, sounding a little disappointed.

“Read the shirt,” I said anxiously as he quirked his eye brow and then unfolded it, holding it up for what seemed like a really long time before he brought it down.

“Are you serious?” he asked as his eyes lit up with excitement and I simply nodded my head. Edward leaned forward and kissed me, with a little more passion this time, squeezing Hayden between the two of us as he showed me just how excited he was. “This is the best gift ever.” I couldn’t help but smile as Edward pulled away and yanked off the shirt he was already wearing to replace it with his new one which read, ‘ Be kind to me, my wife is pregnant.’ “When are you due? Do you even know? When did you find out?”

The Resolution Chapter 22 - Teaser

Ok, so I've had a bit of writer's block with TR, which you would know if you read the latest chapter of A Beautiful Mess, where I wrote it in the A/N. Not to look for pity, but between RL, work and everything else, the fact that I haven't been able to focus on TR is driving me nuts. So instead of stressing, I worked on some one-shots and other stories in the meantime.
However, since the holidays are fast approaching, I decided not to be a grinch and to post a teaser of the upcoming chapter. I promise to get it to you as soon as possible. But think positive, even when I'm blocked my updates only take a few weeks at best! Happy Holidays!


I started driving, with no particular destination in mind, the snow laden trees passing by me as I drove out of town and towards one of the places that reminded me the most of Bella. I hadn’t meant to come here, but it was like the car was taking me without my permission. The parking lot was slightly slick, but I didn’t care. I parked towards the back of the lot, the trunk of my car backing onto the tree line behind it and then I got out and for some reason, decided to sit on the hood of the car, as snow started to fall around me. I then let out a deep breath as I stared at Lake Olympia where I had watched Bella all summer.

I pulled my legs up to my chest in an effort to keep warm and my mind began running through everything that had happened this afternoon. Bella was sick, and it wasn’t any of this cough due to cold shit either. She was very sick, which first made me wonder why the hell she was still in school. Shouldn’t she be in the hospital getting better? Shit... did she even want to get better?

I scratched anxiously at my scalp, my wet hair threading effortlessly through my fingers as I grabbed at the back of my neck, which was one of my nervous habits. I couldn’t shake the image of Bella lying on the couch, looking so fragile and heartbroken. She thought I was leaving her and it was the moment her father told me she was sick that I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

“I can’t tell you. You’ll leave me Edward. They always fucking leave me. Just like Renee left me.”

American Boy Wedding Outtake Teaser

Yes, I will be posting the wedding outtake next, rather than the epilogue. I could say I was bowing to peer pressure, but since it was fairly evenly split about who wanted the epilogue and who wanted the outtake, I just let my fingers write what they wanted to. Enjoy the teaser. Expect the update in a day or two!

When the last bits of our meal were finished, I was kinda desperate to get out of my wedding dress. “Do you mind if I go change?” I questioned Edward as he helped me off of his lap and I slowly smoothed out the dress, his eyes watching me the entire time.

“Yeah, I kinda mind. I was hoping to get my wife out of her dress,” he said with a sly grin as he stood up and came in front of me, wrapping his arms around me and grabbing the top of the zipper at the back of my dress. My chest was pressed tightly against his as I felt his hands skillfully though slowly pull the zipper down until it would go no further, his hands moving slowly back up my body against the now bare skin.

“Very good job Mr. Cullen,” I replied seductively as Edward turned me around so that my back was now against his chest and he slowly pushed my dress down onto the floor. His hands were all over me, tempting me as he moved them tenderly across my midsection before practically ghosting them up to my breasts, which he cupped firmly, before leaning forward, his mouth right against my ear.

“You’ll be thinking that for the rest of the night Mrs. Cullen. Just how good I truly can be,” he said breathily, causing a shiver down my spine and affecting my entire body. “For the record, there is absolutely no reason for you to change. In fact, I think you are wearing far too many clothes.”

A Beautiful Mess Chapter 1 - Teaser

So all my loyal readers know that my girl Risbee and I did a one-shot entitled 'London Calling' for the Naughty Heels Anonymous 80's Music Contest, which ended last month. We placed 2nd (pat on the back) and decided to run with the story and extend it. The o/s will be written more in depth and include more of their past, their romance and their future. We are hoping to post the first chapter very soon, but in the meantime... enjoy a small teaser of Chapter 1.

We sat back against her headboard, playing random games of thumb war as I told her about what I wanted to do. I outlined everything I saw us doing over the summer, leaving out the hot sex and making out I had fantasized about, but I knew there would be a lot more involved than just hanging out. I had no idea how the hell I was going to verbalize my thoughts and feelings for her. Perhaps Hallmark made a card for such an occasion?

I’m sorry I’m emotionally stunted, but I have loved you forever. Wanna be my girl and have lots of sex?

“Yeah that probably isn’t a good idea,” I muttered quietly to myself as Bella looked up from our joined thumbs and stared at me curiously.

“What isn’t a good idea?” she questioned, obviously having heard me.

“Umm… running with scissors?” I said randomly as I shrugged my shoulders and she looked at me with an endearing smile.

“You are so fucking weird, but I love it,” she said sweetly as I pressed her thumb down and declared myself the winner of our latest battle. However, I would truly be the winner if she had said she loved me. That would be epic. I brushed my hand slowly down Bella’s arm and watched as goose bumps broke out. I was about to say something in response to her, but the door suddenly flew open and there stood Bella’s mom, Renee, looking frazzled.