Sundrenched World Chapter 4- Teaser

“Are you alright Bella?” James questioned as I shoved my phone back into my pocket and I stretched my arm out and touched his shoulder sweetly, giving him the wrong impression completely, but not really caring at that moment. Just like I anticipated, the moment I looked up towards the kitchen and I saw Edward standing there in the doorway, looking completely fuckable in a black Pink Floyd t-shirt that was faded and clearly had seen better days. He narrowed his eyes at me as though he was angry and I simply felt emboldened, by the booze and his response.

“I’m wonderful James. So you were saying that you guys work under the Editor and he gives you assignments right? Do you get to advise him the type of work you would prefer to do?” I questioned as James’ smile perked up and he began rambling on about how he hated the sports beat and preferred to do local news or politics. It was mundane and his voice annoyed me, but it was having the desired effect because Edward literally looked furious.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as he shoved Blondie’s hand off his shoulder and then ignore her as she tried to speak to him. She gave up a few minutes into my conversation with James, but Edward never once wavered. I seriously think he was trying to do some sort of Jedi mind trick on James and make him disappear.

You know Edward, this could all be so easy if you would just acknowledge my existence, I thought to myself as I pulled my mind away from thoughts of Edward and I tried to focus on what James was saying.

So next week I get to interview the Dean and I’m planning to ask some hard hitting questions about the increases in tuition that they have scheduled for next fall. I heard the board hasn’t yet approved the increases, but anytime more money is involved it seems like a yes is moments away,” James blabbered on as I felt my phone vibrate again in my pocket and I smiled smugly as I finished off my beer and put my cup down on a small table behind us as I fished the phone out of my pocket.

“Sorry, just give me one minute to check this,” I explained to James with false sincerity as he nodded his head in response. Alice and Jasper took the moment to break away from us and head into the kitchen for a refill, but I turned down their offer for a refill. I had to be in the right frame of mind when fuckery was a foot.

Tell him you are spoken for Bella –E
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Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 21 - Teaser

“But I think he got the wrong impression about what I was trying to say to him. I was trying to tell him something, and I think all I did was fuck up an already fucked up situation,” I said in one breath.

“What do you mean?” Alice asked, her tiny brow furrowing in confusion.

“I was trying to tell him about… my online fella,” I said, laughing at Alice’s nickname for PBW. “And I think he may have thought I was talking about your brother,” I said, nodding my head in Rosalie’s direction.

“Well what did you say?” Rosalie questioned, her tone urging me to continue.

“I told him that there was something that I hadn’t told him about, that there was someone else, and not that there is someone else, that there was someone else, but that’s when Garrett decided to make his appearance. Then when I turned around, Edward was gone.” One lone tear escaped as I remembered how barren and lonely I’d felt at the sight of everyone but him standing where he should have been.

“Well shit, girl. You really dug yourself into a hole,” Rosalie said. I sort of sob-laughed and nodded my head in agreement. “But honestly, I don’t think this is anything you can’t fix, so I suggest we all get a good night’s sleep and decide what to do about this in the morning.”

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The Resolution Chapter 32 - Teaser

I was talking casually to Leah about Rosalie and Emmett’s upcoming visit, when I felt a small tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Edward standing in front of me. “Congratulations Bella,” he said sweetly as he handed me a small bouquet of gerbera daisies, not unlike the ones he gave me on our first date. In fact, if I had to guess, I would say they were the exact same colors as those flowers.

“Oh… thanks,” I mumbled as Leah poked me in the side and I regained my train of thought. “Edward, this is Leah Clearwater. She’s the daughter of my dad’s girlfriend, Sue,” I said genuinely as I introduced them and Leah looked at him skeptically, as could be expected. She shook his hand firmly and Edward glanced down at me with an odd sort of smile. “Leah, this is Edward.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“I would respond in kind, but I’m a little confused as to what you are doing here,” Leah stated, practically reading my own mind. I couldn’t even recall telling Edward when the hell my graduation was, so seeing him here was a huge surprise.

“This was a big day in Bella’s life and I wanted to be here to support her.”

“You weren’t invited.”

“I didn’t take a seat.”

Leah looked at him curiously and I could tell she was warming up to him a bit because every time she dished a sarcastic comment or rude glance at to him, he gave it right back at her. Then again, she had several years’ worth of me bitching about the situation and I hadn’t had much of a chance to let her know that we had both exchanged apologies. Knowing Leah though, she would complain that an apology wasn’t enough, even if she did like the guy. “Doesn’t mean you were wanted here.”

The Resolution Chapter 31 - Teaser

“Are we being graced with the presence of your boyfriend tonight?” he questioned as I let out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding.

“What boyfriend?” I replied casually as I shrugged my shoulders and did my best to make everything seem very casual. I wasn’t in the mood to tell Alice all about the scene in front of the flower shop, how I found out Jacob was cheating and Edward’s involvement in everything. I wasn’t quite there yet. “Jake and I aren’t together anymore.”

“Oh thank the lord, our prayers have been answered Jasper,” yelled Alice excitedly as she threw her hands up in the air in celebration, while jasper and I just laughed at her dramatics. “When did this happen? Please tell me you dumped him because even though we pretended to like him, you were way too good for him Bells.”

“Yes, I dumped him Alice. It happened on Sunday and I’d rather not get into all the details right now. I thought we were here to celebrate, not listen to the drama that has been my life for the past week.” Just then, as though the gods were laughing at me, in walked Edward with Carlisle flanking his side. They headed up to the counter, clearly picking up an order to go, but Alice noticed that I was watching him, albeit momentarily and a smug grin immediately crossed her face.

“Is that Edward?”

“I guess so,” I replied as Jasper’s head turned around and he stood from his seat beside Alice and headed to the counter.

“Did you know he was back in town?” she questioned, while staring at me. “You did know, you little sneak. Have you seen him? Did he apologize to you for being a jackass of epic proportions? Can you give me some gossip at all?”

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The Resolution Chapter 30 - Teaser

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Edward and I left the hospital together, agreeing to dinner and conversation, and we agreed to meet at a small Irish pub near the waterfront. When I pulled into the parking lot, Edward was already waiting for me and he was still somewhat a gentleman and he helped me from the car, holding the door open for me before escorting me in. However, the look on his face told me that even though we had agreed this was just dinner and talking, he saw it as more of a date. I had to squash that thought before he got in his over his head. There was no way I could consider a relationship with Edward right now.

“I don’t drink much, but I think I need a beer tonight,” declared Edward once we were seated at our booth, overlooking Port Angeles Harbor. Our waitress showed up a moment later and I ordered a sweetened tea as Edward ordered a Guinness. When she left, our booth was filled with uncomfortable silence as we both overlooked the menu, unsure of what to eat, and also reluctant to start a conversation, so nothing happened. When our waitress came back with our drinks, we both placed our orders, me for Shepherd’s Pie with a salad and Edward ordered fish and chips with a Guinness Onion Soup to start. I quirked my eye brow at him, finding it interesting that he would order soup in the late May, but he just shrugged his shoulders and I let it pass, as our waitress left us again, clearly sensing the discomfort at our table.
After we both took long pulls from our drinks, I decided enough was enough. “Okay, let’s talk.”

“Sorry. I’m just nervous about what to say to you,” Edward admitted as his fingers danced around the rim of his beer stein. “I said a lot of what I had wanted to say to you for the past three years yesterday in the truck, but I feel like it was rushed and that you were too focused on the situation with Jacob to really comprehend my apology.”

“If you think I wasn’t listening Edward, then try me again,” I stated a little angry that Edward would think that I wasn’t paying attention. Sure things had been rough yesterday afternoon, but I heard every word Edward said. It had been playing over and over in my mind as I tried to determine what to do about him and me.

Sundrenched World Chapter 3- Teaser

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“I think I am looking for some kind of sign,” he admitted as he twirled some fettuccine noodles around his fork and then looked up at me, before placing the food into his mouth. Most of the evening I couldn’t take my eyes off of his mouth actually. It was like it was calling to me or something. Bella, come and suck on my bottom lip. You know you want to. I just shook my head from the thoughts in my mind and went back to our conversation.

“Did you ever think to take the things that you enjoy doing and work those into some sort of career direction?’

“Well let’s see. My current favorite things to do are smoke pot, listen to you play guitar and have sex. Anything you can see me doing for the rest of my life based on that?” he asked with a hearty laugh as I joined right along with him, though I clamed up slightly because of the mention of sex. My palms may have even started sweating because the thought of having sex with Edward was something that had been predominant in my mind since the moment I met him.

“Yeah, not really,” I said with an awkward laugh. “I’ll just have to make it big one day so you can be my groupie.” Edward’s eyes grew wide at my suggestion that he basically follow me around while smoking pot, listening to my music and having sex with me. Yes, I implied he would be having sex with me, and he knew it too.

The Resolution - Note from Edward

So alot of my lovely readers have asked about what the hell was written in the note Edward left for Bella in her hospital room in The Resolution. I was never intending to put it in the story, but I asked my gal, Flightlessbird11 to whip up this graphic which I hope will please, or appease, the masses. If you want to see a larger version, just click on the graphic and enjoy!

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 18 - Teaser

"Hey you,” Bella said as she walked in, looking simple yet gorgeous. “Did you know you have a really nosy neighbor?”

“You met Mrs. Petrone did you?” I asked with chuckle before I got nervous about what they could have possibly discussed.

“Is that her name? She didn’t give me a chance to get a word in edgewise actually. She kept going on about how you were such a good boy, helped her with groceries and even changed her light bulb once when she couldn’t find anyone from maintenance to help,” said Bella casually as I shook my head, trying to shake off the good deeds I had done for her. I mean, she was like 102 years old; anyone would have done the same. “She also mentioned getting you a Slap Chop for Christmas.” We both broke out into laughter as I closed the door behind Bella and she stepped into the kitchen, her smile growing as she smelled our dinner.

“I’m more than just a pretty face you know,” I said sarcastically as I followed her over to the counter, where she was looking into the bowl where I was mixing our salad. I was anxious, but I shook the nerves from my brain and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her back against me. Bella lolled her head back and rested it against my shoulder as I took the chance to smell her hair and simply breathe in her essence.

The Resolution Chapter 29 - Teaser

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“What kind of car does Jacob drive?” I questioned curiously as Bella looked over at me with interest and the car behind us began honking because the light had turned green a few seconds earlier.

“A Black ’67 Mustang. I think he loves that damn car more than me,” she said with a sigh and I gave a small smile, hoping that was true. Bella didn’t seem too heartbroken over it all though, just frustrated and flustered. We started moving forward and I pointed to the car in front of the flower shop before we passed it.

“A Mustang like that one?” I questioned. Suddenly, everything seemed to move in very slow motion as Bella turned her head to look over at the car and she growled while she nodded her head. It was the sexiest yet most ferocious noise I had ever heard in my entire life, and I knew that it was Jacob she was more frustrated with.

"Yes,” she replied through clenched teeth as she slowed the truck and immediately began looking for a parking space. I watched in trepidation as she parallel parked in front of the yogurt shop we used to go to back in high school and when she finally finished parking, I reached out towards Bella, in an effort to calm her, but she pulled her arm away defensively. “Don’t touch me.”

“Fine. Listen, I think you should just take me back to my parents’ house. No good can come of whatever the hell is about to go down,” I stated as Bella went to open her car door and I reached over and hit the button to lock the doors. “Do you even know what you are going to say to him?” I took a deep breath, reveling in being in such close proximity to her before pulling away and finding Bella’s gaze. She was staring at me angrily and reached over, pulling up the lock before looking to step out of the truck. I followed suit and stayed right behind her as she stalked down the sidewalk towards the flower shop.

“Don’t you want to know the truth Edward?” she asked furiously. “I would think that you of all people would want to know if Jake stole this apparent note and took your flowers, claiming them as his gift to me.”

“Would it make a difference? Would you forgive me?” I asked quietly as Bella stopped dead in her tracks a few feet from the door.