Maybe I'm Falling For You Teaser - Chapter 17

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We walked down the street, hand in hand and talked about the most random shit, much like we had done earlier in the morning. It seemed as if Edward was trying to play twenty questions with me. Honestly, it all seemed oddly familiar.

When we reached my place, Edward said that he had some work to do at home, pictures to develop, I guessed. I told him that I didn’t mind and that I’d call him. He stood there for a moment, like he was waiting for me to do something. He leaned in but stopped a few inches from my face, and I felt the warm breath of his exhale on my face. I furrowed my brow and frowned, confused when Edward closed his eyes and pulled away from my face. My expression softened after a moment, when I realized that he was trying to decide if it was okay to kiss me.

I laughed quietly, my shoulders jerking forward in small movements. Without a word, I stood on my toes and pressed my lips to his soft ones. He tasted so sweet, like he always did, and I loved it. Edward smiled into the kiss before capturing my lips with more force, and snaking his tongue into my mouth in such a seductive movement. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down until I was standing flat on my feet again. He grabbed my hips with both of his hands as he bent down. I pulled away slowly, not wanting to let go, but my heart was racing too fast.

“Don’t be afraid to kiss me,” I stated simply as I touched Edward’s cheek with my fingertips. There was a small amount of stubble on his face, due to the fact that he’s stayed the night with me. It felt rough, yet surprisingly wonderful underneath the tips of my fingers, but I wanted to feel it rubbing along other parts of my body.

“Good, because I really wanted to,” he replied, smirking. He pressed his lips to mine once more, as if to emphasize this new understanding that we had come to.

The Resolution Chapter 28 - Teaser

“Did you think I was going to go out of my way to find and confront the guy who broke my heart as I laid in a hospital bed fighting for my life?” I asked in frustration, both at Jacob and Edward, who I still hadn’t managed to forgive.

“Well, no….”

“Then stop worrying. Are you still going hunting tomorrow, or later today I guess, with your dad and Quil?” I questioned as Jacob’s hands moved up and down against my arms tenderly. I felt so bad because I knew in my soul I was misleading this man into thinking I had more feelings for him than I really did, but my mind kept rationalizing that in time I could fall in love with him. My heart didn’t think the same way though.

“Yeah. How about we meet for breakfast at the diner around nine?” I nodded my head in reply as I heard Scrappy begin scratching at the front door, sensing that Jacob and I were there. I opened the door so that he didn’t start barking and wake up my father and he lapped happily at my hand before giving Jake a small growl. Even after having the dog for almost four years, Scrappy still was not Jacob’s biggest fan. I was never sure if this dog was smart or just stubborn.

Jacob gave me a small kiss on the cheek and I guided Scrappy back into the house. He followed me up the stairs and got comfortable on the bed we had for him on the floor at the foot of my bed. Within minutes of crawling into bed, I had fallen asleep, but it was a tumultuous and short lived period as all my dreams were filled with happy memories of times I shared with Edward, not Jacob.

The Resolution Chapter 27 - Teaser

Just so you know, Chapter 27 contains journal excerpts from Bella's journal, telling what has happened since Edward left in Chapter 25. Enjoy the little teaser.

May 20, 2011

All night I felt out of place, as though I wasn’t supposed to be there, but Jacob did his best to reassure me. When I had mentioned to him about Forks High’s upcoming prom a few weeks prior and I was shocked when he insisted we go… together. I was on the fence for the longest time, until he recruited Leah and Sue in his mission. Before I could say no, I was in Port Angeles with them shopping for a dress.

I ended up in a simple cream colored goddess style dress and the world’s most uncomfortable shoes, but the night wasn’t all that bad. Unless you count the moment that Jacob tried to kiss me when he dropped me off at the door a few the night was done. I hated that I had to remind him, yet again, that we were just friends, only to have him repeat to me that Edward wasn’t coming back for me. I was quick to say good night to Jacob after that, not eager start a fight with him. I wasn’t waiting for Edward. I just didn’t want Jacob like that.

The Resolution Chapter 26 - Teaser

I turned the corner as I ran down Maple Street towards my favorite park and was welcomed by a big gust of cold air. It was early April and we were on the verge of starting exams, so running was the best thing I could to do clear my mind and prepare myself for the upcoming marathon study sessions. As I got going again, I passed a woman walking her small white fur ball of a dog, who reminded me a lot of Mrs. Jameson, my high school health teacher. Well, without the blatant sexuality and crass mouth, of course. I slowed to a jog and for a moment fondly recalled the health class that had really been the catalyst for my relationship with Bella.

When I thought about Bella now, I didn’t get angry like I used to, I was beyond that now. I had yet to have a serious relationship since I arrived at college, choosing to have protected sex instead with a few random girls during drunken nights at various parties. None of the encounters ended up being even remotely fulfilling for me and usually ended with me cursing myself for having no willpower the next day.

James liked to point out that I never once had a brunette, wondering if I had some sort of aversion to them, but I just laughed off it off, claiming I didn’t notice, but of course to me it was just another reminder of Bella, and I tried to avoid all reminders of hr during the first few years in New Hampshire.

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Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 16 - Teaser

“You know, Bells, just because your mom and I didn’t work out, doesn’t mean we didn’t love each other. Some people just grow apart.” I looked up at him and nodded in response. “I know you hate that we stayed together for so long when we shouldn’t have, but we did it for you. The love that parents have for their kid, it makes them forget about themselves, and sometimes it blows up in our faces,” he laughed and I joined him, trying to process this new information.

All these years I’d thought that my parents were being selfish in staying together, trying to prove something to each other by staying married. It wasn’t until then, sitting in a hospital room with my father, that I truly began to understand why they did it. They were both unhappy, that part was obvious, but their love for me overshadowed their love for each other, and how it had faded away.

“Wow, I never really saw it that way,” I said finally, the reality of their relationship hitting me like a ton of bricks. The loved me enough to try and make me happy, even though they were happy. They sacrificed so much for me, and I would never be able to thank them enough for it.

“I’ll never regret being married to your mother, Bella. She brought me you and you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” I flew out of my chair for the second time that day and hugged Charlie tightly. “Love you, kiddo.”

“Love you, too, Dad.”

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The Resolution Chapter 25 - Teaser

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“Nice music choice Rose,” I said sarcastically as I moved closer towards her and she whipped her head around, her long blonde hair sweeping over her shoulder as she turned off her truck and hopped down, looking furious. “Did you break a nail? Someone cut you off on your way here?”

“You,” she shouted as she poked me hard in the middle of the chest and her dark eyes narrowed on me as she moved forward, effectively moving me back until I was against the Ford Focus parked two spots over from her truck. “You are a complete fucking asshole.”

“Duly noted,” I replied as her bright red lips tensed into a narrow line and she looked like she was about to rip my head off and feed it to her young. “What’s your problem?”

“Why the hell haven’t you gone to see her yet?” she shrieked and I wanted to back away, hell I wanted to run like the wind, but before I had a chance, she had her fingers wrapped around my forearm, her perfectly manicured nails digging into my coat as a light rain fell around us.

“I went to see her.”

“While she was conscious?”

“Fuck you Rosalie. You don’t know what I have been going through. Do you think it’s easy to sit back and watch the person you love fade away? How would you feel if it was Emmett in that bed?” I yelled in response, not overly keen at the way she was treating me. Some of our other classmates were filtering in to go to class, but they were all moving slowly, stopping to watch the scene that was unfolding before their eyes.

Sundrenched World - New Story Teaser

Yes, you read that right... I have a new story in the works. In fact, the first chapter is with my awesome beta, MaggieMay14, right now and the second chapter is already underway.

Something you should be aware of regarding this story, is that it will be short. 12 chapters and a potential epilogue. I have the entire thing outlined but the epi, because I am on the fence about it. The first six stories are told in Bella's POV and the last six are told in Edward's POV. It's based on two specific Joshua Radin songs, the first of which (or Bella's POV) is based on the song Sundrenched World, which is obviously where the title comes from too!

Sundrenched World Video from (best quality I could find online)

Enough chatter... onto the sneak preview of the new story:

I wandered down the hallway, carrying all my belongings and looking a bit like a hobo as I struggled to carry everything. Thank god, I didn’t cross another soul before I walked into my favorite rehearsal room. There was one picture window on the left hand side of the room and when I looked out, seeing the view of the parking lot, there were tons of cars stuck in the snow. I had to walk home in this shit, and there was no way that was going to happen, so I tossed my coat into the corner and grabbed my composition book out of my backpack and grabbed my guitar case. I got comfortable in my favorite chair on the far side of the room, and kept an eye on the weather as I worked on my next song. However, inspiration failed me… until I heard his voice.

“Holy hell, there is life in this building after all,” laughed the smooth voice of a rather gruff looking boy who took my breath away. From a distance I could clearly see that he had a disastrous mess of reddish brown hair, dark looking eyes and five o’clock shadow that I wished I could rub my hand over and feel as the roughness brushed against my soft skin. “Why aren’t you getting a ride on the Zamboni parked outside?”

“What the hell is a Zamboni?” I questioned as he leaned against the door jamb and ran his fingers through his hair, making the mess even worse and ten times more appealing. He was wearing a pair of very worn in dark wash jeans and a dark blue hoodie, his coat draped over his shoulder casually.

“It’s one of those big ass machines that clean the ice during a hockey game,” he explained as I looked him, my face no doubt filled with pure confusion. However he just looked handsome, rugged and a bit amused. “Ah never mind. You should really be getting out you know.”

“I could say the same to you,” I replied casually as he strolled into the room, the door closing with a loud click behind him as he sat across from me on the floor and pulled a joint from his pocket. “Are you insane by the way… smoking up on campus?”

“Sorry to burst you bubble Pippi Longstocking, but you and I are the only two people in this building,” he said as he lit it with ease and look a long drag, looking around the room to appraise his surroundings. “Where the hell am I anyways?”

A Beautiful Mess Chapter 5 - Teaser

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"So, fill me in. Should I just go ahead and leave this morning or am I okay to stay for another week? At least tell me if I was funny. Please, please don't tell me I cried. Shit. I cried, didn't I?" I sat down on the floor and hid my face in my knees and rocked from side to side. Fanfuckingtastic.

"Honestly, Bella. You were not that bad. Definitely entertaining... hysterical even. There were no tears, some serenading...maybe a few choice words for Edward. Oh, and you were on a boat."

"No," I declared emphatically as Angela simply nodded her head supportively.

"Yup, definitely on a boat, but it was fine after Edward took you home, really. By the time we're thirty, nobody will remember anything," she laughed as she passed a brown paper bag from the Forks Diner my way. The bottom was almost transparent from the grease. Bless her little heart.

We spent the next few minutes piecing together the events from last night and by the time I was finished with my food Angela had talked me off the ledge enough that I had decided it was safe to stay in town until I left for London in a week.

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 15 - Teaser

“Okay… anyways, let’s talk about Edward’s issues now,” said Jasper as he sat down on the couch beside Emmett and I grabbed a seat in my leather armchair, one of my more recent purchases in my attempt to decorate this place. “So… Bella huh?”

“That would be a no go actually,” I said casually as both guys looked at me with wide eyes, apparently just as shocked as I was at the most recent turn of events. “Yeah… apparently she’s interested in someone else and even though she liked me, she didn’t like me enough to want anything else. I’m over it.”

“Oh really?” questioned Emmett knowingly. “You’re over it… just like that? Didn’t you have a date with her last night?”


“When did this date end?”

I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly and mumbled out a quiet ‘this morning’ that was caught by both of them. “Listen, it’s not like it seems. Yeah… she’s good, but she wants someone else. What am I supposed to do… force her to like me?” I shook my head, trying to rid myself of the feeling I had of not being good enough for her that I had earlier in the morning when we agreed to remain friends. “It’s besides the point though cause I am going to meet Penny tomorrow.”

A Beautiful Mess Banner

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