Lack of Color Chapter 8 Teaser

“I have something planned for us today,” he stated as I watched him shove some food into his freezer without care.

“Is it another painting? Do you need me to get undressed?”

“As much as I might regret this, no…your clothes should stay on.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” I asked with a laugh as I watched Edward put away some bottles of paint and other supplies, before he came towards me, a grin covering his face.

“I know…I’ve been kicking myself for making this decision too.” Edward held up his hands and made the motion like he was weighing something before stating, “Nude Bella or Date with Bella”, over and over again. It appeared that ‘Date with Bella’ was the clear winner.

“So, we’re going on a date, huh?”

“That is the next logical step, right?” Edward asked, clearly unsure of himself. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what the next step in our switch from friendship to more should be either. I’d never gone from being a nude model to…whatever it was Edward and I were doing. However, I guess a date was as good of a start as anything.

“It’s perfect,” I replied with a soft kiss to his cheek as Edward grabbed my hand in his and then pulled me up from the couch.

“Good…now I hope those are comfortable shoes, cause we will be walking a bit.” I glanced down at my footwear and determined that I would be fine as Edward led us from his apartment and back down to his car. 

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