Dancing On My Own Chapter 16 Teaser

I'm trying my best not to be a slacker, I promise. So here's a teaser for the next chapter which will post on Friday, barring some sort of natural disaster.

Did Esme not realize how much she had just ruined things by being spiteful, and for what reason, I wasn’t sure. Garrett had left my mother and she was kicking me out. Esme had ruined two relationships and though she seemed genuinely upset about it, I didn’t care. Though I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, the stress of lying for and to, my mother, my body ached for the hurt that had been caused to Renee. “Do you know I have nowhere to live now? I don’t get enough hours here to afford an apartment in the city, let alone a cardboard box down by the Hudson.”

“You can move in with Edward,” Esme suggest easily as I roll my eyes and can’t help the snort that follows. What in the hell is she thinking?

“I’ve been dating him for a few weeks, Esme. That is not anywhere near long enough to even consider moving in with him. What would I say to him? ‘So Edward, your mom says I can move in with you, how about it?’ Uh... no.” I scoff and throw myself down into the chair across from her desk before I bury my face in my hands.

“I’ll call him and explain the situation, I’m sure he will have no problem giving you a place to stay, Bella.”

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Dancing On My Own Chapter 9 - Teaser

Alice and I are lying with our backs on her floor and our legs on her couch. It’s an odd position, but we are drying our toenails and trying to relax a bit. She is nervous about a date she has with Jasper tonight and I’m supposed to be meeting up with Edward at the Canal Room for drinks around eight before we go over to the Carnegie Gallery for Renee’s showing.

When I told my mother that Alice wasn’t going to be coming to her show, she looked practically depressed – like jumping from the roof and cursing about how sad her life is – kind of depressed. She tends to be a little over dramatic and she thinks of Alice like her second daughter. However, the mere mention of me bringing someone else completely perked her up. Renee then bombarded me with question after question until I relented and told her I had met a guy at a party recently, which was technically the truth, and she began to ease off, but was eager to meet him.

I, however, was not as excited for Edward to meet my mother. I may be a wee bit concerned she will attempt to hit on him or drug and take advantage of him. The second option is much more her style.

It had been five days since we had our pseudo coffee date; I still wasn’t sure it could be classified as a date, but I was trying to remain hopeful. During one of my shifts at the restaurant, he came in to visit and Esme, the meddling mother that she is, insisted I take my break and enjoy a cinnamon bun with Edward, which was a bit odd, though I enjoyed the fifteen minutes of attention from him. Of course, it didn’t help that Leah had been all over me about what was going on with Edward and I, which led Esme to question me, too. I may have admitted that I liked her son, and then backtracked to confirm I liked the straight one.

Dancing On My Own Chapter 3 Teaser

Since the good folks at fanfiction.net pulled Room 15, I'm on 'hold' with them until I can post again. Since you guys shouldn't be punished for fanfiction.net sucking huge donkey balls, I figured I could at least provide a teaser for Dancing On My Own. So here ya go:

The next morning finds me passed out, face down, on Alice's old couch with my clothes from the night before still on. Alice is cheerily dancing about to Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine, while trying to make a pot of coffee.

"Well, good morning princess. How are you feeling?" she asks, her smile wide as I groan and roll over, covering my eyes with my arm.

"I feel like shit," I grumble as I attempt to sit up and wonder just how much I drank last night. "Why am I so fucking hungover and you are as perky as tits on a Playboy Playmate?"

"Cause I drank this," Alice announces as she holds up her blender which, honest to go, looks like it is filled with green chunky puke. "It's an ancient Chinese herbal remedy that my mother swears by." I stand up, albeit a bit wobbly, and approach Alice tentatively. The closer I get, the worse the smell is."
"How did you choke that shit back?" I ask, covering my mouth and keeping my distance.

"It smells worse than it tastes."

"That's what she said," I remark as Alice rolls her eyes and then offers to pour me a glass of her toxic concoction. "Before I even consider swallowing down this bile, what's in it?"

"Raw egg, lemon juice, tomato juice, wheatgrass, orange juice, some Tabasco sauce, honey and a bunch of other things. You can barely taste anything... really." I pinch my nose and grab the drink, anxiety and pure alcohol coursing through my veins. Alice raises her eyes and looks at me encouragingly as I throw caution to the wind and down the drink in one go. "See, that wasn't so bad, right?"

Not a minute later, I'm rushing into Alice's bathroom and puking my guts out while staring at her knitted ballerina toilet paper cover, which was clearly a leftover from Nana Brandon. "You are the devil, Alice. You didn't drink that shit, did you?"

"Well, I sort of did," Alice replies as she stands against the door jamb for her bathroom and smiles at me with ease. "Then I puked it up. I think it cleared all the booze of out of my system."

Lack of Color Teaser - Chapter 26

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“Oh good, you’re finally awake,” I heard the soft voice of Edward’s mother state as I looked to the chair to my left and sure enough, there she sat with her husband Carlisle, a very handsome salt & pepper haired man, standing behind her.

I had met him on the very first night I met the entire family, but he hadn’t been very vocal, choosing to let his family drama go down without his input. He seemed nice enough in the few other occasions I had seen him. I nudged Edward with my elbow, but instead of moving, he just clung to me tighter and buried his face into the crook of my neck. It was almost like he was afraid to let me go, and believe me, the feeling was mutual. In fact, if his parents weren’t standing mere feet away, I’d probably try to go back to sleep.

“Um... Edward... your mother and father are here.” I said again as I nudged him once more and he finally seemed to stir. Unfortunately, he also proceeded to rub himself against my ass as his mother coughed loudly, trying to wake him further.

“Clearly, there’s a lot of things we need to discuss,” Esme said simply as Edward’s eyes shot open and he abruptly let go of me and I tumbled to the floor as he sat up quickly, clearly freaked out. I rubbed at my now sore elbow as Edward looked at me in shock.

Lack of Color Chapter 22 Teaser

Considering all the fuckery in my life these days, I'm shocked I will be able to post this week. Regardless, this chapter is going to the pre-readers today, so I thought you all deserved a nice teaser. Enjoy!

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah, just been a rough week and I’m not sleeping all that well,” he admitted. He sounded downright depressed, so I did the only thing I could think of. I just wanted to make him smile.

“Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight?”

“Bella, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

“Why not? You need to eat, right?”

“Of course I do,” he replied with a small laugh before he grew silent. “Listen, I’m sorta swamped here at work. Can I think about it?”

“Yeah… I guess so.” I was growing frustrated by his reluctance, but I was also trying to have patience. If I was being honest, I just wanted to go back to my life five years ago. I wanted everything back, like yesterday, so it was hard to take it when he pushed me off like that.

“Have you been keeping your phone off?” he questioned, his voice tight with anxiety.

“With the exception of this call and a few to Kate, yeah.”

“Good… keep it up. Apparently Peter has been calling my mom quiet often since he believes, and rightfully so, that Emmett got your stuff from the hotel. She promised not to give Peter any details on Emmett or I, but I have a feeling he’s going to get more devious soon.”

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Lack of Color Chapter 21 Teaser

I watched Bella intently as we ate in silence and I tried to weigh all my options regarding her previous question. At the heart of it, it was a simple choice: either I wanted to be with Bella again or I didn’t. I took a sip of my drink and looked at her from the corner of my eye, watching as she licked some peanut butter from her bottom lip.

She had been through a lot of shit in the past few years, but the crux of it all was that I couldn’t help but think that she was still the same girl I was madly in love with for a few short months. She seared herself into my heart on the very first day I met her, and if I am being honest with myself, I’ve never truly let go of her. I tried, oh how I had tried to move on, but I had never truly let myself be with anyone else again.

Bella was it for me, I knew that, but I also couldn’t help that niggling voice in the back of my head reminding me how completely she had broken me. Between the loss of our baby, her father and her appalling behavior with Peter, I wasn’t sure I could move past everything. I didn’t know how.
“Are you alright?” Bella asked, as she finished her toast and put her crumb-filled plate on the coffee table.

“You seem tense."

“Yeah... just thinking.”


“Everything really."
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Lack of Color Chapter 18 Teaser

I'd like to say I'm turning over a new leaf and really want to post teasers more often, either here or on the Fictionators, but I'm slack. Let's face it. I'll post when I remember, but I will try and keep the chapters coming as often as possible. Like this next one... it should post by Friday:

Regardless of the fallout currently happening with Edward and me, I would have kept him or her and raised them. I would have loved that child more than anything in the world. My hand wrapped around my stomach, as I was apt to do these days, and stared outside at the snow that was falling softly in the early night.

My mother was hovering close by in the kitchen, drinking a tea while talking to her husband about arrangements for Charlie’s funeral, which was going to be held in two days. The hospital had called her when I was unconscious because she was listed as my emergency contact, following my dad of course.

I hadn’t been pleased when I saw her walk into my hospital room two days after my father had passed. She barked out orders to the nurses and insisted on seeing my doctor immediately, before she even came close to me to offer any sort of consolation. In fact, she skipped completely over the fact that I had been pregnant and acted like I was just sick or depressed because of my father’s passing. Even as I glanced into the kitchen and saw her smiling as she spoke to Marcus, I loathed her for acting like coming to Forks was a pain in the ass for her and my pregnancy was a blemish to her perfect little life.

“Isabella, would you like any dinner?” Renee called out from the kitchen as I heard her going through the cupboards. “There’s not much here, but I could probably get together some soup, or we could call out to that little Chinese place in town you always liked.” Renee finished by coming into the room and stroking my hair softly, which caused me to cringe.

“They closed down China Star two months after you left Dad.”

“Oh… well that was a shame. I always enjoyed their food,” she said simply. “I can always run down to the grocery store I suppose. It’s still open this late, right?”

“I’m not hungry.”