Dancing On My Own Chapter 9 - Teaser

Alice and I are lying with our backs on her floor and our legs on her couch. It’s an odd position, but we are drying our toenails and trying to relax a bit. She is nervous about a date she has with Jasper tonight and I’m supposed to be meeting up with Edward at the Canal Room for drinks around eight before we go over to the Carnegie Gallery for Renee’s showing.

When I told my mother that Alice wasn’t going to be coming to her show, she looked practically depressed – like jumping from the roof and cursing about how sad her life is – kind of depressed. She tends to be a little over dramatic and she thinks of Alice like her second daughter. However, the mere mention of me bringing someone else completely perked her up. Renee then bombarded me with question after question until I relented and told her I had met a guy at a party recently, which was technically the truth, and she began to ease off, but was eager to meet him.

I, however, was not as excited for Edward to meet my mother. I may be a wee bit concerned she will attempt to hit on him or drug and take advantage of him. The second option is much more her style.

It had been five days since we had our pseudo coffee date; I still wasn’t sure it could be classified as a date, but I was trying to remain hopeful. During one of my shifts at the restaurant, he came in to visit and Esme, the meddling mother that she is, insisted I take my break and enjoy a cinnamon bun with Edward, which was a bit odd, though I enjoyed the fifteen minutes of attention from him. Of course, it didn’t help that Leah had been all over me about what was going on with Edward and I, which led Esme to question me, too. I may have admitted that I liked her son, and then backtracked to confirm I liked the straight one.


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