Dancing On My Own Chapter 16 Teaser

I'm trying my best not to be a slacker, I promise. So here's a teaser for the next chapter which will post on Friday, barring some sort of natural disaster.

Did Esme not realize how much she had just ruined things by being spiteful, and for what reason, I wasn’t sure. Garrett had left my mother and she was kicking me out. Esme had ruined two relationships and though she seemed genuinely upset about it, I didn’t care. Though I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, the stress of lying for and to, my mother, my body ached for the hurt that had been caused to Renee. “Do you know I have nowhere to live now? I don’t get enough hours here to afford an apartment in the city, let alone a cardboard box down by the Hudson.”

“You can move in with Edward,” Esme suggest easily as I roll my eyes and can’t help the snort that follows. What in the hell is she thinking?

“I’ve been dating him for a few weeks, Esme. That is not anywhere near long enough to even consider moving in with him. What would I say to him? ‘So Edward, your mom says I can move in with you, how about it?’ Uh... no.” I scoff and throw myself down into the chair across from her desk before I bury my face in my hands.

“I’ll call him and explain the situation, I’m sure he will have no problem giving you a place to stay, Bella.”

And here's a pretty picture of Rob from the Cosmopolis premiere last night.


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