Lack of Color Chapter 15 Teaser

I know, I've been slack at updating, but RL is busy, so sue me :) Enjoy the teaser instead. The next two chapters are with the beta and I'm working on 17 as we speak.

“What in the fuck has he done to you?” I shouted, as my blood pressure rose and I was practically shaking with fury. I wanted to hunt my cousin down and beat the shit out of him, but I had something more important to deal with. I bent down, crouching close to Bella’s side and tried to console her as best as I could, but she was crying uncontrollably.

“It’s… there’s…” she mumbled incoherently as the elevator reached the top level and I hoisted her up into my arms, bracing her tightly to me, as we stepped off into the loft.

Not a lot had changed since the last time I had been there. The same furniture remained, but Emmett had covered everything with drop cloths. All of my art supplies, easels and canvases had either been ruined or put away, so the place looked pathetic; desolate and empty. It was hard to recall the life and love that had encompassed the apartment a few years earlier, but it was like a distant ghost in the room. Each corner held a memory of our time together.

“I’m going to put you down for a second. I need to strip the dust covers off the furniture,” I explained as I set Bella down and like I expected, she crumbled beneath her weight. I still had my arm under her, so she didn’t fall down too hard against the floor.

Once Bella was somewhat settled on the floor, her sobs subsided slightly, I quickly made my way around the room and stripped the covers off the furniture. They looked in decent shape, time clearly hadn’t affected them at all, but it was almost too much for me to deal with. It had been so long since I had been in the loft and around my former home that I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle it all.

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 I have my entry ready to go, the first chapter of a new story that I plan to start posting in the new year. It made my beta excited, so I hope you like it too. Here's a little teaser for you:
“Mind if I join you?” he asked, his English accent clear as day, as my heart skipped a beat. “

Sure, I guess,” I replied like the fool I felt I was. I literally held my breath as he sat down beside me and I only exhaled when I saw him. He was so very handsome, it almost took my breath away. With his dark green eyes, unruly hair and defined features, I daresay he is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. 

“I’m Bella.” 

“I know,” he replied cryptically. “We have Global Communications together.” I’m taken aback at how I could have missed him in a class with me but then I remembered how the class has over 100 students and is held in a huge lecture hall. It’s easy to understand how we could have missed each other. Except he didn’t miss me, did he? 

“Are you a third year too?” 

“No, but when I transferred I needed a few extra courses to be able to graduate in the spring. I’m technically in my fourth year.” 


“I’m Edward Masen,” he declared firmly and I smile as his accent rolls the ‘r’ in his name, which caused him to blush. He’s adorable, even though he’s a little stiff, but he’s British, so I wouldn’t hold that against him. 

“So Edward Masen, why are you sitting out here on the porch with me while there is a wild party going on inside?” I asked, curious as to why I have a visitor all of a sudden. Not that I was complaining. He was definitely better than Alice gushing over the new guy or Emmett pressuring me to enjoy myself. 

“College parties aren’t really my scene, I suppose.” 

“You’re a boy of college age, who attends the UDub, but parties aren’t your scene? Are you feeling aright?” 

“Never better."

Lack of Color Chapter 8 Teaser

“I have something planned for us today,” he stated as I watched him shove some food into his freezer without care.

“Is it another painting? Do you need me to get undressed?”

“As much as I might regret this, no…your clothes should stay on.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” I asked with a laugh as I watched Edward put away some bottles of paint and other supplies, before he came towards me, a grin covering his face.

“I know…I’ve been kicking myself for making this decision too.” Edward held up his hands and made the motion like he was weighing something before stating, “Nude Bella or Date with Bella”, over and over again. It appeared that ‘Date with Bella’ was the clear winner.

“So, we’re going on a date, huh?”

“That is the next logical step, right?” Edward asked, clearly unsure of himself. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what the next step in our switch from friendship to more should be either. I’d never gone from being a nude model to…whatever it was Edward and I were doing. However, I guess a date was as good of a start as anything.

“It’s perfect,” I replied with a soft kiss to his cheek as Edward grabbed my hand in his and then pulled me up from the couch.

“Good…now I hope those are comfortable shoes, cause we will be walking a bit.” I glanced down at my footwear and determined that I would be fine as Edward led us from his apartment and back down to his car. 

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Lack of Color Chapter 4 Teaser

A little BPOV from the past shall we:

With my bag over my shoulder and an unsettled stomach, I pressed the button for
his loft and waited anxiously. Within seconds the thick steel door flew open and
there stood Edward, paint splattered and completely adorable.

“You are on time,” he breathed out slowly, clearly trying to catch his breath.

“I always like to be prompt,” I replied, my stomach tumbling again as I followed him
through the door and we took the service elevator up to his space. He leaned against
the steel grate surrounding us and I couldn’t help but notice his eyes surveying me. I
felt uncomfortable. “Is everything alright?”

“Just fine,” Edward said as he roughly pushed the old elevator door open and then
we stepped into his loft. “I hope I didn’t make you feel odd. I was just trying to
decide how best to pose you for today’s session and was trying to survey you.”

“So, we are jumping right into it, huh?”

“Well...yeah. Is that okay?”

“Of course. That’s why I’m here, after all.”

I set my bag down on the couch and then I tensed. What the hell was I supposed
to do next? I didn’t want to stop and strip right where I stood because that hadn’t
exactly gone over well the last time I was here, but when I looked at Edward, he was
just leaning against his kitchen island with a grin on his face.

“I’ve set up a changing area behind the screen over there for you,” he explained as he
pointed to a lovely Japanese style tri-fold screen on the far side of the room. “There’s
also a robe for you. Get undressed and put on the robe, then come back to me. I’m

going to get everything ready to go.”

I nodded slowly and followed his instructions to the tee. I needed the money and
this would probably be the easiest money I would earn in a very long time. After all,
it’s not like it took a great deal of effort to sit still, right?

As I started to undress, I noticed a small chair with a silken robe sitting on top of
it. Edward had done his work to try and make me feel comfortable, but once I was
nude and reached for the robe, I noticed it was indecently short. I mean, one bend at
the waist and he would see everything.

Oh, for Christ’s sake Bella, he’s painting you in the nude. He’s gonna see everything

Lack of Color Chapter 3 - Teaser

As children, Peter was literally the bane of my existence. Thankfully, we didn’t spend too much time together but when we did I was always eager to get it over with as soon as possible, and Emmett agreed with me.

For as long as I could remember, Peter was always the most competitive and conceited
person I had ever met. If we were playing a board game, he would always make up rules so that he would win or if we were watching TV, we would always have to watch what he wanted to watch. My mother was always telling us to behave because he was usually our guest and we had to bend to Peter’s way. It sucked, because Peter was always smug as fuck whenever Emmett and I had to give up whatever it was that we wanted. Even now, Peter looked over confident and I wanted to punch him, though I had never thrown a punch in my life.

“Why don’t you give me your details and I can email you our information and what we are looking for, our price range etc… and we can go from there?”

“Wonderful idea, Peter,” my mother gushed, as our appetizers and salads were served and I noticed Bella take a long sip from her wine. Her silence was seriously disconcerting to me. “So, Bella… what is it that you do?”

“Bella used to be a legal assistant at my firm,” Peter chimed in as my mother’s eyes flitted between Bella and Peter, her concern mirroring my own. A legal assistant? What the fuck happened to her poetry?

* There ya go, a little teaser from the next chapter I hope to post this weekend. For those wondering, Sea Change, a story I had teased earlier on the blog, is in fact this story with a new name. I was undecided. The banner was made by the lovely & talented Heather Dawn. She rocks!*

Finding Bree Tanner Chapter 27 Teaser

Only 2 chapters left after this one. Enjoy the teaser.

It was overwhelming how quickly the next few weeks passed by. I worked in the morning at my father’s firm, getting together documents and client information for the sale. In the afternoon’s, I hightailed it to Port Angeles to help the girls work on the store that we had officially leased. I would keep track of all of the receipts for everything that Rosalie or Bella had bought, and we even had a small desk and laptop set up in the back to do our accounting on. The girls were remarkably organized and Rosalie’s attitude only came out once in a while if there was something that was running late or someone was giving her the run around. It was great to see how fast things were coming together. The girls were confident that we could manage an October opening date and I was beginning to see the light; things would be alright.

Once we would finish in the store for the day, Bella and I would climb the stairs to the apartment and we would work on painting the apartment and getting it all ready to move in. We had negotiated a deal with the owner to get two months free if we painted the space and did small renovations ourselves. On the weekends, we slowly began to move our things in and sure enough, it was beginning to look like a real home.

The only downfall was that our bed was in Forks and when we finally got home each night, it was usually to find Rose and Emmett doing something extremely nasty somewhere in the house, like the laundry room or kitchen counter. I won’t even mention what we found a week earlier under the dining room table.

Pic Tease for Chapter 7 of Coming On Easy

New Story Teaser

Yes, there's a new story coming, which is tentatively titled Sea Change. In fact, there's two. I'm that insane. Enjoy!

“The guys always left big tips, with their phone numbers of course, but I never did anything with any of them. If it wasn’t for those tips I would have been homeless weeks ago.”

“Oh Bella, how bad is it this time?” Kate knew my history better than anyone. We were sort of kindred spirits. Her parents had divorced when she was younger and her dad was now on his fourth wife, while her mother was barely managing through life. It was just a reversal of roles and it had happened more recently for me. Sure, divorce was a lot more commonplace these days, but it didn’t make it any better. “Call your mom, you know she will send you some money.”

“I just don’t want to deal with her. I can’t listen to her berate me for losing my job and then begin insisting I move to Chicago with her. Do you know how hard it is to listen to her be all excited and shit about her life, when she threw away the life she had with my dad. It was like they were never happy, and just tolerated each other until I moved out, ya know?”

“I get it, hon,” Kate said supportively as we both reached in the tub for some ice cream and it grew silent between us. Suddenly, Kate grabbed the campus newspaper off the table and tossed it at me. “There’s always the job listings in there.”

“No one needs tutoring in poetry, Kate,” I replied as I pushed the paper away and she proceeded to grab at it again and flip to the classifieds.

“Okay, well you can’t be a tutor and I know you don’t want to work in the cafeteria
so your options are limited,” Kate said before she took another spoonful of ice cream and then began flailing about, pointing at the paper. “Here’s a good one. ‘Art Student requires nude model for up to five weeks for class assignment. $25 an hour, paid weekly. Contact E Cullen at 206-789-2354.’ Bella, you should totally call this guy.”

Finding Bree Tanner Chapter 24 Teaser

I know, I've been slack on posting teasers, but hopefully that will change now :) Enjoy! This should update next week.

What in the hell was Bella thinking just blurting our news out like that? What happened to us facing one issue at a time? I thought we were going to be here doing our little intervention for Charlie, but now I was really concerned about whether or not we would be able to have kids since the Chief looked like he was ready to yank my junk from me and shove it down my throat.

I looked at Bella in confusion as Charlie suddenly began to stand and Renee gripped his shoulder, trying to make him sit down. Okay, I was definitely worried for my well being now. I had seen all those bad movies where the guy was chased by the threatening father and you couldn’t get any more scary that the Chief. He had a gun and he was clearly unstable. As far as I was concerned, my chances at living were about 50/50 at that point.

“Don’t make even more of a scene, Charlie,” she urged.

“What in the fuck are you doing with your life, Bella?” Charlie shouted at her as I noticed a manager and our waitress whispering in the back. Shit, we were causing a huge scene and this was not going to go well. I wondered if I could get some mozzarella sticks to go? They were always really good here at the Lodge.

Coming On Easy Chapter 5 Teaser

"Okay, so are we all ready to go?" Charlotte called out from the living room on Saturday night as I finished pulling on my sneakers and then headed downstairs. Bella was about to do the same, so we both looked around and took a moment to lock lips before we started the night which we were sure would be torture.

After all, spending all night together outside in the dark and being unable to touch was torture to me and with the recent increase in activity, and sexual frustration, between Bella and I, I knew she would feel the same way.

When we pulled apart, I let Bella go first and I took a nice long look at her ass in her capri's and couldn't help but notice just the outline of her thong beneath it. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to go rub one out, so I was stuck. At least I was until Kate appeared at the bottom of the stairs and suddenly I wasn't so hard anymore.

"Will you two hurry it up? I want to get this evening over as quickly as possible." Kate stormed away and Bella looked over her shoulder and gave me a sympathetic look.

"A few hours and we will be back here and alone," I whispered to her as she nodded her head and we made our way into the living room where Charlotte was standing in a pair of jeans and a tight fitting t-shirt with a picture of Slimer from Ghost Busters on it. I looked at Bella and gave her a 'What the fuck?' kind of glare, but she just smiled sweetly at me.

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Coming On Easy Chapter 4 Teaser

Just so you know, this chapter will post on Saturday, with a short outtake on Sunday morning. Enjoy!

My room was dark because I kept the curtains drawn and it was freezing cold just the way I liked it because of the overhead fans. It felt incredible on my sun-kissed skin and I couldn't wait to get under my sheets and take a quick nap. Between the sun and the constant running around we had been doing, I was really looking forward to a nice quiet late afternoon of nothingness.

I had started to think about my art a little bit, wanting to take a little break after having such a rough semester that was filled with dozens of assignments and challenging exhibits. I really I wanted some time to jot some ideas and images down in my notebook to explore later, but Kate had insisted on a united front and, while I was hardly stressed, my time was scarce.

Even the few minutes I had scored alone with Edward the other night had come at a price. A soaking wet, ice-filled, kiss blocking price. I put my hands up to my lips as if I was trying to guess what Edward's lips felt like, what they tasted like.

I wanted to nibble on them.

Hell, I wanted to nibble on him.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it. Frequently. I had this whole summer to do whatever I wanted…and that whatever was him.

He smelled like sunscreen and sweat and, even all these hours later, I could still remember it. If he smelled that good, I was positive his lips tasted even better. And we were so close, until the dousing, after which we both jumped up and Edward started tearing up the stairs after Garrett like his ass was on fire.

Finding Bree Tanner Chapter 20 Teaser

“Your marriage isn’t legal until you sleep with her. Let me rephrase that so you can understand it better, dill hole. Your marriage is not legal until you shove your dick inside her.” Alice looked ferocious and a bit determined which surprised me.

Yeah, I knew our marriage wasn’t technically consummated, but in the back of my mind I sort of figured Bella would want to do this again, with our family & friends, if we decided to be together. I was never expecting her to choose yesterday as our anniversary and keep it forever. I assumed that if we were going to stick in this for the long haul, we might as well do it right, right?

“I get that, Alice.”

“Then why aren’t you doing something about it? You are taking the chance of losing her, I hope you get that.”

**This will post tomorrow. Bear in mind I am very busy with Fandom For Sexual Assault Awareness and getting out the compilation by the end of June, but I am trying to work on new chapters as well. I also have a new story posting with Risbee on our joint account RisbeenColdplaywhore so alert us. That starts posting June 28th :)**

Finding Bree Tanner Chapter 17 Teaser

“I already checked, the marriage bureau is open till midnight so we have time to get you guys down there to get the license,” Rosalie added happily. She looked just as thrilled as Emmett did, but neither Bella or I was as excited as them. “I have a white dress Bella can borrow, surely you have a tie somewhere in that luggage you brought, right?”

“Oh, it could be blue,” Emmett chimed in enthusiastically as Rosalie joined in his excitement and we looked at both of them like they had horns growing out of their heads. “You know, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”

“Hand over your man card, Em.”

“Fuck you, Edward. I was trying to be helpful.”

“How is this helpful? You are basically telling me the only way out of this shitty situation is to get married, and to make matters worse you are trying to get us to be traditional about this?”

**I'm hoping to post Thursday or Friday**

Finding Bree Tanner Chapter 13 Teaser

I know, I have been slack lately. Between RL shit and working on Fandom For Sexual Assault Awareness, I have no idea when I write. That being said, I've been working on the next chapter of FBT, so I figured I should share a snippit.

“So, what’s the word, Big Bird?” Emmett questioned as Bella paused and looked at me curiously.

“I’m not responsible for him, I swear.”

“He just doesn’t seem like your usual friend type.”

“I’m right here, ya know?” Emmett added with a groan. “And anyways, what’s his usual friend type? Cause I’ll be honest, you’re not really the type of woman he usually goes for either. He tends to stick to gals that have a little more going on upstairs, if you know what I mean.”

“If you are calling me stupid, so help you god, Emmett,” Bella shouted as she went to reach across the table and grab him by his shirt. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her away, shocked that she was now flailing her arms and legs. Bella really did know how to make a scene. “I just want one good shot at him, please?”

“Maybe when we’re not in the middle of a restaurant,” I replied as I helped her into her seat and looked up at the host, who looked about ready to kick us out. “How about we just finish our meal and we can go back to our hotel maybe and talk some of this out.”

“What is there is talk out? I thought Bree was in full effect and Bella was AWOL?” Emmett asked as Rosalie nodded her head slowly. “I just think it would be nice to know where we stand and if I need to change our tickets back home.”

Room 15 Epilogue Teaser

Okay, so this is in the final beta stages and will probably be up later this week, but I had to share a snippit.

"You know what's weird?" I asked as we paced anxiously inside the bridal room at Forks First Lutheran Church. "Why do they call this place the First Lutheran Church when it's the only one in Forks? Shouldn't they just call it Forks Lutheran Church or The Only Lutheran Church in Forks?" The taffeta of my dress crinkled loudly in the quiet room as I moved around. I was anxious, but that was to be expected, right?

This day was a long time coming and in the year since Edward had left the University of Washington to pursue his music career, we both had come a long way in finding a perfect balance in our lives. His music was thriving and he had finally finished the piece that had haunted him for months, which he called Bella's Lullaby. It was a beautiful piece that made my body almost sing for him each time I heard it.

I was flattered that he had named the song after me, but when he told me that he had started composing it after we first had sex in the library, I had to blush. Then I had to fuck him on our dining room table; it was only fitting. Plus, he told me late at night and we didn't exactly have time to get back to the scene of the crime to relive it all over again.

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Room 15 Chapter 27 Teaser

Another quick update... potential to post this weekend! Enjoy!

“Bella, why aren’t you here with us?” he asked, slurring his words somewhat. Gavin had been a superb supervisor, even better than I could have imagined, but he never could hold his alcohol. We had spent a few nights after major projects at bars in the city to unwind along with the rest of the crew, but Gavin was always drunk after two mojitos and his partner, Alec, would inevitably have to come and pick him up. Once, Gavin answered my phone when Edward had called, and it had taken a few hours and some phone sex for me to convince Edward that Gavin was gay and much more interested in him than he was me. “Randall just told me you won’t be coming to our last hurrah and I am sooo disappointed.”

“Gavin, my flight back to Seattle leaves in a few hours. I changed it to the red-eye and I’m a little excited to get back.” I paced the small apartment, checking to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind before I threw myself down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I couldn’t believe the summer was already over.

“Oh have to get back to the delicious, Edward.”

“You do realize you never sound gay unless you are drunk, right?”

“Shut it.”

“Is Alec on his way to come pick you up? Even if I did make an appearance, your lightweight ass would probably be on the way home with him.”

“Bella, I always enjoyed your blunt attitude, you know that. Don’t tell anyone, but you were my favorite intern.” I couldn’t help the blush that creeped over my cheeks as Gavin admitted that to me. “If I was straight or if you had a penis, we could have made quite the couple.”

Room 15 Chapter 26 Teaser

I will probably be posting this update tonight **fingers crossed** but I wanted to give you all a little teaser to tide you over until then. Enjoy!

“Uh…wh…what was that?” she asked with wide eyes as I grasped her hands in mine tightly, trying to reassure her with my touch. Did I think we were ready for this big of a step? Probably not, but I wanted things to progress between us and short of me proposing to her, this was our next big step. “Did you just…no…you didn’t, right?”

“I want you to move in with me when you get back from the internship. Or I guess I want us to move in together, since I need to find a new place anyways. There’s no way we can afford the place Jasper and I live in, and I’m sure there are cheaper places near campus anyways. We already spend all our free time together, it just seems like the right thing to do.”

“Whoa…wait a second,” she replied as she sat up a bit, clutching at her robe to keep it closed, and stared down at me. I was trying to open myself up to her and admit my faults, but I also wanted her to know I wasn’t giving up without a fight. I was in this…us…with everything I had. If we were a poker game, I was all in. “We haven’t even gotten over our first fight and you want to move in together?”

“We’re not over it?” I asked in surprise as she shook her head. “I thought that you understood everything… I mean, we just talked about it and you got why I didn’t tell you about Carlisle. What am I missing?”

Room 15 Chapter 24 Teaser

“Edward, I’d say you are looking well, but you look rather tired,” exclaimed my father as he sat down in my favorite booth and motioned to the waiter to come over. I was already nursing a drink, anxiously awaiting his arrival. His demeanor was clearly not casual, so I immediately got my back up in defense.

“I’d thank you, but there’s no reason,” I replied snidely, knowing full well just how much it would aggravate my father. “So... what brings you by? I can tell by the look of disgust on your face it wasn’t to listen to me play.”

“Don’t get mad at me. Is playing in a dive bar not living up to your expectations? You know, I was never a fan of jazz myself, I always preferred classical.”

“And that matters now because?”

“It just disappoints me that this is the direction you have chosen to take your life in, Edward. You were always much more like your mother than you were me, though I tried to dissuade that as often as I could.”

“Perhaps if you were around more often growing up, I would have been more like you,” I stated firmly, forcing back the shudder of revolt that coursed through me at that thought.

Finding Bree Tanner Chapter 10

I'm supposed to be a work related webinar. I'm clearly slacking. Enjoy the teaser!

“Cut,” shouted the director who looked at Bella with more than a hint of frustration. Clearly he wasn’t pleased with her little outburst. “Bree, stay on script,” he urged as she sat up in bed, not particularly caring that she was nude with the exception of panties around her ankles as she glared at me angrily.

“Garrett, we need to break for a second,” Bella urged as everyone on the set looked at her with concern. She waved them off quickly and I heard rumblings from the others around us wondering what her issue was. “I umm… I need to have a quick word with my…with my co-star here. Is that alright?”

“Is something wrong, Bree?”

“No, nothing is wrong. Just… can we have a moment to talk?” Bella looked at me and tried to clear the stunned look off of her face so that she didn’t give herself away. “I think we just need to have a quick conversation to help me get into character.”

“Oh my god, these bitches and their egos. This is porn, not The Kings Speech, Bree. Now, spread your legs and give it up to your vampire stalker. I have better things to do with my time than listen to you bitch about the changes to the scene again.”

Fandom For Sexual Assault Awareness

So, I'm glutton for punishment. One story is about to end, so I decided to keep busy by running a charity event with my fandom friend aylah50. Sexual Assault Awareness is something very important to both of us and since April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the U.S., we decided it was timely as well.

If you are an author and wish to contribute a one-shot, outtake or original story between 2,000 and 10,000 words then head on over to our site to sign up under the page 'Contributing Authors'.

If you are a dedicated reader and want in on the compilation of stories we are doing, we are encouraging you to donate to a sexual assault charity in your own country. For as little as $5, you can get access to the stories by some truly wonderful and giving authors. Once you have made a donation, forward us your donation slip or email confirmation via email to and you are all set!

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Room 15 Chapter 22 Teaser

I'm trying not to be slack about updating the blog. I used to be really good, then real life came in and ruined it. Here's the teaser:

Ever since Esme had gone out and purchased a laptop with the assistance of Bella, I had been cursing myself for even mentioning it. Each day, several times a day, I would get phone calls from my mother wanting help with something computer related. If it wasn’t how to get onto her email it was something about how to use her web cam or how to find people on Facebook. It was bloody ridiculous.

“I’m trying to do this on my own. I want to surprise him.”

“I don’t even want to know what you have planned, but if you keep this shit up I’ll be late for work.”

“Oh, whatever. Ralph loves me. Just tell him it was my fault.”

“Oh believe me, I will. Now will you stop playing around on Skype please. You have Charlie’s number, call him and get his help.”

“He’s working the afternoon shift, so he won’t be around until after dinner. Please Edward?” I let out a huge, overdramatic sigh, and at that moment Bella walked into my bedroom with her book bag slung over her shoulder. She was finishing her exams today and looked absolutely beat.

In the past few days, she had been staying over so that we could manage a little time together. When I was at work, she studied and when she was at school, I caught up on my sleep or worked some more. It was hard, but rewarding. I had my girlfriend, a great job, I was playing music and loving it. However, at this exact moment, I really had to go. “What if I got Bella to help you?”

Bella began flailing her arms wildly, motioning that she didn’t want to do it and I felt a pang of remorse for suggesting it in the first place. “Hold on, mom.” I covered my hand over the receiver and looking at Bella with my best puppy dog eyes. “Can you please help her with this one little thing for the computer? Ralph begged me to come in early today and I’m already running late. I promise a back rub or something when I get home tonight.”

“Or something is right,” she said with a scowl as I stood from the bed and kissed her lightly on her lips. I tasted Jack Daniels.

“Celebrate after the exam?”

“I may have gone out with a few people from class. Now, give me the damn phone and go get your fine ass to work.” I kissed Bella again, this time with a little more energy and we both began giggling when we heard my mother yelling on the phone at us. Apparently, I may have groaned just a little too loudly when Bella’s liquor laced tongue slipped between my lips. Bella stepped back and grabbed the phone as she rolled her eyes. “Good afternoon, Esme. What disaster have we encountered today with the laptop?”

Room 15 Chapter 21 Teaser

I know, I've been slack on the blog lately, but don't hold it against me. RL sucks huge. Anyways, I'm hoping to post the latest chapter of Room 15 either tomorrow or Saturday, but enjoy a teaser until then.
“Well...where do I start?” Esme asked casually, no doubt pleased with the way the entire scene had gone down. She had confided in me during the last week or two that she and Carlisle had been having troubles for years in their marriage, some of which were allayed when she was battling cancer, but things seemed to have gone back to normal now that she was in the clear.

Esme had suspected for years that Carlisle had been cheating on her, though she had no solid proof, but I found it completely baffling that Carlisle would accuse her of cheating...with my father no less. He was clearly grasping at straws, knowing full well that it was him who was in the wrong. In what I had seen of Carlisle in the past few weeks, I wouldn’t put it past him to be cheating on his wife. Nothing that man did shocked me anymore.

“How about you start at the beginning?”

“Well, I was born on a warm summer morning back in 1963,” Esme began to say with a giggle as I snorted in my seat beside Edward and he narrowed his eyes at me briefly.

“Oh come on, that was funny.”

“You said to start at the beginning, Edward.”

“How much did she have to drink?” he asked under his breath as I laughed again at his concern. He was being beyond cute in dealing with this whole thing. I could tell he was so worried about what was going on with his mother, but I think drinking was really the least of his concerns.

“I don’t know, Edward. We weren’t there long enough for me to compile a log of your mother’s liquor intake,” I replied snidely as we stopped at a red light and he gave me a brief look of sadness. I felt bad for him, being kept in the dark about...well...everything, like he had, but it hadn’t been my place to say anything in the first place. Esme confided in me as a friend, and I wasn’t about to do anything to jeopardize that. From the first moment I met her I knew she needed someone, anyone, to talk to. If nothing else, I could be that ear that listened to her and the shoulder she cried on.

“Oh Edward, don’t be such a stick in the mud,” Esme added from the back as her hand reached forward and patted Edward haphazardly about his face. Okay, so maybe she had a little more to drink than I thought she had. “Be less like your father. Enjoy life. Don’t be a fuddy duddy.”

Finding Bree Tanner Teaser - Chapter 4

I know it's been a while since I posted a teaser, so how about one from my newest story? Here ya Go! Enjoy!

“Afternoon boys,” she said sweetly as she welcomed us on the driveway of the house. “Don’t you two make an adorable couple? The butch and the femme, so cute.” Emmett snorted beside me, finding her incorrect assumption funny as hell, but I wasn’t laughing. Was there something about Emmett and that was giving off the gay vibe?

“Excuse me?” I questioned sternly as Emmett grabbed my arm and stopped me in my tracks.

“Oh come on honey, clearly darling Claire here thinks I’m the femme,” Emmett commented before he leaned in and whispered to me. “Pretend for a little bit, that way we can get information out of her.”

“Fuck… fine,” I stammered as I sucked in a deep breath and turned back towards a confused Claire. “So… the house? What can you tell us about it?”

Claire led us into the two thousand square foot home and we walked around slowly, with her showing us all the features and amenities. The house was fully furnished and was really stylish, probably something that appealed to Bella in keeping up her ruse for her parents. Clearly this house said that she was doing well in life, and probably reassured Charlie and Renee, so they didn’t have to worry about her. “So, what do you boys think about it?

“I think it’s beautiful,” Emmett gushed overdramatically. “The colors really pop and I love these window treatments. I think I saw something like this on a recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Is this toile?”


Hi All!

I know, I've been AWOL from my blog for a bit, but I am trying to juggle too many balls at once it seems. That can kinda sound dirty. Here's a little FYI about what is going down these days in the life of CPW:

1. A Beautiful Mess is in the process of winding down. There will be a teaser tomorrow over on the Fictionators blog. There are 2 chapters and an epilogue left. I'm all sorts of sad.

2. Room 15 is still a work in progress and I just sent the latest chapter to my beta tonight. Hoping to update by the weekend.

3. I stupidly started a new fic, Finding Bree Tanner, which is about Edward and Emmett on a trip in Southern California, looking for Edward's ex girlfriend, who now goes by the name Bree Tanner... and is a porn star. It's all comedy, I swear.

4. Also I'm nominated over on the Twinklings Blog for an author award, Maestro I think, for best use of music in fic. Feel free to vote for me or anyone else you love. There's like hundreds of nominees :)

5. Thanks to everyone for their sweet words and condolences. As some of you know, my mother unexpectedly passed away on December 16th, and that was why I had to take a break. Real life is still not normal, nor will it ever be again, but I thank you for your patience and friendship.

Okay, that's it for tonight. I promise a Room 15 teaser in a few days! :)