American Boy Chapter 33 -Teaser

“Hey, you look familiar,” said Bella groggily as I grabbed the small chair situated beside her and sat down, as instructed by Tracy. I took her cool hand in mine and began tracing small circles on the back of her hand, trying to soothe her. “Where were you?”

“I was drinking,” I admitted, my voice full of remorse. “I’m sorry I left. I shouldn’t have stepped away from your side all night,” I said as I bent my head forward, trying to hide the tears from her. The moment I saw her lying helpless on the bed, all the sheets and doctors around her, I knew I wouldn’t be able to reign in my emotions. I was a complete idiot for leaving her at the reception, but I was even stupider for accusing her of not trusting me. She had seen the photo and it was more than incriminating. However, I couldn’t sit here and stew about how stupid my brother had been. I needed to be there for her.

“I’m not upset with you anymore Edward,” said Bella as her eyes fluttered closed and I looked to Tracy, who assured me that things were alright. It was clear that she could see the panic written all over my face. Tracy then began to explain to us what was about to happen and I tried not to watch what was happening a few feet from me, but could hear the doctors talking amongst themselves, every word going over my head.

“I love you,” I said as I leaned forward and kissed her temple softly, her perfect Bella smell assaulting my senses. “Can you believe we’re going to have a Christmas Day baby?”
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Fandom Gives Back Author Auction

So I'm apparently glutton for punishment because I signed myself up the Fandom Gives Back Author Auction. My Partner in Smut, flightlessbird11, has also volunteered her banner making services in the auction, so if you are interested in either of us, don't forget to check it out the week of November 15th-20th.

I'm offering up 3 one-shots, either outtakes from any of my stories, or a brand spanking new one of your own imagination. Are you upset Edward & Bella never made it to the Love Parade in Berlin or hoped that there was more info on their wedding in Love Will Come Through... bring it on. I'm open to almost anything, although I do get easily squicked out by E & Jazz or E & Em. Can't bring myself to write the male on male buttsecks. Sorry Ladies! The one-shots have to be between 2,500-7,500 words, but I may make an exception based on the request.

Any questions? Visit for more information!

American Boy Chapter 32 - Visual Teaser

Okay, so here's hoping you went on over to the Fictionators site for Teaser Monday whch had a teaser for the upcoming chapter of AB. (There was also a quick MIFFY Teaser as well). If you haven't visited, there is a link on the right side of the blogs I follow, so go check it out.

This however is a different teaser. It's what inspired me to write Chapter 32 and shows a little bit of the angst & heartbreak Edward will be going through in the next chapter: Kate Bush - This Woman's Work

Go check it out and try not to hate me!

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 9- Teaser

PennyLane84: Well, well lookie who’s here. How was the business trip PBW?

Paperback_Writer: Hey Penny. Business was… well, you can imagine. I thought of you a lot, though.

I stared at the screen for a minute. Why had he been thinking about me during a business trip? I didn’t know if I liked that fact or not. I mean, I had thought about him a lot while he was gone, but I had also spent a lot of time thinking about Edward. I was so screwed.

PennyLane84: Oh yeah? I thought a lot about you, too. It was a couple hellish weeks around here.

Paperback_Writer: I know what you mean – I felt like I was gonna go berserk. What’s got your panties in a knot?

I giggled at his comment, nearly showering my white laptop with my drink.

PennyLane84: What makes you so sure that something is affecting my panties?

*Just as an FYI, we may post the chapter as early as Friday Night.*

The Twilight Fandom Gives Back

Did you know that every year over 200,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer? We cannot ignore this shocking statistic impacting the youth of the world, and we certainly hope that you won’t either. We need your help.

Starting Nov. 15th, through Nov. 20th, you will have the opportunity to help in the fight against childhood cancer. We haven't set a monetary goal because we're firm in the belief that no matter what we set, you will surpass it.

Please check out this blog for more information: or go to to donate.

And a very special thanks to lolashoes, ninapolitan and tby789 for putting this together.

American Boy Chapter 31 - Teaser

I was about to comment about how Edward hadn’t told me their plans, when there was a loud knock on the door. “Open up. It’s the police.” Rosalie’s eyes bugged out and Alice whipped open the door to show a plain looking man who looked like he should be in a Proactiv commercial, in a cop uniform and I immediately thought they sent the wrong guy. “Which one of you is Rosalie Hale?”

Rosalie tentatively raised her hand as he put his old school looking CD player on the center table and everyone looked around anxiously. God, I hoped we were being punked!

I watched as Alice went over to whisper something to the gangly looking guy, who should probably be part of the Nerd Herd from Chuck and not working as a stripper in Boston. He started to look a little sad when Alice finally relented and he turned on the music, ‘Hey Big Spender’ coming out of the speakers and we all cringed a little bit.

“Who wants to see the long arm of the law?” the stripper asked as he stroked his nightstick and then grabbed his crotch.

The Resolution Chapter 17 - Teaser

“What are you doing?” I whispered into his ear as his hand moved up further to cup my crotch.

“This movie is boring, so I thought I would do something to entertain myself,” he said breathily as I then felt his fingers stroking me up and down against the seam of my jeans. They were pressing fairly hard and I was getting wetter with each pass of his fingers. “You don’t mind do you?”

“N-n-nooo, “ I stuttered out as Edward then put his lips against my neck as his fingers began moving in a circular motion against me. I felt a little tentative about doing this, but we were in a dark theatre and there was no one in the back row with us, so I figured I should stop worrying and just enjoy it.

“Spread your legs more baby,” said Edward as I did what he asked of me and pressed my knees against the arms of the chair, while my feet rested flat on the floor. There was no way I could open then anymore without being on my back. Sadly, that wasn’t an option tonight. “That’s my girl.”

Crazy Week!

So it's been a slightly overwhelming week in the world of CPW. I've always considered myself one of those little writers that has a loyal group of followers (Love You Guys!!) but this week I got my stories recommended on two different websites and I have been giddy all week.

First of all, on the Perv Pack Smut Shack's One-Shot Wednesday, Ninapolitan rec'd 'Sweet & Lowdown', my one-shot from her D.I.L.F. contest. It was my first entry and I didn't expect to place, but to find out I actually got sixth and was in the lead in voting at one point was a shock. So thanks Nina for running such an awesome contest and recommending me. I'm still thinking about puking over this one I am so overwhelmed.

Then on Friday, Kassiah recommended 'Maybe I'm Falling For You' on the Fictionators' Follow Friday. Needless to say, both Flightlessbird11 and myself were excited to say the least, since our little story means the world to both of us. I think it was made even more exciting by the fact that we were rec'd with big named like AngstGoddess003, TaraSueMe and Our friend Kikikinz also had her story 'Seeing Their Future' recommended and I think I was more excited for her than myself!

So, I say thanks to everyone who has recommended me and flightlessbird11.

The Resolution - Chapter 16 Teaser

When I pulled in front of Bella’s house, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that both the Chief’s cruiser and Rosalie’s truck had already left. I glanced at the clock and noticed we had at least forty five minutes until class started. Since it only took us 5 minutes to get from Bella’s house to school, I had forty minutes to spend with her. My mind ran rampant with images of her naked and I practically ran into the house, finding her sitting on the living room couch looking hot as sin.

“Jesus, were you really gonna wear that small skirt to school? It’s November Bella, you’ll freeze your ass off.”

“Well, why don’t you take it off of me then and I can change into something else later?” she asked seductively as my eyes grew wide. Jesus fuck, did she want what I think she wanted? I moved further into the living room and stood across from her as I glanced down at her body, my eyes focusing on her chest. She was wearing my football jersey.

“You took my football jersey yesterday?” I asked, my voice cracking like I was going through puberty.


“Are you wearing anything under that skirt?”


“Would you prefer I carried you upstairs or if you just ran?”

Fic Rec - Meant To Be by juliebee

Okay, so lately I have to admit, I have been enjoying some high school stories. As someone who is currently writing one herself, they just have a certain appeal to me and Meant To Be is no exception.

Her Bella had a bit of a rough go of it in Phoenix and has moved to Forks with a little excess baggage, a young son named Jacob. Yes, she is still in high school, which means she is now subjected to all the shit that comes with it like catty bitches and obnoxious boys. Even the object of her initial attraction, Edward is a bit of a jackass in the beginning, but he quickly redeems himself both in the eyes of the reader and Bella.

I was a little worried when I saw that Bella had a child, but juliebee writes the story so realistically while describing the concerns of alot of new mothers, so I was immediately drawn to it. This morning when an update showed up in my inbox I actually gave off a little squeal at my desk at work and ignored some RL shit to read it. It was totally worth it too!

So, go give it a read You won't be dissapointed and like me, you will probably be eagerly awaiting the next update as much as I am.

Maybe I'm Falling For You - Chapter 7 Teaser

“Whatcha looking at?” he inquired casually as he then noticed where my eyes were focused. “Ah, Baby Bell. Why aren’t you hitting that dude? She’s so fucking hot. If I didn’t have such a hard-on for Rosalie, I would so try to jump her bones.” I turned towards Emmett, my rage somewhat under control as I patted him lightly on the shoulder, although I really envisioning myself punching him.

“We are just friends Emmett. I don’t have to sleep with every woman I come in contact with, like someone I know,” I said sarcastically, dropping a major hint about his complete lack of control where women were concerned. Emmett has never had a serious girlfriend or a girl who was simply his friends. Every time he attempted to become friends with any woman, he ended up sleeping with them, effectively ruining the friendship. “Sometimes I don’t feel the need to ruin my friendships by coming onto them.”

**We are still on track for a Sunday posting of this chapter. Wish us luck**

The Resolution - Chapter 15 Teaser

When I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, I slid off of Edward’s lap, much to our mutual disappointment. It wasn’t until my hands clasped his belt and I began tugging at it to release him that he realized what I was doing. He casually leaned his head back against the couch and watched intently as I fumbled my way through getting his pants off. “Do you want some help?” he asked, once I finally had his jeans around his ankles, and his cock was straining against the confines of his dark blue boxer shorts.

“Do you think you can do this yourself?” I asked with a sly grin as I moved my hand against his cock, effectively stroking it through the fabric.

“Gah, fuck no,” he forced out as I grinned again, feeling fairly smug about the pleasure I knew I was already bringing him.

“I didn’t think so,” I said as I hooked my fingers in the waist of his boxers and Edward lifted his ass slightly, allowing me to pull them down easier.

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 6 Teaser

Visual Teaser, courtesy of my partner in crime, flightlessbird11.

American Boy Chapter 28 Teaser

"I think I’ve found a way to make both of our dreams come true, but it means coming face to face with a nightmare first.”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked curiously. As though called on by a higher power, someone knocked on our door and I stared at Edward anxiously as he went to open it. Rosalie stood on the other side, looking nothing like the woman we once knew. Her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, she had huge bags under her eyes and literally looked broken.

She didn’t say anything when she first came into the room, at Edward’s insistence. She didn’t look around for Emmett, most likely unaware that he was even staying here on our little couch. Instead, I couldn’t help but notice that her eyes focused on my ever expanding stomach. “You look good.”

“Thanks. I wish I could say the same to you,” I joked lightly as she gave me a small but tentative smile. “Have you heard of sleep? I hear it’s all the rage with the kids these days.”