Maybe I'm Falling For You - Chapter 6 Teaser

Paperback_Writer: Hey Stranger.

PennyLane84: So you are talking to me again. Have I apologized enough? Would you like me on my knees begging for your forgiveness?

Paperback_Writer: I might like you on your knees, but you won’t be begging.

PennyLane84: You have such a dirty mind PBW.

Are you complaining?

I found myself suddenly feeling very frisky yet also somewhat remorseful. Here I was having just made a pseudo date with Bella for tomorrow morning and I was totally hitting on Penny. What the hell was I supposed to do? Perhaps I should reign in the feelings that Penny stirred in me and just take a step back for a moment. Go back to the casual friend thing we had going before.

PennyLane84: Not complaining one bit. Your sexy banter is making my girly bits weak.

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 5 Teaser

“Uh no, if I was trying to pick you up I would probably use one of those lame pick up lines like ‘nice shoes, wanna fuck?’ I tend to find crass humor is the way into a woman’s heart,” I said with a laugh and I was surprised and pleased that she actually laughed at me. Score one for Edward.

“Okay, you can buy my coffee smartass,” she replied as we moved ahead one spot in line and Margaret stared at us with a huge grin. “I take a…”

“Large CafĂ© Latte with extra foam,“ I said quickly as she looked at me with wide eyes, the surprise clear on her face. I didn’t exactly want to man up and tell her I had secretly been stalking her, so I came up with the best excuse I could muster in such short time. “I’m psychic.”

Fic Recommendation - Home Run

Okay, so I've been slack on my recommendations lately, but that's only because I've been posting my own stories like crazy. I know you guys don't complain about that.

However, what the hell should you read between my updates? Easy... go check out Home Run by jadedandboring. The story has held my interest since I first started it a few chapters back and I have to admit, it is simply adorable.

Her Bella is a sports writer, who doesn't really like sports and is the klutziest person on the face of the planet, really. She might as well not be able to see she trips, falls and injures herself and others so frequently. Oh and she can't be stumped by song lyrics, ever, which is funny as hell. Edward, just happens to work for the baseball team that Bella is assigned to work on and the attraction is instant between the two of them.

Jadedandboring does a grest job of building the tension between the two of them and I am throughly loving the lighthearted romp she is leading us through. So go check it out and review. Don't forget to tell her that cpw sent you :)

The Resolution Chapter 13 Teaser

I sat on my bed, reading ahead in my book of short stories for English, since I knew I wouldn’t be studying tomorrow afternoon, when I heard a rustling noise outside and Edward awkwardly climbed in the window. I practically launched myself off of the bed, pressing him against the far wall as I forced my lips onto his, kissing him desperately.

“I should go wake up Charlie and press charges against you for assaulting me,” Edward joked quietly as I smacked him on the arm.

“I don’t see you complaining,” I said as he latched his lips onto my neck and pushed me back towards the bed, throwing his coat off in the process.

“I’m not complaining, especially since you look like this,” he said as he motioned with his hand across my body at my pajamas, which was a black cotton cami and boy short set I had picked up while in Port Angeles in the summer.

“You like?” I said seductively as I moved back on the bed slightly and he climbed on in front of me, his one knee between my legs as he hovered over me.

“I love,” he muttered slowly as he kissed my lips chastely. “So baby… where were you this weekend?”

The Resolution Chapter 12 Teaser

This one is for my porn sister and all my lovely tweeters. Why don't you broads post a comment every now and again? I know you people read it :) LOL

“Did I ever tell you what Rosalie and Alice got me for my birthday?”

“How the hell is that relevant to our conversation?” he inquired. I could hear the curiosity ripe in his voice and smiled to myself as I walked over to my dresser and fished the toy out from underneath all my socks and underwear. I took it back with me to the bed, not planning to use it, but still hoping I could convince Edward to come over.

“Trust me, it is,” I said slyly as I turned it on and held it up to the phone, trying to hold back my laughter. When I finally lifted the phone back to my ear and turned off the toy, resting it back on the bed, I was greeted with silence. “Are you still there?”

“Do you seriously have that?”

The Resolution Chapter 11 Teaser

“Don’t start something you don’t plan to finish Cullen,” I said with a seductive grin as Edward rolled his eyes.

“Trust me Bella, if I was going to start that, I would most definitely finish it until you were screaming my name so fucking loudly you lost your voice,” he declared confidently as I grinned and reached over for his belt, desperate to get it off of him. “No.”

“No?” I asked feeling somewhat saddened by his rejection.

“Bella, stop being so pushy about it. Yes, we will have sex, now come back here,” he said sweetly as I tentatively climbed back onto his lap and Edward grabbed my bra, pulling it off of my shoulders and throwing it onto the floor. He leaned in and kissed right between my breasts before pulling back. “I want you more than I have ever wanted anything in my entire fucking life.”

The Resolution Teaser Chapter 10 #2

** For my girl GreenEyedGirl17**

“I’m sorry,” I muttered quietly against her lips. My first attempt at a real date and I felt like I had fucked it up beyond all recognition.

“Edward. Shut it,” retorted Bella as her lips descended to my neck and she began sucking furiously. I groaned her name loudly as the creepy music from the movie filled the car and I felt her shudder above me. Bella suddenly reached behind her to turn off the radio and her back arched, leaving her breasts tight against her pale white sweater. Without even a second thought, I suddenly leaned forward and bit down on her nipple, through the two layers of fabric and Bella moaned appreciatively, spurring on all further actions.

**Chapter may be posted tonight or early tomorrow.**

Esme's Erotic Ecstasy Contest

That's right... an Esme contest hosted by me and kikikinz. We're apparently glutton for punishment because as if we didn't have enough going on, we suddenly got this marvelous idea for a contest where everyone shows Esme some loving. Seriously, she is one of the most underused characters in Fic and needs some loving.

So, visit our site at to get all the details: Click Here

The contest is open from September 15th till midnight on October 31st, which voting to begin on the 1st of November and the winner revealed on the 15th of November. So enter, as many times as your heart desires and help us show Esme some loving!

American Boy Chapter 24 Teaser

“Don’t be such a spoil sport Edward,” I retorted in frustration as I noticed the houses along the road becoming sparser, which was just what I wanted. In my brilliance this morning, I had tossed on a skirt and as Edward wasn’t paying attention to me, I sat up and slowly peeled my panties off, dropping them on dashboard with a seductive grin. As Edward’s eyes noticed the small scrap of fabric, the SUV suddenly jerked to the side and I heard him let out a long growl.

“What are you doing?” he asked as I noticed the car had slowed somewhat and he fidgeted, his shorts clearly getting tighter thanks to his straining cock. I released my grip on Edward’s hand and then rested my hand on his thigh, rubbing gently before finally moving it over top of his very obvious erection. I cupped it over the fabric and slid my hand up and down his length as I heard Edward grinding his teeth.

“I’m about to get in trouble."

** I hope to post on Friday btw**

The Resolution Chapter 10 Teaser

“Shit… fuck,” I muttered out as I noticed Edward quirk his eyebrow. I had clearly been caught. “Sorry, I was just wondering when the movie is supposed to come on,” I said tensely, although I hoped I was sounding casual. The last thing I wanted was Edward to call me out on staring at his junk because I would have word vomit spew from my mouth and I would no doubt admit I had been thinking about giving him a blow job. Not exactly first date talk unless you are Jessica Stanley, in which case a first date isn’t successful unless she’s been fucked thoroughly.

The Resolution Chapter 9 - Teaser #2

“I saw you talking to Peter and…” he began to say as I reached up and started to stroke his hair back from his forehead. “I just got all jealous and possessive and shit. He didn’t know that we were together and I know he wants you.” Edward stepped back from me for a moment, his anger towards Peter very obvious on his face.

“Just because Peter wants me, doesn’t mean I want him,” I said confidently as I grabbed some belt loops on Edward’s pants and pulled him back to me. “I want you,” I whispered, what I hope was seductively into his ear.

The Resolution Banner

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The Resolution Chapter 9 Teaser

“Are you thirsty?” she asked as she peeked her head into the living room where I was nervously tapping my fingers against my knees.

“Uh… sure. You can get me whatever you are having,” I replied aimlessly, my mind now overwrought with images of Bella and I fucking. I shook the image from my head knowing full well it wouldn’t happen today and tried to calm myself. “I’m putting on a movie.”

“That’s fine,” said Bella with a laugh as she walked in holding two cans of cold Sprite and handed me one. I flipped it open and took a sip as Bella sat down beside me and ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ started on the TV. “Good pick.”

“Thanks,” I muttered quietly, suddenly feeling very nervous. I had no idea how to start things with her all of a sudden. What I really wanted to do was pounce on her, push her against the couch and feel her body beneath mine as I explored every inch of her with my lips, but that was a bit forward, even for me. I rested my soda can on the end table and turned to look at Bella, who was now dressed in a pair of shorts and t-shirt. I was about to open my mouth to say something, when she suddenly wrapped her hand around my neck, gripping tightly and pulling me onto her body as she laid down on the couch. Holy shit, she’s a mind reader.

Maybe I'm Falling For You Teaser - Chapter 2

“Today is off to a fanfuckingtastic start,” I said sarcastically to no one in particular as I grabbed my coffee and turned around to leave the store. As I walked past Hot Coffee Guy, I distinctly heard a giggle escape his lips, no doubt laughing at the fact that I’d just scrambled on the floor looking for change to pay for my coffee with. I resisted the urge to tell him to go fuck himself, only because I was late enough already to go pick up my dogs. However, in my over active imagination I was envisioning several different forms of medieval torture as I cursed his pretty little head. Jerk.

**As a note, we will be posting Chapter 2 today in advance of the long weekend since I may be going away. Enjoy! **

The Resolution Chapter 8 - Teaser # 2

I noticed a small tear fall onto her cheek and I leaned in to kiss it away. “You have no idea how long I have wanted this…” she said as she motioned between us. “How long I have wanted you.”

“You shouldn’t cry about it,” I said as I kissed her other cheek and my hand moved up along the crook of her neck, settling in the thick mess of hair at the back of her head. I leaned forward even more until our foreheads were touching.

“They are happy tears,” she insisted as I silenced her with my lips, which found purchase against hers. We meshed together like a puzzle piece as Bella’s hands worked into the back pockets of my jeans and she pulled my entire body against her as I deepened the kiss, both of our mouths opening to welcome the other.

For My Partner in Smut

Fic Recommedation - Rescue Me by Sparagus

You guys already know I read a lot of stories. In fact, I read so many I don't even remember how I came across this little gem, but after reading her latest chapter, I had to write something about it that amounted to more than just a review, because she is one of those underappreciated but well written stories I am always bitching about.

Sparagus has done an awesome job with Rescue Me which starts out with a slightly tortured Bella trying to find her way after the death of a loved one. It's an Edward and Bella love story with a lot of heart and realistic drama. She was nervous about writing her first lemon, but let me tell you, she had no reason to be anxious. Sparagus is old enough to understand that not EVERY chapter needs to be filled with sex to be enticing and is able to hold the readers interest with plain ol' good storytelling.

So in short, send your friends, mothers and grandmothers over to Rescue Me. You won't be dissapointed.

Rescue Me is rated M and is a Work in Progress.

American Boy - Posted on FF.Net

Head on over to and check out the latest update for American Boy.

American Boy Teaser - Chapter 23 #2

“It’s never gone anywhere Bella. An extra hour without us in it won’t kill it,” I said with a laugh as I buried my head into her neck and began kissing her softly. “They don’t even charge baby. It’s not like they will go broke,” I added as I wrapped my arm tight around her and pushed my hard cock against her ass.

“Edward,” Bella forced out quickly, though breathlessly. I knew her resolve was waning when I slid my hand down towards the junction of her thighs and spread them open slightly, Bella’s body turning till she was on her back.

** I am hoping to post the full chapter on tonight :)

MaggieMay14 Starts a Blog!

Yes, it's true my beta has started her own blog:
Dozens of readers have mentioned that they check out Maggie's favorite's list on Fan to determine what they should read next. I'm a little biased in saying she has great taste in stories because she is my beta, but she's a little insane like that. She has yet to recommend a story to me that I haven't liked. She got me reading Bella Swan: Kidnapper by Kambria Rain, Falling For You by GreenEyedGirl17 and Emancipation Proclamation by Kharrizmatik, all of which are excellent stories.

I highly recommend you take a glance over to her blog and see what she has to say. I promise her recommendations won't dissapoint. She also is just as obsessed with Rob and good smut, as I am.

American Boy Chapter 23 Teaser

“It’s bigger than I thought it would be,” I said as we stopped in front of it and I began to snap a few photos with our camera.

“That’s what she said,” replied Edward crudely as I felt his hands resting on my hips and his hardness pressing into my ass.

“You’re incorrigible.”

“You love it, otherwise you wouldn’t have agreed to marry me or have my baby,” he said gloating triumphantly. “And admit it baby, isn’t that what you first thought when you saw my cock?”

Bowing to Peer Pressure

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It sucks to use Twitter to tease because I can only offer up 140 words. When have I ever done anything in 140 words?? Yeah, that's what I thought. I can hear the snickers out there. I know I'm a wordy bitch.

Anyways, follow or don't follow, it's all good. Enjoy the train wreck!

The Resolution Chapter 8 Teaser

“Yeah, the weather is supposed to remain clear all day so Billy and I are going out in his boat with Harry today. I should be back before dinner, so just order the usual pizza for us from Gino’s and pay with the cash I left on the dining room table, alright?” asked Charlie, the concern clear in his voice. “Are you sure you will be okay staying home alone today?”

“I’ll be fine dad. I’m eighteen years old now. I think I can manage to take care of myself for a few measly hours. I’ll probably just invite the girls over to watch movies or something,” I said with a grin, knowing full well if I was inviting anyone over it would be Edward.