Lack of Color Chapter 4 Teaser

A little BPOV from the past shall we:

With my bag over my shoulder and an unsettled stomach, I pressed the button for
his loft and waited anxiously. Within seconds the thick steel door flew open and
there stood Edward, paint splattered and completely adorable.

“You are on time,” he breathed out slowly, clearly trying to catch his breath.

“I always like to be prompt,” I replied, my stomach tumbling again as I followed him
through the door and we took the service elevator up to his space. He leaned against
the steel grate surrounding us and I couldn’t help but notice his eyes surveying me. I
felt uncomfortable. “Is everything alright?”

“Just fine,” Edward said as he roughly pushed the old elevator door open and then
we stepped into his loft. “I hope I didn’t make you feel odd. I was just trying to
decide how best to pose you for today’s session and was trying to survey you.”

“So, we are jumping right into it, huh?”

“Well...yeah. Is that okay?”

“Of course. That’s why I’m here, after all.”

I set my bag down on the couch and then I tensed. What the hell was I supposed
to do next? I didn’t want to stop and strip right where I stood because that hadn’t
exactly gone over well the last time I was here, but when I looked at Edward, he was
just leaning against his kitchen island with a grin on his face.

“I’ve set up a changing area behind the screen over there for you,” he explained as he
pointed to a lovely Japanese style tri-fold screen on the far side of the room. “There’s
also a robe for you. Get undressed and put on the robe, then come back to me. I’m

going to get everything ready to go.”

I nodded slowly and followed his instructions to the tee. I needed the money and
this would probably be the easiest money I would earn in a very long time. After all,
it’s not like it took a great deal of effort to sit still, right?

As I started to undress, I noticed a small chair with a silken robe sitting on top of
it. Edward had done his work to try and make me feel comfortable, but once I was
nude and reached for the robe, I noticed it was indecently short. I mean, one bend at
the waist and he would see everything.

Oh, for Christ’s sake Bella, he’s painting you in the nude. He’s gonna see everything

Lack of Color Chapter 3 - Teaser

As children, Peter was literally the bane of my existence. Thankfully, we didn’t spend too much time together but when we did I was always eager to get it over with as soon as possible, and Emmett agreed with me.

For as long as I could remember, Peter was always the most competitive and conceited
person I had ever met. If we were playing a board game, he would always make up rules so that he would win or if we were watching TV, we would always have to watch what he wanted to watch. My mother was always telling us to behave because he was usually our guest and we had to bend to Peter’s way. It sucked, because Peter was always smug as fuck whenever Emmett and I had to give up whatever it was that we wanted. Even now, Peter looked over confident and I wanted to punch him, though I had never thrown a punch in my life.

“Why don’t you give me your details and I can email you our information and what we are looking for, our price range etc… and we can go from there?”

“Wonderful idea, Peter,” my mother gushed, as our appetizers and salads were served and I noticed Bella take a long sip from her wine. Her silence was seriously disconcerting to me. “So, Bella… what is it that you do?”

“Bella used to be a legal assistant at my firm,” Peter chimed in as my mother’s eyes flitted between Bella and Peter, her concern mirroring my own. A legal assistant? What the fuck happened to her poetry?

* There ya go, a little teaser from the next chapter I hope to post this weekend. For those wondering, Sea Change, a story I had teased earlier on the blog, is in fact this story with a new name. I was undecided. The banner was made by the lovely & talented Heather Dawn. She rocks!*