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You know how much I love to write, so it pains me to have to do this, but I have a family medical emergency that required my attention much more than fan fiction, so for the current time I won't be updating any of my stories, this includes Room 15 and A Beautiful Mess.

I did write a short story for Christmas and I am hoping to post that, but it depends on what happens with my life. Believe me, I would much prefer to post my stories than go through my RL drama, but alas, my family comes first.

Thanks for understanding and I hope you all have a happy and safe New Years.

Bring on the Holidays

So, I have one last FGB Eclipse Auction thingy left, and it's for a wonderful and loyal reader named acinad. I came to her with an idea and said 'There's no way in hell I can do it in one chapter, are you good with a short story?' Needless to say, she was all for it.

The next thing I decided was that I wanted to do something in Third POV, a writing exercise of sorts for me, since I'm generally all EPOV or BPOV. I'll be honest, the story doesn't have a name yet... I'm on the fence about a few of them. However, it will be posting daily in the days leading up to Christmas. It's my gift to both acinad and all of my lovely readers. Of course acinad gets it first LOL.

Since I've been so AWOL lately, I thought I would give you a little peek into the new short story of Bella and Edward, who my beta has dubbed skiward. You'll know why in a second.

Enjoy! A second teaser of this upcoming story will be posted on the Twi Girls Next Door blog!

“Why does she need to be overprotective of you? I mean, you’re a young twenty something guy who looks like he could clearly handle his own. Does she think the big bad woman is going to come and hurt you?” Bella laughed at the image herself being some sort of succubus to the younger man, and though the image was somewhat appealing, it was far from the truth.

“I’m 22 actually, and yeah, I can handle myself. I’ve been out on my own long enough to know better than to do something stupid.“ Bella laughed again, unable to think of Edward as being old enough to know about anything other than skiing and women. Wasn’t that what Aspen ski instructors lived for during the busy season anyways?
“Wow 22, huh? Yeah, you’ve lived life alright.” Edward frowned slightly as Bella laughed again, clearly mocking his age. Rosalie came over a moment later with Bella’s dinner and slid it in front of her as Edward watched her curiously.

“Are you laughing at me, Bella? Yeah, I may be 22 years old but my life has been far from normal. How old are you?”

“Didn’t you learn never to ask a woman older than you her age?” Bella queried as Edward let out a small laugh of her his own. Yes, he was younger than she was, though he couldn’t venture her age based on the short conversation they had shared. He would guess based on her looks that she wasn’t any older than 35, but even then it didn’t deter him. Bella was beautiful and though she called to his body and his mind, he just wanted to get to know her. She was intriguing.

“Yeah, my mom told me that once. I rarely paid much attention to her.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat something? I mean, I feel kind of bad eating my pasta while you sit there.” Bella was ignoring Edward’s question, not really wanting to get into more personal details about herself. She was enjoying their simple conversation, but discussing her age, Seattle or her daughter Charlie was something that wasn’t going to happen.

“I’m sure. I already ate. Anyways, I thought I could take a few minutes and pick your brain.”

“About what?” Bella questioned as she was about to spoon some penne noodles into her mouth. She clamped her mouth shut down around the fork and watched Edward keenly. He knew that she was deflecting answering his question about her age, but it wasn’t important to him. He was curious about her and why she was here in Aspen.


“I’m not that interesting,” Bella replied as she finished her fork full of dinner and reached in her bowl for another.

“I beg to differ,” Edward claimed confidently as Bella blushed and took another bite. “I think you are a lot more interesting than you give yourself credit for. For instance… why are you in Aspen three days before Christmas?”

Oh Happy Day!

Guess what? Most of my RL fuckery is over, so I am happy to say the latest chapter of Room 15 will be posted in the next 24-48 hours. Awesome huh?

So, I thought I would post a lovely teaser for all of you patient readers. There was a teaser two weeks over over on the Twi Girls Next Door Blog, since I am their author of the month, so if you want, head on over for some more insight by clicking here.

Onto the new teaser:

“She’s certainly a pistol,” my father remarked acerbically as I felt my stomach roll as I watched Bella walk out the door. I wanted to get up and bring her back to the table, all the while insisting to my father that she was important to me, that she was someone I saw in my future, and someone who actually supported my dreams, but I was silent. “I don’t mean that in a positive light, Edward.”

“You don’t have to like her, Dad. She’s not a part of your life; she’s a part of mine.”

“That’s ridiculous, Edward. She’s hardly a part of your life. How long have you even known the girl… a few weeks?” My father twirled his spoon in his coffee slowly, my fingers watching with too much focus as I fumbled with the words I wanted to say. They were on the tip of my tongue but nothing came out. “Come on, Son, you need to be reasonable and realistic. She’s a competitor for the internship and obviously a distraction. Girls like that always try and take away your focus from the task at hand and we’ve worked too hard for you to get where you are, for you to just throw it away.”

“We’ve worked for nothing, Dr. Cullen… I’ve done the work. The continuous string of reports, the medical journals I’ve read, I did the extra credit work and sucked up to your friends looking for great referrals in the future. You didn’t do anything.”

“Don’t act so ungrateful. You know for a fact that you wouldn’t be where you are right now if it wasn’t for me. Who do you think got the rules bent so you could get admitted to medical school here? Your grades in undergrad were mediocre at best. Don’t fool yourself, Edward. You have me to thank for where you are.”

Room 15 Chapter 15 - Teaser

Well, I managed to write a chapter this week and it's with the FGB pre-reader. It will probably go up in a few days, but I thought I would send something to tide you guys over. Thanks for being so supportive when RL kicks my ass.


Almost an hour later Edward and I had finally managed to get dressed, after another quick session in the shower, and were just about to walk outside when there was a sharp knock at the door. Edward quirked his eye brows, clearly not expecting anyone and went to answer it as I grabbed my purse from the counter. “Maybe Jasper forgot his keys?” I offered as Edward just shrugged his shoulders and opened the door.
“Shit,” Edward remarked with frustration in his voice as I turned around and noticed an older man standing the door.

“Well, that wasn’t exactly the kind of reception I was expecting,” the man said as he extended his hand to Edward who shook it tenuously. Whoever the hell was at the door, Edward didn’t look pleased to see him.

“Well perhaps if you had called in advance, rather than just showing up, I wouldn’t have been caught off guard like I was,” Edward replied as the two men stared each other down and I tried to figure out how I knew the gentleman who had just arrived. He looked somewhat familiar, but I just couldn’t place where I had seen him before until he spoke.

“If you ever answered my calls last night, Son, then I wouldn’t have had to come over unannounced.”

“I was a little busy last night.”

“Too busy to answer a phone call from your father?”

“I didn’t answer the phone, so obviously yes, I was too busy.” Edward glanced over to me briefly as I stood there in my skirt from the night before and a button down shirt of Edward’s. I wouldn’t have usually felt self conscious, but the last thing I wanted to do was make a bad first impression with Edward’s father. Carlisle Cullen was world renowned and if I was on his bad side, I didn’t even want to think of how that would go over in the next few months with the internship and my eventual residency.

“Oh well, I see why you were busy. I’ll just wait until you say your goodbyes to your umm… guest.”

Room 15 Chapter 14 - Teaser

I know, I've been a wee bit AWOL, but work is super busy for me until mid-November, so the time to write has become a little less constant. I've also been working in FGB one shots, outtakes for MIFFY and ABM and writing, as per usual, for PIC's FF Corner. That being said, even though my updates may be more sporadic, don't ever think I've given up a story because I didn't update for 2 weeks. I'm not crazy. LOL

Onto the teaser:

“Are you gonna get up and go to class today?” Bella questioned as she tried to roll away from my grasp and I wrapped my hands tighter around her, pulling her back against me.

“I’m considering it,” I mumbled into her neck as I began kissing her softly, wanting a repeat of our night before where we spent hours in bed forgetting the fact that I should have been prepping for a quiz that was due in class.

“You know, you wouldn’t have to consider it if you just dropped out,” Bella replied as she smacked her hand over her mouth right after she gasped. “I can’t believe I’m encouraging someone to drop out of school.”

“You just want me ineligible for the internship, don’t you?” I questioned as I ticked her side and Bella squirmed beneath my touch. I rolled her over until she was on my chest and kissed her chin as I held her against me.

“You know that’s not it,” Bella admitted as she nuzzled her head against my chest and I felt buoyed just holding her close. I didn’t want to admit to her that when we were apart I seemed to be less… alive. Bella, in such a short time, really had brought out the best of me and as much as I wanted to quit school, I wanted to be more for her. I didn’t think I could do that just squeaking by. “Well, that’s not it anymore. I just want you to be happy, Edward.”

“You make me happy.

“But medicine doesn’t. I seriously think you should just bite the bullet and follow your heart.” I grumbled as Bella suddenly sat up, her legs on either side of my waist, as she straddled me and I withheld the urge to reach up and touch her bare breasts. “Don’t make me do something like withhold sex until you do something for yourself.”

“You wouldn’t dare…”

“Try me.”

Additional Note: There will be a second, different teaser, posted on the PIC Blog later today! Whose excited now? LOL

Thank You So Much!

I just wanted to wish a sincere thanks to all the lovely readers, authors and friends, who donated to my 5k walk today for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Through your generosity I was able to raise $865 for my walk, and my team as a whole raised almost $2,600! It was cold and rainy, but we persevered and finished with a smile on our faces.

So thanks so much for being such wonderful people and supporting my efforts! It means the world to me!

Room 15 Chapter 12 - Teaser

“So… this is like my first real date in a very long time and I might screw it up completely and you may never want to talk to me again, so just keep that in mind as I awkwardly fumble through this entire night. I’ve never even eaten at a restaurant this fancy in my entire life. When I lived back in Forks, my dad would take me to the diner in town for special occasions and my ex boy… um… the guy I used to date would take me into Port Angeles for pizza, but this is just like… way over my comfort level.”

I reached my hand across the table and pulled Bella’s hands away from the hem of the tablecloth that she was clutching furiously in her hands. “Just be you, alright? I don’t care if you haven’t dated in a while, because this whole thing is kinda new to me too. If it makes you more comfortable, on the next date I’ll take you to McDonald’s or Panda Express, how about that?”

“Let’s try and get through this night before we plan a second date, okay?”

“Fine, but I have faith you will agree to another date with me. I’m sorta irresistible.”

“Aw… there’s the pompous ass I’m used to.”

“Well, you didn’t think I would shelve him for the rest of my life did you?”

Room 15 Chapter 11 Teaser

Just so you know, Chapter 11 is still with the beta and won't be posted tomorrow. Hopefully sometime this weekend though. RL is kicking my ass lately, so I may have to throw out the friday update schedule until things ease up. Have a wee bit of patience with me!

“Bella, all I want is a chance to talk to you. I think you care and you are scared shitless to admit it. Am I right?” I leaned back until my body was flush against the wall right behind me. Edward’s hands pressed on either side of my head, keeping me in place, as he stared me down, trying to break my resolve. I was ashamed to admit it was working.

“I don’t know what you want from me,” I said, my voice not hiding the fact that I was scared about how I was feeling about him.

“All I want is a chance.”

“You scare me.” My heart was aching in my chest, as I felt so open talking to him about this. “I don’t want to be hurt and with you, I can’t see this… us… ending well.” I motioned between us with my hands, hitting his chest in the process, but Edward didn’t back down. In fact, I felt him close the space between us and lean in closer to me. “Your persistence scares the shit out of me, Edward.”

“But that’s not the real me who you are scared off. Just one date… one dinner where we talk and I tell you about my life, my family, my misgivings and fears. If you still can’t stand me, I won’t bother you again.”

I had to admit, the offer was tempting, but the thought of never seeing him again wasn’t something I wanted to consider. Hell, on Thursday when we were finishing up our research project, if I hadn’t had plans to spend time with Alice, I would have definitely stayed in Room 15 with him. I would have used any excuse I could have to spend more time with him, but I didn’t. I probably could have blown Alice off, and if she had known I was with Edward, she would have been fine with it, but I wasn’t fine.

This shouldn’t have been happening. I should have been fighting against it with every fiber of my being, but I couldn’t anymore.

I didn’t want to.

Room 15 Chapter 10 - Teaser

“Why do you antagonize him?” Jasper asked as we turned so our backs were to the bar and we could watch the door a bit better, hope to see the girls as they walked in. I was literally waiting with baited breath for Bella to arrive because I desperately wanted to talk to her. Things were changing, I could feel it on Thursday, I just didn’t know what was changing. Was it possible she didn’t loathe me anymore? One could hope right?

“I don’t antagonize him on purpose, Jazz. He just gets on my nerves and then there’s the obvious…”

“He has what you want, right?” I nodded ruefully as Jasper then punched me in the shoulder and my hand instinctively went up to rub the sore spot as I noticed his gaze was now glued to the door. I looked up and if I didn’t know it was a physical impossibility, my mouth would have dropped to the floor and my tongue would have rolled out like in some cheesy ass cartoon.

Alice and Bella flanked the doorway looking as beautiful as ever as they glanced around, hopefully searching for us, and beside them stood a very pretty blonde with an hourglass figure. She towered over her friends, and I could only assume that she was Rosalie. However, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Bella long enough to tell you anymore about their friend. Bella looked… fucking beautiful.

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Room 15 Chapter 9 - Teaser

“So, it sounds like the project is alright, but the partner sucks?” Emmett asked with a laugh as I gave him a small smile.

“It could be worse. I could have been paired with Eric Yorkie or Mike Newton, both of whom would have flirted with me and annoyed the hell out of me like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Do I have competition?” Emmett asked as I snorted incredulously. Did he have competition? Well, not from Yorkie or Newton, but what about from Edward? I shook the thought out of my head and stared right at Emmett. Considering I wasn’t even really interested in Emmett romantically, the answer should have been yes; everyone else was competition. However, I wasn’t in the mood to break Emmett’s heart, so I said the complete opposite of what I should have said.

“Nope. Eric and Mike are harmless. Eric used to not be able to take no for an answer, but recently he’s let up a bit in his attempts to get me to go out on a date.”

“What about Edward?”

“What about him?”

“Has he asked you out?”

“Yeah, once. I turned him down obviously. He’s just… like I said, he aggravates me and I don’t want to spend any more time with him than is absolutely necessary.” I was hoping my words placated Emmett, but he didn’t seem back down at all.

Room 15 Chapter 8 - Teaser

“Okay, so we had the history and the summary done before we met last,” I said with a dramatic pause. After all, the last time we had gotten together, we hadn’t done any work and I kind of wanted to remind her of what had happened in that room the previous week. “On the weekend, since someone wouldn’t return my calls, I also worked on the introduction, which I think is pretty much done.”

Bella stopped and looked at me with a tiny smile gracing her face. “That’s really great, Edward. I’m surprised you got so much done. I worked on the prognosis on the weekend.”

“Well, I was home all weekend, so I had time to kill. Can I read what you’ve written?”

“How about I email it to you and you follow up with your introduction and we can each review what we wrote.”

“Good idea, I suppose.” I didn’t want to leave it so that we never worked together again, which was exactly like it seemed like she wanted. It was pointless to do our work separately and then mesh it all together and hope it works. “I still think we should get together on Thursday to go through it all. We’re almost done, once we have treatments and whatnot finished. So, how about we review and then meet Thursday again?”

“Umm… Thursday should work, but I need you to remember that we are working solely on this project and not anything else.”

“What else would I want to work on?” Other than you not hating me like crazy of course, and wanting to date me.

“You know very well what you would want to discuss, or not discuss. I already told you last week that there will never be a repeat of what happened in that room. It’s for studying only, not…”

“Not intense fucking against a wall or desk?” Bella blushed seven shades of red before pushing my laptop away and narrowing her eyes at me.

“Yeah… that. No more of that.”

Room 15 Chapter 7 - Teaser

“What’s got your knickers in a knot, sunshine?” asked Alice as she walked in the front door and saw me pacing through the living room, anxious as a cat in heat. I was trying not to let my conscience overwhelm me because I regretted everything about the day… from the sex to the about to be deceitful sort of date with Emmett. I shouldn’t have bothered to get out of bed that morning. Life would have been so much easier if I hadn’t.

“Nothing… it’s… no… you know, it’s the pressure from the internship.”

“You’re rambling incoherently, Bella. Have you suffered some sort of head trauma recently?”

“I am not rambling. There has been no head trauma because I haven’t been in a car with you,” I snapped defensively as Alice, who didn’t give a shit about my insult to her driving, side stepped around me, watching my every move like a hawk. For some reason, I felt like her prey and I was suddenly very concerned, both for my health and for my obvious secret.

“You are also defensive. Your hair isn’t the same as it was in the morning and oh my god… your shirt is on inside out. You got fucked!!”

“No… no… no. I didn’t Alice, I swear. Really my shirt is on inside out?” I began pulling out my top and sure enough, as my hand reached around the back of my neck, there was the tag, on the outside of my shirt.

“Was it Emmett, you were supposed to meet with him today right?” Alice grasped my arm tightly and pulled me down onto the couch, sweeping my bags into the corner so that she could grill me in comfort. I could already tell by the twinkle in her eye that she was confident in her powers of deduction and there was no way I was getting out of her clutches without telling her something. I would just have to lie.

“I got a new vibrator.”

Room 15 Chapter 6 - Teaser

Still on schedule for Friday!

“Seriously? I kiss you, and it was an excellent fucking kiss, if I might say so myself, and you want to get back to work?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want,” she replied as she turned in her seat and stared at her screen as though she was reading something, but I could tell she wasn’t focusing. “Now let’s discuss alternative treatments.”

“No,” I said as I stood from my chair and began pacing anxiously around the room. “Let’s discuss the fact that you obviously want me, but you refuse to do anything about it. Is it because I’m your competition for the internship? Perhaps you are envious of the fact that my father is a world renowned surgeon who could open any door for me in my career if I asked him to?” Bella stood up from her seat and stalked towards me, she looked deceptively calm, but I could tell she was anything but.

“The last thing in the world I am is envious of you Edward,” she said as she began poking me in the chest, her tiny fingers like daggers along with her vicious words. “You are nothing but a self-involved, pig headed, arrogant asshole who thinks he is god’s gift to women and medicine. However, you are none of those things. You hide behind your pompous and callous exterior, not showing anyone the scared little boy you really are. You don’t think you will live up to the expectations of your parents or their peers, so the only thing I feel is bad for you.”

I couldn’t help it. No matter how true her words were and how much they hurt me, I couldn’t stop myself as I wrapped my arms around her small waist, pulling her up to my mouth as our lips crashed together, all our anger coming out as passion.

CIBC Run for the Cure

So, in early October I'm participating in a 5k run / walk for Breast Cancer in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Some of my lovely readers have already expressed an interest in donating in support of me, so I figured, why not post something on my blog so that you guys have more information.


If you click on the above link, you will be directed to my own personal fundraising page. I'm not listed as CPW, obviously, since I'm doing this as part of a team through my work.

Bear in mind, if you are not a Canadian resident, I am pretty sure the tax reciept will not count. So if you do this, don't expect to be able to write me off on your taxes. LOL.

I'm hoping to raise $200, but anything above and beyond that would be awesome. I think if I somehow get to over $500, I will post some sort of outtake or one shot as a thank you for all your generosity, with a vote to take place on this blog as to the content of the outtake.

Any questions? Yeah, there's a comment thing below and I will gladly answer them!

Room 15 Chapter 5 Teaser

So this is all new stuff in this chapter, so that's exciting right? A little more UST and a new complication. Gotta love it! Still planning to post on Friday.

However, just as we were leaving for the day, he swatted my ass as I walked out in front of him and acted like it was nothing. The pretentious jerk was back.

“Don’t touch me,” I snarled at him as he smiled crookedly at me and I felt the urge to smack the grin off his face.

“What? I’m just trying to make sure the ass feels as good as it looks. I was right though, it’s delectable.”

“You are unstable. Seriously, have you been checked out for bi-polar disorder? Two minutes ago you were being completely civil to me and now you are being a dickhead.”

“I guess I just have a gift.”

“Oh my god, you are exasperating,” I sighed as Edward leaned in towards my ear and licked the shell with a moan which sounded like it came from deep inside him. I quickly pushed him away and stormed out of the room, not looking back out of fear of what I would do next.

“Wait up a second, Swan,” he called as I descended the stairs as quickly as I could, desperate to find the front door of the library and subsequently freedom. Rather than face continued harassment from him, I stilled at the bottom of the stairs on the second floor of the library and decided to just listen. After all,
there was no harm in listening, right?. “So… Alice & Jasper invited me to join them tomorrow night. I said yes, but I didn’t want to step on any toes seeing as this was supposed to be your night out.”

“Seriously? Are you asking if I’m okay with you coming out with us?”

Room 15 Chapter 4 - Teaser

Still on track for a Friday update. Wish me luck!

“Fuck,” I cursed in frustration as I walked into the apartment and found Jasper and Alice literally fucking with their clothes on while perched on our couch. “Oh Jesus, can’t you guys get a room or something?”

“I have a room down the hall,” Jasper remarked with a grin as Alice began straightening out her top so that her bra was no longer showing. I just scoffed at her attempt and winked lazily as she narrowed her eyes at me, though I didn’t really care. Alice could hate me, I didn’t mind. I had my own problems these days. “However, you just don’t understand how hard it is to keep your hands off the girl you are smitten with after not seeing her for twenty four hours.”

“Dude, I have fucked girls against the fucking door because I couldn’t keep my hands off them. You however, made it to the couch. What does that say about you?”

“That I respect Alice,” Jasper countered as Alice smirked and I just rolled my eyes in exasperation and went into the kitchen to get a beer. As soon as I opened it and had taken a long pull, Jasper was standing before me, looking at me intently. “What’s wrong?”

“How do you know something is wrong?”

“Cause you are brooding. You never brood unless there is a girl nearby that you think gets off on that shit. Alice is not that girl, so spill.”

“I met a girl,” I said as a smug smile involuntarily crossed my face. I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t as Jasper caught on quickly and couldn’t help laughing at me. “Before you say anything, she’s in my class and I had no fucking idea. I have no clue how I missed her before today. She’s combative and sarcastic. She’s a fucking hot but potentially unbearable. I have no idea what to do.”

Room 15 Chapter 3 - Teaser

I'm still on target for a Friday update, so enjoy the teaser:

The smirk on Edward’s face infuriated me to my breaking point and before I knew it was huffing silently and turning away from him, practically sprinting down the corridor and out the door into the sunny yet moderately chilly Seattle afternoon air. I hated when the warm sun would shine down the day, but the temperate of the air was still bleak. It was like we were given a small ray of hope, only to have it taken away immediately. Mother Nature was mocking us.

Suddenly, I heard Edward’s alluring and smooth voice behind me, which reminded me that Dr. Banner was mocking me too by pairing me up with such a callous halfwit.

“Wait up there, Swan. I really wish I could leave you alone, but we need to make arrangements for this project because I won’t have your emotional instability bring down my grade. I’ve got an internship to be handed to me,” he shouted out as I froze in place. Please god, tell me I am not up against him for the internship at Harborview.

“Emotional instability? What the fuck are you on?” I shouted back in anger as he caught up to me and stepped in front, blocking my way. He was fucking infuriating. “I think that between the two of us, you are the more erratic one.”

“Listen, you don’t like me and I think I could barely tolerate you, unless your mouth was wrapped around my dick…”

“Oh my god just shut up with the innuendo. Stop thinking about my ass, my mouth and every other part of my body you are so interested in.”

“I can’t stop my brain, Bella. I just let it lead the way and it happens to think you have spectacular breasts… what are those, like a C cup?”

Room 15 Chapter 2 - Teaser

“You never gave me your phone number, Edward. At least you had mine and after fucking me all night you could have done the decent thing and called.” Rebecca had been a lovely little distraction I had met one night at an off campus bar where I had been celebrating Jasper’s birthday with a few of our friends and some co-workers of his from Microsoft.

Rebecca was a sophomore and immediately caught my attention that night. Unfortunately, the more time I spent with her, the less she was able to hold my attention. Sure, she was pretty with her long red hair, big tits and dirty mouth, but if she wasn’t talking about sex, then nothing she said was of interest to me. I didn’t give a rat’s ass about her sorority, her friends or her education major. All I cared about that night was getting her naked and making her beg for me. That was how the night ended, so I didn’t complain. I didn’t think she would complain either considering the number of orgasms she got courtesy of my fingers, mouth and cock.

“Edward… I’m up here,” Rebecca said acerbically as she snapped her fingers and my eyes moved up from her delectable cleavage. “I was trying to say that I really hoped you would have called me sooner. I never see you around campus. I’m not mad though, I understand.”

“Yeah well, the life of a medical student is one fraught with stress, constant studying and no time for romantic entanglements, sadly.” I was trying to let her down easily, but I couldn’t help but notice that Rebecca didn’t seem deterred at all. “No time for anything really.”

Rebecca suddenly got up from her seat and came over to sit on the arm of the chair I was occupying. She leaned in, giving me an even better view of her breasts before her mouth found my ear and she began whispering seductively into it. “We both know you don’t want a relationship, Edward, and I’m not asking for one. I just want you to fuck me again and I have a friend who may want to join in the fun.”

Room 15 Chapter 1 - Teaser

Yup, you read that right... Room 15 is finally in the close to posting stages. Can you believe Chapter 2 is with the beta and 3 is being written as you read this? I know, it's about time right? Sorry, I had trouble coming up with a plot for this fucker, and I needed something to go on, otherwise who the hell would want to read this shit?
Anyways, onto the fun shit... the teaser:

“Are you going to get all over me about getting laid again?”

“Well, someone needs to get all over you. However, I have Jasper and I clearly don’t swing that way, unless you count that one time freshman year where I kissed Rosalie. She enjoyed it way more than I did and I may have been a wee bit high at the time, so I don’t really count that as a lesbian experience,” Alice rambled on aimlessly as I rolled my eyes.

“I’m focused on my studies, Alice. I’ve told you repeatedly that I don’t need a boy to make me happy.”

“No, you need man, Bella. Boys don’t know what they are doing and men… well, they are a whole different ballgame. You need one who knows more than insert tab A into slot B. Someone more like Jazz.” I may have shoved my finger down my throat at yet another mention of her new boyfriend, Jasper. They hadn’t been together too long but every time I saw them they were either joined at the lip or the hip and it was getting to be a bit much. To his benefit, Jasper seemed like a very sweet guy who was just in over his head where my friend Alice was concerned.

“Will you come out with me and Rosalie on the weekend? Just one night of drunken debauchery. I’ll have Jasper bring some friends so you can have a one night stand and fuck the stress of med school out of your system.”

“I don’t need to get laid.”

“Is Bob doing that good of a job for you?”

“Who the hell is Bob?”

Fandom Gives Back Auctions

Hi All! I know, I have been AWOL recently. Feel free to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the ear infection and cold I have been battling. I'm almost 100% though, so that should make us all happy, right?

Anywhoo, I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that I have posted my auction items on the Fandom Gives Back auction site.

I'm offering up 3 original one shots or outtakes from any of my stories for $25 a piece, not including MIFFY, A Beautiful Mess or Room 15. You can find the link to that auction here.

I'm also offering up chapters of the FINALLY expanded Room 15. I'm offering up 30 chapters, $20 a piece, with the chapters to be posted on fanfiction.net after delivery to the purchaser. More information on the auction link here.

If you are interested in an outtake from either Maybe I'm Falling For You or A Beautiful Mess then check the fandom gives back profiles for my collaborators, Flightlessbird11 and Risbee.

Sundrenched World Chapter 10 - Teaser

“I need to finish rehearsal, so if you boys don’t mind waiting for like 15 minutes, we can then go grab a bite to eat and talk. Is that alright?” Bella asked as she guided us into the main part of the club, which looked vastly different in the light of day than it had the night before.

“Yeah, that’s fine. But do you think I could get a proper greeting?” Jasper said with a sly smile as he opened his arms out wide and Bella was quick to hug him back. “I’ve missed you Bella. I had to admit I was shocked when Edward told me he had literally stumbled upon you last night, but I’m thrilled to see you.” Jasper squeezed her tight before putting her back on her feet and giving her a sweet wink. I was envious, because he could simply slide back into the friendship that they used to have and I was an outsider to her. I had broken her heart and her spirit and she wasn’t easily going to forget that, no matter what I did.

“I’m sorry about…” Bella began to say as Jasper held up his hand to silence her.

“Go finish your rehearsal. We’ll sit back here waiting,” Jasper said as he led me to a table in the back that had just been cleared. Bella shrugged her shoulders and climbed back on stage to take her guitar in hand and played a few songs, stopping every now and again to discuss technical issues with Jared and some other guy. We were both quiet, my eyes trained on each move that Bella made, as Jasper started to tap his fingers anxiously against the table top.

“What?” I asked as I turned to him and noticed he had a big smirk on his face.

“You still love her.”

“You sound surprised?” I asked with a groan. I would have figured after everything we had been through that he would have known this.

“I just thought that maybe after four years you would have moved on, at least emotionally.”

“Are you still emotionally connected to Alice?”

#Readalong for The Resolution

So, the lovely gossip_bangkok is hosting a readalong of my story 'The Resolution' on Monday June 14th, over on Twitter. I am currently planning to attend, but everything hinges on this damn ear infection I have been fighting off for over a week.

If you are interested in participating and want more information visit: http://theficbridge.blogspot.com/2010/04/readalong-instructions-for-readers-and.html

Thanks gb. You rock, but you already know I thought that!

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 32 - Teaser

“Slow your roll, Mom.”

“Slow my what now?”

“Just calm down, alright?” I said with a hint of remorse. I suddenly wished I had someone else in my life to ask these questions of, but I figured if I asked Rosalie or Alice, they would either taunt me, be disappointed in me or tattle to Bella. I wasn’t ready for that possibility. “I’m stumped on what to get Bella for Christmas. We are still together, very happily in fact, and no for the millionth time since you found out I was dating her, she is not pregnant.”

“Well, thanks for clearing that up. I’m a bit disappointed that the topic of children hasn’t really been discussed between you guys yet. You’re not getting any younger.”

“Oh my god, we are twenty five years old. This isn’t 1890 and I’m not marrying Bella fresh out of school. Am I expected to ensure I get a dowry if I ever ask for her hand in marriage?” I questioned with a loud snort as my mother groaned. “No seriously, I think I should ask for at least three goats and an acre of land somewhere in Washington, don’t you agree?”

“Stop being such a sarcastic ass. You get that from your father.”

Sundrenched World Chapter 9 - Teaser

Let's give you a two-fer today. How about a teaser and a song? Enjoy!

“Sorry about that folks,” she said softly, clearly agitated at the entire situation. Her eyes remained trained on mine though as she repositioned the guitar on her lap and strummed a few simple chords. “Why don’t we just pretend it never happened?” The audience seemed fine with the situation, after all the song was almost over, but I knew she was speaking to me and not them with her final words.

The interruption lasted less than sixty seconds, but my heart fell in my chest and I was tempted to run from the club and never look back. However, I felt Emmett’s hand on my shoulder, squeezing tightly and I gained some sort of odd strength from it. He truly was an excellent friend in retrospect.

“That’s her isn’t it?” Emmett questioned as Bella segued into some song I didn’t know, most likely something she had written. It was melancholy and dark, very unlike the Bella I knew from years gone by who sang of love, hope and promise. This was all about heartache, loneliness and depression. Listening to her literally felt like my heart was coming out of my chest, and her hands were clutching it while it slowly stopped beating. I couldn’t speak, so I simply nodded my head at Emmett and he squeezed me a bit harder. “I kinda figured based on the way your face looked so hopeful at first and then fell to the floor.”

“She hates me.”

Sundrenched World Chapter 8 - Teaser

So, I'm almost done the latest chapter of SW and I was searching for depressing songs and came across this little ditty. It completely reminds me of how Bella feels about Edward four years down the road.

Go Listen: Dialate by Ani DiFranco

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 30 - Teaser

“Well, this year is different Bells. Didn’t you notice that things were different around here?” Renee replied as she motioned with her hand to my parents and Bella simply nodded in reply. “That’s because this year I am thankful for my new friend Esme and her lovely husband Carlisle, who I must say is quite the looker. That mixture of salt & pepper with your blonde hair really works for you, Carlisle,” Renee finished as she then clinked glasses with my mother.

“I agree, Renee,” my mother announced as I choked on my food and Bella took a huge gulp of the wine in front of her to deal with the awkwardness. “I’m thankful for my adoring husband, my wonderful son and his eventual bride.”

“Mom,” I shouted out in frustration as Esme put her drink down and held her hands up in surrender. “Okay, here’s the deal. You guys need to stop with all this wedding and baby talk, I’m looking at you mothers,” I said emphatically as my eyes moved between Esme & Renee, and Bella gripped my hand supportively. “I know you love the idea of us being together forever, and we like it too, but we don’t need any pressure, alright?”

“Yeah, what he said,” Bella said with a laugh as Phil looked up from his plate with a mouthful of food.

“Who-th having a baa-by?”

The Resolution Epilogue - Photo Teaser

** I'm hopefully posting the epilogue tomorrow**

The Resolution Epilogue - Photo Teaser


So it's come to my attention lately that some of you lovely ladies have been nominating me and my collaborators for some awards. Since this is my blog, where better place to pimp myself and encourage you folks to vote / nominate me than here?

Maybe I'm Falling For You - my collaboration with Flightlessbird11 was nominated for Best Emmett in the Giggle Snort Awards.

A Beautiful Mess - my collaboration with Risbee was nominated for Best Bella in the Giggle Snort Awards

The powers that be at this awards site have requested more nominations in these categories to get us to the final round, so please nominate us or someone else you consider worthy.


On another note, I was recently nominated for Best Author in the All Human Twilight Awards : http://twilightallhumanawards.webs.com/ Voting doesn't start till the end of May, but thank you so much to whomever nominated me. You rock! :)

The Resolution Epilogue Photo Teaser

So, for the next few days, until the epi is posted, I will be tossing up random picture teasers for my lovely readers. So here's number one. Think of it what you will :)

I finally bowed to the peer pressure!!

Okay, so there was no peer pressure, just a few folks telling me I should jump on this crazy thing called Facebook. For the record, I was facebooking like 4 years ago but only for personal reasons.

Well now I have one for fanfic. You can find me at coldplaywhore fanfiction. You can also find my girl Risbee at Risbee fanfic if you want to follow her too. Don't expect us to do any tricks or anything. Potential teasers, chit chat etc will ensue. Do not send me links for farmville, mafia wars or any of those effing games, since wouldn't you prefer me writing fan fic to plowing a garden or some shit like that?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Now rush over there. You can see a picture of my dog LOL.

The Resolution Chapter 38 - Teaser

“Listen okay… there’s nothing wrong between Bella and I. Except for the fact that we are a few thousand miles apart, we are doing pretty good.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“Bella is just having issues in trusting me and I’m doing everything I can to make everything alright between us. I don’t blame her for worrying because my past is sketchy at best, but she is just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Those were her words, not mine.”

“Oh Edward, don’t you realize that by proposing, you will alleviate all those fears she has about your commitment to her?” she said as I ran my fingers through my hair and then let out a silent scream. I knew she wouldn’t listen to me about this and I regretted telling her. “I understand this is your life and all that, but I’m just looking out for both of you.”

“Thanks mom, but really… it’s not the time right now.”

Our call ended shortly after that and I was actually shocked she never mentioned it in any further calls we had. Of course, all my hopes of her forgetting were dashed the moment she showed up at my house the day before graduation with my Dad and Bella. They had all travelled together from Seattle and though my parents were staying at a hotel near campus, Bella was staying with me. Shortly after we said our hellos, Esme cornered me in the kitchen.

“I brought the ring for you to look at. Just consider it,” she shoved the ring box in my hand and then walked away like nothing ever happened.

**hoping to post the next chapter this week, with the epilogue to follow a week or two later.**

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 28 - Teaser

“Smells good Mr. Cullen,” she said as she strolled towards me and kissed my cheek sweetly. She eyed up the flowers in a small vase, on my counter and smiled brightly. “Are those for me?”

“No, they are for my other girlfriend. Maggie and I have become tight since you have me doing thrice daily coffee runs for you,” I said with a laugh as Bella looked at me scornfully.”I’m bringing them to her later, after we cuddle.”

“Do I need to remind you of my medical condition?” She gestured with her hand towards her side where her incision lay, healing nicely. I rolled my eyes and checked the rice on the stove as the timer went off for the oven. “Wow, you really went all out.”

“Well, it’s only once your girlfriend turns twenty five. Unless of course you are Hugh Hefner, in which case it happens several times a year.” Just as I was reaching into the stove to pull out the dish with our chicken in it, there was a loud obnoxious knock at the door. I looked at Bella and shrugged my shoulders because I didn’t think anyone would be coming over tonight. At least I hoped not.

“Emmett, do you wanna help?” I heard Alice ask on the other side of the door.

Oh fuck no.

The Resolution Chapter 37 - Teaser

“Umm… mine isn’t wrapped. I was gonna have my mom help me with that when we got back to Forks,” I said with a laugh. “Plus, I only got it earlier today.”

“A last minute gift? Is it a gift certificate to the fruit of the month club?”

“Not quite. Don’t knock my gift by the way. A lot of thought went into it. Alice will vouch for me too,” I said with a kiss to her temple as she then shimmied out of my grasp and went into her closet to get what I assumed was my gift. She came out with a fairly decent sized box that was wrapped perfectly, with a big bow in the center of it, and I felt bad that I hadn’t yet had a chance to wrap mine. I should have had them do it at the store, I cursed at myself. “Okay… so this gift is kinda for both of us.”

“Is it filled with sex toys?” I said with a grin, my voice filled with humor and Bella just shook her head at me as I began shaking the box excitedly. I didn’t do anything.


“Hmm… is it slutty lingerie?”

“Have I ever worn slutty lingerie?” Bella questioned as I pouted and slowly shook my head. “You want me to wear slutty lingerie?”

Sundrenched World Chapter 6 - Teaser

**I know... it's been a while since I updated this story, but once The Resolution is done, I will focus on finishing this one next. The latest chapter is with the beta, expect it up sometime this week**

I knew I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to go over to his apartment, but I needed to get away from Alice. So, I did what I used to do before Edward came into my life… I went to campus and locked myself away in the rehearsal room that used to be my world.

I sat in my favorite chair, playing some of my old favorites on my guitar and then I pulled out my notebook from my backpack, feeling the urge to write about how I was feeling. I was shocked at how quickly a new song came forth, the lyrics filling up my book with little notes and ideas written alongside the margins. When I glanced down at my cell phone, which hadn’t rang since I left the apartment three hours earlier, I noticed it was already five in the evening.

My stomach grumbled loudly and I was about to pack all my stuff up and head home to a new big bowl of tomato soup with a side of grilled cheese, my ultimate comfort food, when I heard the door to the room open up and there stood Professor Davis.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting to find anyone in here today,” he said simply as I stood up and began packing my things away, feeling a little uncomfortable in his presence. After our last run in, and Edward’s continued insistence that Davis was after something more than seeing me succeed in school, I couldn’t help the nagging feeling that he was right. “How have you been Bella? You’ve been a little quiet in my class as of late.”

“I’ve been fine Professor. A little overwhelmed with school, rehearsals for the guitar ensemble and my work, but I think I’ve been managing it all alright.”

“I doubt your boyfriend is making life any easier,” he said with a small grin as I leaned my head down and shoved my notebook into my bag. “He seems a bit overprotective.” When I looked up, Davis was a lot closer to me than previously and had a small grin on his face.

The Resolution Chapter 36 - Teaser

“So the party wasn’t much fun?” I asked, trying to get us onto a new topic. “Did you dress up?”

“No. The entire party was mainly freshmen who were either dry humping strangers against a wall or drinking their weight in tepid beer. It wasn’t my scene, even when I was a freshman,” Edward explained as I heard him shifting on his bed and my smile grew, realizing that for the one of the first times, there was no way Victoria was around for our phone call.

“What are you doing over there?”

“Getting ready for bed. It’s late here.” I glanced at my clock and noticed it was now 9:30 here, so it was 1:30 in the morning for him. “Why were you in bed so early by the way?”

“I was feeling sorry for myself because we had our first argument since you left,” I replied honestly as I shimmied out of my pajama pants and tossed them onto the small chair in the corner of the room. “However, I know how you can make it up to me.”

“Oh really,” Edward asked, his voice straining higher in curiosity.

“What are you wearing?” I asked boldly as I heard more shuffling on the other end of the phone.

“If this is going where I hope it’s going, then I’m wearing nothing.” I could hear more noise on the other end of the phone including some footsteps and was instantly concerned. “I also just locked my door, shut off the lights and crawled into bed. Bella, what are you wearing?”

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 25 - Teaser

“Oh. My. God. What did you say?” she asked, and I could hear the anticipation in her voice. I walked into the grocery store and grabbed a basket, immediately seeking out what I needed to make breakfast.

“The truth,” I said simply, maybe just to get a rise out of her.

“Which would be…” she said, dragging out the last word, and I could almost see her twisting her head in a way that said ‘quit holding out on me.’

“I love him, too,” I said simply. I pulled the phone away from my ear again, prepared this time for the shrieking. I grabbed a carton of eggs and headed over to the meats for the bacon as I waited for Alice to calm down. I put the phone back to my ear when I could hear her voice at a normal level.

“I’m so freaking happy for you, Bella! And I’m sorry Rose and I didn’t tell you, but Edward really wanted to be the one to do it, and we thought you should hear it from him anyway,” she said quickly.

“I know, Al, and it’s okay. I’m glad I heard it from him, and I don’t really care how we got to this point. I’m just so glad that we did.”

Alice and I talked more about the previous night, while I meandered the store. I picked up some orange juice for Edward and I, and then paid using one of the self-checkout stations. Those stupid things always go wrong, and I had to ask for help, which ended up talking ten minutes longer than it should have.

“I swear, Alice, I could have been back by now. I bet you he just woke up, too,” I said in frustration.

“Calm down, Bella,” she laughed. “Your cooter will get some soon.”

The Resolution Chapter 35 - Teaser

**Now you can't say I never gave ya anything. I'm heading to Niagara Falls tomorrow, the next chapter is with the beta and I hope to post next week, but I had to give you all a little teaser before I left. Enjoy**

I left the house at ten in the morning and headed to Main Street, and grabbed a bunch of gerbera daisies at the flower shop in the heart of downtown. I was thankful that Nessie wasn’t working, so that a scene didn’t have to be made, because I was still livid at that stupid girl. I grabbed some bagels and cream cheese from the store two doors down and drove over to Bella’s intent on surprising her before she had to leave for her test at noon.

When I arrived, the front door was unlocked, but there appeared to be no one home. I let myself in and Scrappy jumped up excitedly on me, so I rested the flowers and bagels on the counter. He led me to the back door and it was clear he needed to get some business done, so I guided him down the stairs and tied him to his rather massive leash in the backyard to let him roam free for a bit while I went in to find Bella.

Of course, as I climbed the stairs I began to get anxious that something was wrong. I had an ominous feeling in my bones, but boy was I fucking wrong. The moment I hit the top step, Bella walked out of the bathroom, her towel dried hair hanging loosely down her bare shoulders and she was holding up the towel around her body very carefully, but when she saw me, she let out a loud shriek and dropped the towel absentmindedly.

“Oh My God,” she shouted out as she just stood there frozen and my eyes ran the length of her body appraisingly. Fuck, she looked good. Her body was slightly tanned, very tone and oh so appealing. The ring in her belly button looked fantastic too, and I had to admit, it had featured in some of my dreams lately.

**On a seperate note, this week I became completely enthralled with the story 'The Weight of Words' by georgeygirl. If you are not reading this story, I implore you to get on it. It's a little bit like UoEM, but with a more down to earth quality. Sure it takes place on the University of Toronto campus, but Edward is a TA, Bella is a student and well... that's all I'm gonna say. Go read it. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5463683/1/

Sundrenched World Chapter 5 - Teaser

“Why don’t you have any pictures of your family?” I asked curiously as Edward walked up behind me with a beer in his hand as I was checking out a picture of him with a group of friends from high school. Edward was wearing a baseball uniform and I had to restrain a laugh because he didn’t seem to me like the kind of guy who enjoyed sports… or group activities.

“My family and I don’t really get along so well. We’re just very different and they wanted me to be someone I wasn’t,” he said simply with a hint of annoyance. I felt his free hand slip around my waist and dip below the waistband of my jeans as he pressed his hard cock against my lower back.

“Like someone who played baseball?” I questioned breathlessly, trying to ignore what he was doing to my body and staying focused. I picked up the frame and ran my finger reverently over the small image of Edward, who looked so happy in the photo it was surprising. “To be honest you don’t seem like the kind of guy who umm… “

“Participates?” he asked with a laugh as I nodded my head slowly in response. “I was a lot of things in high school. I was captain of the baseball team, junior class president and even tutored a few kids my senior year. None of it ever felt like something I should be doing with my life. My mother was the one who insisted on my playing baseball and though it was fun for a while, it lost its appeal the older I got.”

I was shocked by how frank Edward was being with me, but I really didn’t want it to stop. I wanted to know everything about him that he was willing to share with me. So I urged him to continue and was floored at how open he was.

**For the record, this went to beta and pre-readers today. So I hope to post later this week. Sorry for the delay ladies!**

Maybe I'm Falling For You Teaser

Are you looking high and low for the new MIFFY teaser? We'll in an effort to show some love to my partner, flightlessbird11, we have posted the teaser over on her blog: http://flightlessbird11.blogspot.com/

Go and leave her some love!

The Resolution Chapter 34 - Teaser

The very next moment a bell sounded over the front door of the diner and we all lifted our heads up from our menus to find Emmett and Rosalie walking in. Rose still acted like she owned the place and I briefly wondered if this was some fa├žade she had built up solely for Forks. She couldn’t be so fill of herself in California could she?

I stayed seated, unsure of what to do, and I felt Bella’s hand gently grip my thigh in reassurance. I glanced over at her and stared deeply, resolving myself to face the terror head on because I was doing it for her.

“Holy shit,” Emmett exclaimed in surprise as he walked around the table and clapped me firmly on the back. “Good to see you man. I’m shocked to see you here. Rosie told me about your mom, sorry man.” I stood up and gave him one of those half hug guy things and thanked him.

“It’s okay man. She’s actually glad it happened because it brought me home for the summer and possibly longer,” I stated as I looked down at Bella briefly to find her smiling brightly at me. I turned my head slightly and saw Rosalie walk beside Emmett, her arm wrapping around his waist tightly. “It’s wonderful to see you again Rosalie.”

“Can the shit Cullen. Why didn’t any of you tell me he was going to be here?” Rosalie snapped as she looked between Alice and Bella quickly, alternating between the two, as her eyes narrowed in frustration.

**This chapter will go to my beta & pre-readers tonight, so expect it before the weekend.**

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 23 - Teaser

Bella was just walking back from the bathroom when I cornered her, hoping to talk a little more privately about our situation, but Alice had different ideas. “Bella… how the hell did you get dog hair on your jeans?” she slurred drunkenly as both Bella and my eyes grew wide. Bella hadn’t mentioned she walked the dogs, but I knew she did because I saw her and I knew damn well that Penny walked them. Bella looked up at me and I decided it was best to play dumb.

“You don’t have a dog, do you?”

“Uh… not really. I um… I dog walk every now and then for some extra cash and fresh air. I do it around Washington Square Park, since most of my customers live in the area. Its fun I guess, and helped me to buy art supplies when I was a bit more of a starving artist,” she replied awkwardly as her hands moved swiftly over the denim of her jeans and she tried to remove all traces of the dogs.

“Pugs shed?” I questioned dumbly as I rolled my eyes at my slip up. I wasn’t supposed to know what kind of dogs Bella walked, because she just fucking told me thirty seconds ago.

“How did you know I walked a pug?”

“Umm… I’ve seen like fifty different pugs in our neighborhood. I was going with a process of elimination,” I said off the top of my head as Bella nodded slowly and I breathed a sigh of relief. This was not going at all like I planned.

**Sorry to say that this update will probably be delayed by a few days due to Flightlessbird11's mid terms. It's in progress people, I promise.

The Resolution Chapter 33 - PIC Tease

So this is my first picture tease for this story. I felt remorseful that it's been a while (well for me anyways) since the last chapter was posted, so I thought I would be nice to you lovely readers. there is of course a teaser down a few posts for this chapter as well. Enjoy the pic. Curious to know your thoughts on what is going down!

Don't stress too much. The chapter went to the beta & pre-readers tonight.

New Design

Yup, it's true. As you can clearly see I've been messing around with new design ideas for my little blog since I've gotten an influx of readers and to be honest, the last one sucked. I'm more creative than that right?

I hope you all like it. It may change, this is actually the second design in the past eighteen hours. While the design may change, the content will not. Enjoy and Happy Friday! :)


The Resolution Chapter 33 - Teaser

As the daylight faded to night, I lay down on the couch with my cast draped across my stomach and it reminded me of lying outside on the hard, cool ground with Edward the night before. Scrappy lay down at my side and lifted his head up every time he heard a loud noise on the TV or a car drive down the street. The more I thought about the night before, the more I began to wonder about some of the other things Edward had done over the past few weeks. Last night we had slept under the stars and he had planted me a garden as well. My mind processed the information quickly and I almost slipped and fell again as I jumped off the couch and ran upstairs to my bedroom, pulling my journal out of my bedside table.

Sure enough, there was number 10 on my list, ‘Plant a Garden’ and number 15 was ‘Sleep Under the Stars.’ Every time I got a new journal, I would write my list on the very first page so that I could refer to it often and try and mark off as many things as I could. With Charlie & Leah’s support over the past few years I had managed to see the Grand Canyon and go white water rafting, after Charlie took all five of us on vacation to Colorado and Arizona for a week and a half. I marked off number 10 and 15 and then reached for my cell phone, immediately dialing Alice.

"What did you do?” I asked anxiously after she answered the phone and seemed way too bubbly.

Sundrenched World Chapter 4- Teaser

“Are you alright Bella?” James questioned as I shoved my phone back into my pocket and I stretched my arm out and touched his shoulder sweetly, giving him the wrong impression completely, but not really caring at that moment. Just like I anticipated, the moment I looked up towards the kitchen and I saw Edward standing there in the doorway, looking completely fuckable in a black Pink Floyd t-shirt that was faded and clearly had seen better days. He narrowed his eyes at me as though he was angry and I simply felt emboldened, by the booze and his response.

“I’m wonderful James. So you were saying that you guys work under the Editor and he gives you assignments right? Do you get to advise him the type of work you would prefer to do?” I questioned as James’ smile perked up and he began rambling on about how he hated the sports beat and preferred to do local news or politics. It was mundane and his voice annoyed me, but it was having the desired effect because Edward literally looked furious.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as he shoved Blondie’s hand off his shoulder and then ignore her as she tried to speak to him. She gave up a few minutes into my conversation with James, but Edward never once wavered. I seriously think he was trying to do some sort of Jedi mind trick on James and make him disappear.

You know Edward, this could all be so easy if you would just acknowledge my existence, I thought to myself as I pulled my mind away from thoughts of Edward and I tried to focus on what James was saying.

So next week I get to interview the Dean and I’m planning to ask some hard hitting questions about the increases in tuition that they have scheduled for next fall. I heard the board hasn’t yet approved the increases, but anytime more money is involved it seems like a yes is moments away,” James blabbered on as I felt my phone vibrate again in my pocket and I smiled smugly as I finished off my beer and put my cup down on a small table behind us as I fished the phone out of my pocket.

“Sorry, just give me one minute to check this,” I explained to James with false sincerity as he nodded his head in response. Alice and Jasper took the moment to break away from us and head into the kitchen for a refill, but I turned down their offer for a refill. I had to be in the right frame of mind when fuckery was a foot.

Tell him you are spoken for Bella –E
**There's no current ETA for the next chapter, but I'm thinking before next weekend.**

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 21 - Teaser

“But I think he got the wrong impression about what I was trying to say to him. I was trying to tell him something, and I think all I did was fuck up an already fucked up situation,” I said in one breath.

“What do you mean?” Alice asked, her tiny brow furrowing in confusion.

“I was trying to tell him about… my online fella,” I said, laughing at Alice’s nickname for PBW. “And I think he may have thought I was talking about your brother,” I said, nodding my head in Rosalie’s direction.

“Well what did you say?” Rosalie questioned, her tone urging me to continue.

“I told him that there was something that I hadn’t told him about, that there was someone else, and not that there is someone else, that there was someone else, but that’s when Garrett decided to make his appearance. Then when I turned around, Edward was gone.” One lone tear escaped as I remembered how barren and lonely I’d felt at the sight of everyone but him standing where he should have been.

“Well shit, girl. You really dug yourself into a hole,” Rosalie said. I sort of sob-laughed and nodded my head in agreement. “But honestly, I don’t think this is anything you can’t fix, so I suggest we all get a good night’s sleep and decide what to do about this in the morning.”

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The Resolution Chapter 32 - Teaser

I was talking casually to Leah about Rosalie and Emmett’s upcoming visit, when I felt a small tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Edward standing in front of me. “Congratulations Bella,” he said sweetly as he handed me a small bouquet of gerbera daisies, not unlike the ones he gave me on our first date. In fact, if I had to guess, I would say they were the exact same colors as those flowers.

“Oh… thanks,” I mumbled as Leah poked me in the side and I regained my train of thought. “Edward, this is Leah Clearwater. She’s the daughter of my dad’s girlfriend, Sue,” I said genuinely as I introduced them and Leah looked at him skeptically, as could be expected. She shook his hand firmly and Edward glanced down at me with an odd sort of smile. “Leah, this is Edward.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“I would respond in kind, but I’m a little confused as to what you are doing here,” Leah stated, practically reading my own mind. I couldn’t even recall telling Edward when the hell my graduation was, so seeing him here was a huge surprise.

“This was a big day in Bella’s life and I wanted to be here to support her.”

“You weren’t invited.”

“I didn’t take a seat.”

Leah looked at him curiously and I could tell she was warming up to him a bit because every time she dished a sarcastic comment or rude glance at to him, he gave it right back at her. Then again, she had several years’ worth of me bitching about the situation and I hadn’t had much of a chance to let her know that we had both exchanged apologies. Knowing Leah though, she would complain that an apology wasn’t enough, even if she did like the guy. “Doesn’t mean you were wanted here.”

The Resolution Chapter 31 - Teaser

“Are we being graced with the presence of your boyfriend tonight?” he questioned as I let out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding.

“What boyfriend?” I replied casually as I shrugged my shoulders and did my best to make everything seem very casual. I wasn’t in the mood to tell Alice all about the scene in front of the flower shop, how I found out Jacob was cheating and Edward’s involvement in everything. I wasn’t quite there yet. “Jake and I aren’t together anymore.”

“Oh thank the lord, our prayers have been answered Jasper,” yelled Alice excitedly as she threw her hands up in the air in celebration, while jasper and I just laughed at her dramatics. “When did this happen? Please tell me you dumped him because even though we pretended to like him, you were way too good for him Bells.”

“Yes, I dumped him Alice. It happened on Sunday and I’d rather not get into all the details right now. I thought we were here to celebrate, not listen to the drama that has been my life for the past week.” Just then, as though the gods were laughing at me, in walked Edward with Carlisle flanking his side. They headed up to the counter, clearly picking up an order to go, but Alice noticed that I was watching him, albeit momentarily and a smug grin immediately crossed her face.

“Is that Edward?”

“I guess so,” I replied as Jasper’s head turned around and he stood from his seat beside Alice and headed to the counter.

“Did you know he was back in town?” she questioned, while staring at me. “You did know, you little sneak. Have you seen him? Did he apologize to you for being a jackass of epic proportions? Can you give me some gossip at all?”

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The Resolution Chapter 30 - Teaser

I really thought I would have this chapter posted sometime today, but that clearly isn't going to happen based on my current RL schedule. So, before I get immersed in more work, I decided to send you girls a teaser. Enjoy. Oh, and if you didn't look down before... head past my SW teaser and you will find a copy of Edward's note to Bella.

Edward and I left the hospital together, agreeing to dinner and conversation, and we agreed to meet at a small Irish pub near the waterfront. When I pulled into the parking lot, Edward was already waiting for me and he was still somewhat a gentleman and he helped me from the car, holding the door open for me before escorting me in. However, the look on his face told me that even though we had agreed this was just dinner and talking, he saw it as more of a date. I had to squash that thought before he got in his over his head. There was no way I could consider a relationship with Edward right now.

“I don’t drink much, but I think I need a beer tonight,” declared Edward once we were seated at our booth, overlooking Port Angeles Harbor. Our waitress showed up a moment later and I ordered a sweetened tea as Edward ordered a Guinness. When she left, our booth was filled with uncomfortable silence as we both overlooked the menu, unsure of what to eat, and also reluctant to start a conversation, so nothing happened. When our waitress came back with our drinks, we both placed our orders, me for Shepherd’s Pie with a salad and Edward ordered fish and chips with a Guinness Onion Soup to start. I quirked my eye brow at him, finding it interesting that he would order soup in the late May, but he just shrugged his shoulders and I let it pass, as our waitress left us again, clearly sensing the discomfort at our table.
After we both took long pulls from our drinks, I decided enough was enough. “Okay, let’s talk.”

“Sorry. I’m just nervous about what to say to you,” Edward admitted as his fingers danced around the rim of his beer stein. “I said a lot of what I had wanted to say to you for the past three years yesterday in the truck, but I feel like it was rushed and that you were too focused on the situation with Jacob to really comprehend my apology.”

“If you think I wasn’t listening Edward, then try me again,” I stated a little angry that Edward would think that I wasn’t paying attention. Sure things had been rough yesterday afternoon, but I heard every word Edward said. It had been playing over and over in my mind as I tried to determine what to do about him and me.

Sundrenched World Chapter 3- Teaser

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“I think I am looking for some kind of sign,” he admitted as he twirled some fettuccine noodles around his fork and then looked up at me, before placing the food into his mouth. Most of the evening I couldn’t take my eyes off of his mouth actually. It was like it was calling to me or something. Bella, come and suck on my bottom lip. You know you want to. I just shook my head from the thoughts in my mind and went back to our conversation.

“Did you ever think to take the things that you enjoy doing and work those into some sort of career direction?’

“Well let’s see. My current favorite things to do are smoke pot, listen to you play guitar and have sex. Anything you can see me doing for the rest of my life based on that?” he asked with a hearty laugh as I joined right along with him, though I clamed up slightly because of the mention of sex. My palms may have even started sweating because the thought of having sex with Edward was something that had been predominant in my mind since the moment I met him.

“Yeah, not really,” I said with an awkward laugh. “I’ll just have to make it big one day so you can be my groupie.” Edward’s eyes grew wide at my suggestion that he basically follow me around while smoking pot, listening to my music and having sex with me. Yes, I implied he would be having sex with me, and he knew it too.

The Resolution - Note from Edward

So alot of my lovely readers have asked about what the hell was written in the note Edward left for Bella in her hospital room in The Resolution. I was never intending to put it in the story, but I asked my gal, Flightlessbird11 to whip up this graphic which I hope will please, or appease, the masses. If you want to see a larger version, just click on the graphic and enjoy!

Maybe I'm Falling For You Chapter 18 - Teaser

"Hey you,” Bella said as she walked in, looking simple yet gorgeous. “Did you know you have a really nosy neighbor?”

“You met Mrs. Petrone did you?” I asked with chuckle before I got nervous about what they could have possibly discussed.

“Is that her name? She didn’t give me a chance to get a word in edgewise actually. She kept going on about how you were such a good boy, helped her with groceries and even changed her light bulb once when she couldn’t find anyone from maintenance to help,” said Bella casually as I shook my head, trying to shake off the good deeds I had done for her. I mean, she was like 102 years old; anyone would have done the same. “She also mentioned getting you a Slap Chop for Christmas.” We both broke out into laughter as I closed the door behind Bella and she stepped into the kitchen, her smile growing as she smelled our dinner.

“I’m more than just a pretty face you know,” I said sarcastically as I followed her over to the counter, where she was looking into the bowl where I was mixing our salad. I was anxious, but I shook the nerves from my brain and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her back against me. Bella lolled her head back and rested it against my shoulder as I took the chance to smell her hair and simply breathe in her essence.