Room 15 Chapter 26 Teaser

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“Uh…wh…what was that?” she asked with wide eyes as I grasped her hands in mine tightly, trying to reassure her with my touch. Did I think we were ready for this big of a step? Probably not, but I wanted things to progress between us and short of me proposing to her, this was our next big step. “Did you just…no…you didn’t, right?”

“I want you to move in with me when you get back from the internship. Or I guess I want us to move in together, since I need to find a new place anyways. There’s no way we can afford the place Jasper and I live in, and I’m sure there are cheaper places near campus anyways. We already spend all our free time together, it just seems like the right thing to do.”

“Whoa…wait a second,” she replied as she sat up a bit, clutching at her robe to keep it closed, and stared down at me. I was trying to open myself up to her and admit my faults, but I also wanted her to know I wasn’t giving up without a fight. I was in this…us…with everything I had. If we were a poker game, I was all in. “We haven’t even gotten over our first fight and you want to move in together?”

“We’re not over it?” I asked in surprise as she shook her head. “I thought that you understood everything… I mean, we just talked about it and you got why I didn’t tell you about Carlisle. What am I missing?”

Room 15 Chapter 24 Teaser

“Edward, I’d say you are looking well, but you look rather tired,” exclaimed my father as he sat down in my favorite booth and motioned to the waiter to come over. I was already nursing a drink, anxiously awaiting his arrival. His demeanor was clearly not casual, so I immediately got my back up in defense.

“I’d thank you, but there’s no reason,” I replied snidely, knowing full well just how much it would aggravate my father. “So... what brings you by? I can tell by the look of disgust on your face it wasn’t to listen to me play.”

“Don’t get mad at me. Is playing in a dive bar not living up to your expectations? You know, I was never a fan of jazz myself, I always preferred classical.”

“And that matters now because?”

“It just disappoints me that this is the direction you have chosen to take your life in, Edward. You were always much more like your mother than you were me, though I tried to dissuade that as often as I could.”

“Perhaps if you were around more often growing up, I would have been more like you,” I stated firmly, forcing back the shudder of revolt that coursed through me at that thought.

Finding Bree Tanner Chapter 10

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“Cut,” shouted the director who looked at Bella with more than a hint of frustration. Clearly he wasn’t pleased with her little outburst. “Bree, stay on script,” he urged as she sat up in bed, not particularly caring that she was nude with the exception of panties around her ankles as she glared at me angrily.

“Garrett, we need to break for a second,” Bella urged as everyone on the set looked at her with concern. She waved them off quickly and I heard rumblings from the others around us wondering what her issue was. “I umm… I need to have a quick word with my…with my co-star here. Is that alright?”

“Is something wrong, Bree?”

“No, nothing is wrong. Just… can we have a moment to talk?” Bella looked at me and tried to clear the stunned look off of her face so that she didn’t give herself away. “I think we just need to have a quick conversation to help me get into character.”

“Oh my god, these bitches and their egos. This is porn, not The Kings Speech, Bree. Now, spread your legs and give it up to your vampire stalker. I have better things to do with my time than listen to you bitch about the changes to the scene again.”