Lack of Color Chapter 18 Teaser

I'd like to say I'm turning over a new leaf and really want to post teasers more often, either here or on the Fictionators, but I'm slack. Let's face it. I'll post when I remember, but I will try and keep the chapters coming as often as possible. Like this next one... it should post by Friday:

Regardless of the fallout currently happening with Edward and me, I would have kept him or her and raised them. I would have loved that child more than anything in the world. My hand wrapped around my stomach, as I was apt to do these days, and stared outside at the snow that was falling softly in the early night.

My mother was hovering close by in the kitchen, drinking a tea while talking to her husband about arrangements for Charlie’s funeral, which was going to be held in two days. The hospital had called her when I was unconscious because she was listed as my emergency contact, following my dad of course.

I hadn’t been pleased when I saw her walk into my hospital room two days after my father had passed. She barked out orders to the nurses and insisted on seeing my doctor immediately, before she even came close to me to offer any sort of consolation. In fact, she skipped completely over the fact that I had been pregnant and acted like I was just sick or depressed because of my father’s passing. Even as I glanced into the kitchen and saw her smiling as she spoke to Marcus, I loathed her for acting like coming to Forks was a pain in the ass for her and my pregnancy was a blemish to her perfect little life.

“Isabella, would you like any dinner?” Renee called out from the kitchen as I heard her going through the cupboards. “There’s not much here, but I could probably get together some soup, or we could call out to that little Chinese place in town you always liked.” Renee finished by coming into the room and stroking my hair softly, which caused me to cringe.

“They closed down China Star two months after you left Dad.”

“Oh… well that was a shame. I always enjoyed their food,” she said simply. “I can always run down to the grocery store I suppose. It’s still open this late, right?”

“I’m not hungry.”


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